Lose the sensitivity to a certain extent, and learn to stop taking life so seriously.

I struggle with sensitivity and find myself being overtly sensitive towards situations that are quite petty. For some reason, all the small things always seem to matter, and I will not forget about them.

“Shake the dirt off your shoulders,” says Jay-Z. It is not quite as easy as he says though.

Life is personal, and as a result, sensitivity is inevitable and a human emotion that we all visit every once in a while.

Hey, a comment here and a comment there builds character. Thick skin is necessary, so try to lay off crying in the corner, and take every insult, and crude comment, and use it to your advantage.

Some techniques I often use to manage my sensitivity, includes not talking about others behind their back, trying my hardest to stay as unaware of the mean, malicious comments, or I simply just ignoring them. Try to store these comments in your short-term memory. Entertaining your sensitivity by embracing all of your triggers is the best way to handle a situation.

Not everything in life will go your way, including friendships, jobs, your education, what others say about you, and what people say to you, learning to ignore and walk away from these situations is essential.

Understand that life makes every single human being sensitive, and we universally share this emotion. Similarly, most individuals like feeling susceptible, vulnerable, and naked and afraid. This is all okay, just retrain from internalizing every comment that may bother you.

So, listen to Jay-Z for once in your life and just shake the dirt off of your shoulders. Spend more time listening to yourself than others. Do not sweat the small stuff!


Aichan Tewahade

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