REVIEW: Charcoal Face Masks & Face Wash

Charcoal face masks and face washes have become the new rage these days. Women and men alike have begun gravitating towards this trend to hopefully get the dream, clear skin that they have been pursuing their whole lives.

My experience using charcoal face products has been quite extensive and successful, as well. I began using charcoal products in high school, so about five years ago. Honestly, at this point in my life, I had tried just about everything on my skin, except skin-clearing medication. Hoping to give something new a try, I hesitantly began using charcoal face wash and face masks.

Charcoal products did a wonder to my skin, which cleared up within a week of using it. Not to mention, I received many compliments about how my skin looked amazing, clear, and glowing. My daily regiment included simply washing my face daily, either in the morning or night, and using a charcoal face mask twice every week. I could even notice the difference after it’s first use.

These products make your skin feel great!! While I would recommend this product to many people, finding the right charcoal face mask for your skin is very important. You can find charcoal face wash at places such as Lush, if you’re looking to invest. The Body Shop and Sephora often carry charcoal products as well.

Charcoal works like a sponge by gathering all the germs and gunk in your skin, and absorbing it. Now, you can truly wash all your worries away. It also does wonders for your pores, and is an excellent choice to help get rid of persistent acne scars. It is the same idea for charcoal face masks. Once carbon is able to come in contact with your skin, it works quickly to soak up all your impurities. For some people, scarring can be very intense, and sometimes, the acne itself is very intense, as well. Though not all people are genetically inclined to have a severe acne or scarring, charcoal products have been noted to make most users skin look younger and youthful. I noticed especially that the acne scarring around my cheek bones and along my T-Zone became less noticeable. At one point, my acne and scarring was something I was insecure about and slightly less severe. Now, I barely have acne or scarring, so there are many benefits to long-term use.

Though charcoal face masks can be a bit uncomfortable, the face masks twice a week assisted in clearing up my skin even more. Most charcoal face masks are ones you need to peel off, as you let it dry on the surface of your skin for about 10-15 minutes. I would not recommend using the face mask more than 2 times a week though. The result of pealing off the face mask is that your pores will be uprooted, making your face look softer and clearer. Not going to lie though, it does hurt a little bit. But, beauty is pain, right?!

Combining the use of the charcoal face mask and charcoal face wash lead to noticeable differences in just a three uses. My scarring from my old, acne slowly began becoming less noticeable, my acne began clearing up, my pores got smaller, and even my acne became less sever, when I had breakouts. Not only did my skin become something I was no longer insecure about, but it also left my skin looking younger, softer, and fresher.

For anyone looking to try charcoal face products. I would recommend it absolutely. I still, to this day, swear by it and use it daily. If you actually want to experience the sensation of your pores tingling, give charcoal products a chance.


Aichan Tewahade

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