Life Hack #3 – Wholesome Learning

Days should be spent learning, and not just the typical textbook learning, but learning from other sources outside of your traditional learning tools. Experiment with expanding your horizons with things you encounter every day, whether it be learning more about people, science, odd topics, the news, etc. Maybe, even learn more about work, or where your even from.

We, as a society, are blessed with technological advancements that allow us to access the most variety of information. We are not limited to the mindless pages of our textbooks; we have our whole universe to learn about.

If learning is limited to our textbooks, we are simply confining our minds from a handful of knowledge. All of our learning at our educational facilities may not cater to all of our needs, values, and general interests. That is okay. Learning things you do not like is also helpful, as you can find it interesting or find it somewhat interesting.

Learning, beyond traditional learning, can be a fun, enjoyable activity, and being informed, and most importantly mindful, about what is going on in our world is important.

We can create our own value systems, morals, and broaden our minds with information that is not given to us directly from our school. Additionally, enjoying what you are learning is something that we can all become a little bit better about, seeing that this kind of accessibility to information of all genres, topics, and sub-topics, is not something that we all are able to attain.

Taking something out of every day and taking interest in something that you enjoy, or do not enjoy, is a life skill that assists in keeping life fun, lively and interesting.

Tap into your curious side and experience, learn and be knowledgeable about learning, and the power of learning. Being knowledgeable and accessing, and processing new information, can be an exciting.

Want to be in the loop? Give learning a try. Utilize your life skills that allow you to access the world, at the ease of your finger tips. The Internet and Google can become your best friends.

Experience some passion towards making your life more wholesome and meaningful. If you truly want to juice the fruit, learning will help you get the juice. I can assure you that!


Aichan Tewahade

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