Life Hack #1

Life Hack #1 – Take a risk & challenge yourself

How does one take risk and challenge themselves you may ask. The answer is simple, think of your biggest fear, and then proceed to combat that fear and hesitation with productivity. My fears are fairly general, and as a girl, more directly correlated with irrational social phobias, such as, looking pretty and wearing the “coolest” outfit. None of this matters in the long-run, or at all, however, we are all human. Our fears control most of our days and mandate our schedules, no matter how much you try to deny it. Whether conquering your fears include talking to a stranger, simply going outside, or wearing a outrageous outfit, go ahead and take that risk. Chances are you will feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders, as a result of your courage.


Feeling comfortable is an amazing feeling that we all thoroughly enjoy. However, sometimes comfort and repetition can become our biggest enemies, as we get more comfortable I have experienced that I tend to engage in old habits and behaviors that I have been trying to avert.

Challenging yourself to be as courageous and living on the edge provides for a good story, and a lifelong memories and moments that you will not forget. All successes, in regards to challenging yourself, do not have to be huge monumental accomplishments. Rather, start acknowledging the small behaviors that you have changed, in order to challenge yourself.

By the time you’re in the routine of challenging yourself, you will end up discovering motivation within yourself to continue to keep growing and taking risks.

~The hardest part is taking action and taking the first initiative to take risks ~


Aichan Tewahade


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