The Perks Of Living An Honest Life

Some people are good at deceiving others, while others are unable to lead a lifestyle full of lies. It’s completely up to the individual how you choose to go about living your life, as it is YOUR life.

How you gain fulfillment from life is unique and a different experience for each and every individual.

With that said, you will lie more than once just to save your ass every once in a while. The guilt really eats you alive, though, which then leads to guilt, which often leads to self-destructive behavior.

Honesty is hard to come by, but why lie? After a while, you can never remember or keep up with your lies. You begin steering away from not only being yourself, but you begin to embark on a journey of discontentment and behaviors that are unlike you.

Once you start, it may be hard to stop, depending on how you decide to handle the situation. Best advice? Just don’t.

Chances are you will always slip up and the truth eventually always comes out, even when you do not mean for it to happen and have been working so hard to conceal it. Having an acting gig as a full-time career is great when you are a part of movie productions, but not when it comes to establishing a genuine, happy, and fulfilling life.

You gain so much out of being honest that lies become a distant memory. Honesty also saves you a lot of time, steers you from troublesome events, and allows you to truly embrace the the reality that is placed in front of you.

Lies are messy, and they are a disaster. Hurricanes and natural disasters are dangerous, but so is a life spent living a lie.
Lying steers you away from being able to find yourself, as your lies become your life. Nothing about you becomes genuine, as people will begin losing interest in unproductive habit.

Though honesty may seem more intimidating than meeting your biggest celebrity crush or idol, it is the best form of damage control, if you want to avoid future problems. And, the problems will only become bigger, overwhelming, and uncontrollable.

Do not be selfish and misuse people’s trust. Live a life that you can be proud of, not a life that is completely bogus. I guarantee you will end up being more unhappy than you were before you told the lie to begin with.

Honesty is an act of courage and can be viewed as a reflection of a person. Hold yourself to a higher standard. Do not just stop lying to those around you, but also stop lying to yourself. Unless you are trying to end up lost in the Sahara Desert with no food or water, let the bad habit slip. Even the smallest white lie will catch up with you.

Trying to find your inner happiness? It does not start with lying. Do not fret though, young grasshopper, today is a new day and there’s never an expiration date on changing your habits.

Finally, if you do not want to be lied to than do not spend time lying. Give honesty, and you will receive it.


Aichan Tewahade

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