Life Hack #2: Count Them Up

Count them up! That’s what I say about blessings, count them up ALWAYS!

Remembering where you came from, aka your humble beginnings are where you should begin counting your blessings. The very fact that your parents conceived you into this world and gave you life is a blessing.

Take a minute to breathe, be mindful. If you are not sure what being mindful means, it means being present, aware of your CURRENT surroundings, taking a minute to focus on your current reality, and taking a breathe between every cluttered thought that is running through your head. Listen to the odd sounds of your neighbors stepping around their apartment, to the snow falling down, to the taste of your coffee…embrace being here right now at this very moment. Embrace your life, as you sit here, hopefully breathing in and out, appreciating every aspect, including the messes within your life. Now, exhale. Do not hold that breathe in too long, that’s not the point of this article! 🙂

In about every Snapchat story DJ Khaled exclaims either, “blessings, on blessings, on blessings,” or “bless up.” Whether he understands the concept of blessings is beyond me, however, he brings up a good point.

Turning off your cellular devices and technological devices, and breaking life down to its’ bare minimums is what mindfulness requires of you. Now, you can buy books and read up on this mindfulness stuff. Hey, do not feel embarrassed I have one too.

This book serves as a reminder of how important it is that I realize that every waking minute I am alive I should be grateful for. Similarly, I realize how important and meaningful every second I am alive is.

We all forget to be grateful from time to time, forgetting to thank whoever it is we would like to believe is our god that we are grateful we are alive today, right here, right now.

So many lives are ruined and destructed by the ugly parts of this world, as violence and warfare are being used as weapons against humanity and an excuse for power and dominance over others.

Our lives could be, hypothetically ruined, or taken away from us in any minute. This is why it is so important to me that I count my blessings at least once a week. I am so grateful for the job I have currently, the ability to have been able to attend such a prestiguous university, the roof over my head, the laptop I am currently using to type this article, and most importantly my overall health and well-being. Not all of us are blessed with the things I have listed above, making it much more important to me to remind myself of my blessings daily and that things could be much worse.

Personally, I keep a “Blessings Jar,” where I write things that made me happy every day that I can remember to do it. At the very beginning when I began this little project, it was difficult and almost fake, writing down all my blessings as I took these for granted every day. But, as I began getting into the repetition of doing this, I slowly began to take a look at my beautiful life and flip a new perspective in my life.

It is easy enough to forget your blessings in this fast-paced society, which constantly tugs and pulls at your attention. Instead of looking at the shallow, materialistic things we appreciate, I’ve found that I needed to search a little deeper and look at the things that truly matter to me, which were the unmaterialistic things, such as my health, my education, my relationship with my parents and my brother, having such a tight knit family, and the ability to smile every day that I am alive. Smiling, just like breathing, is something we all forget to be grateful for.

Take a closer, more thorough look into your life and find the blessings that are disguised amongst all the clutter. In every “bad” situation, there is something positive outcome you can take out of it. Remember, even when it is so hard to, that there is always a silver lining to every situation, action and reaction we encounter in life.

Remember, you are blessed NOT stressed!


Aichan Tewahade

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