Praisin’ Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler, thank you for being my life goals, source of laughter, source of inspiration, etc. for me! This lady is truly something else. She can make even the most silent  giggle outloud. That is a powerful mechanism that few possess. In addition to her relatable, yet bold humor and powerful statements, she also is a dignified writer, releasing a few of her own personal, very comedic, hysterical novels. My personal favorite is Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, CHELSEA. And, yes this book was one of her many successes she has achieved in this recent decade.

Not going to lie, I fell out of touch with Chelsea after her days on E! Television Network. It’s not that I got sick of watching her hilarious rants about recent entertainment news, with her fellows comedian amigo; It was that Chuy left the show. Chuy made that show incredible, and I think Chelsea herself, felt like she needed to make a new, bold move.

Recently, I checked out her Netflix original series Chelsea, which I recommend to everyone. The comedic transitioned from reporting about entertainment news, and focused her comedy towards world news and controversial news, morals, ethics, broadening her audience. It is still a talk-host setting, however, it is much more professional. Not to mention her more updated short ‘do, and her very classic fashion taste that she displays in every countless episode. This girl can talk, and she can talk well. The show did so well the first season, it even got extended with Netflix for another season.


Handler made a bold move transitioning from a television network to an online streaming network, but did managed it successfully.

Chelsea not only educates, but makes me laugh out loud, literally. I am not only learning, but laughing. Learning, while laughing, is the best way to learn. Like, I would not have it any other way. Plus, her comedic transitional tidbits are incredibly hilarious and keep viewers, such as me, interested and excited for the next transitional piece.

Learning can be fun, and so can having opinions. This is what Chelsea Handler has taught me. It is important, and if you so desperately need to have fun while keeping up with worldly news, check out the weekly updated show.

The new content is hilarious, and she has even upgraded the individuals she has featured on her show. Her content is not only fresh, enlightening, and funny, but somehow relatable all at the same time. Some may call her comedic blasphemy, but I think she is brilliant, hilarious to say the least, and one of the most diverse comedics of our time.

Chelsea can be seen as a upgrade for Handler’s career, as it has always been skyrocketing recently.

As if there are more reasons you should watch this show, go ahead…click on that Netflix original. It is great for those looking to Netflix ‘n Chill.


Aichan Tewahade

PS. This is basically a creepy homage to Chelsea Handler, the woman, the myth and the legend. Enjoy it, and embrace the weirdness, please. She is everything I live for these days…Chelsea is good, Chelsea is great, I hope Chelsea sees this.

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