Back-To-School Must Haves

With school just around the corner, every one is trying to look their best, all while keeping up with the latest fashion trends. This back-to-school season features sporty, playful trends that also incorporate comfort, as well. DRESS FOR SUCCESS THIS YEAR.

  1. Overalls – Overalls have been an ongoing trend throughout the last year, and it is still going strong. Long or short, or skirt or shorts, overalls are a fun, comfortable trend that is flattering for everyone. Pair it with a cute bralette or crop top during the hotter days, and warmer, long-sleeve tops during the winter. Overalls are very versatile, suiting the needs of most. Overalls are also a great option for class, as they are comfortable and an easy ensemble to put together.
  2. Mini Backpacks – Smaller, more chic backpacks are in style this season. It seems like this season the smaller, the better. This is an awesome, comfier alternative to lugging around a massive bag. The mini backpack trend is following the minimalist trend that is currently relevant, not to mention, it is a cute, sporty way to transport your goods.
  3. Stripes – Patterns are making a comeback this season, especially stripes. While stars and gingham are making a comeback as well, stripes are the front runners for this season. You can find striped rompers, jumpsuits, crop tops, pants – anything goes. This trend is a bit preppier, but it is appealing and a slimming pattern that can help you achieve a very chic, and updated look.
  4. Off-The-Shoulder – Off-the-shoulder tops offer a alternative to the regular blouses that we come across on a day-to-day basis. The off-the-shoulder detail is playful and fun, and is easily dressed up or down. Pair it with your favorite pair of jeans or a pair of shorts to create an effortless, bohemian look. While this trend may be considered more of a summer trend, off-the-shoulder tops can easily be transitioned into fall and winter pieces as well.
  5. Lace-Up Tops – Lace-up tops have been a cool, grungier trend that has come about recently and has been killing the market recently. The lace-up detail is another play on basic tops and sweaters. You can find lace-up attire in just about any piece of clothing, including dresses, t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, etc. If you are trying to evoke a cooler vibe, lace-up tops are right up your alley.
  6. Denim – DENIM IS ALWAYS ESSENTIAL. A few good pair of jeans, whether they are high-waisted, mid-rise, boyfriend, or girlfriend style jeans, are necessary for your wardrobe. Distressed denim, high-waisted denim, and boyfriend style denim are quite popular this season and a fun twist to a basic pair of jeans. You do not need to invest in a pair of Levi’s, but a comfortable pair of jeans that you can swap out every once in a while is essential. DO NOT FORGET YOUR DENIM JACKET EITHER. Denim jackets are also an essential this season, as we transition into fall. Denim jackets are great for layering and are something easy to throw over just about any outfit. A fun idea to spruce up your denim is incorporating patches onto your denim and personalizing it with your own accessories. DENIM. DENIM. DENIM.
  7. Florals – Floral has become one of the statement trends this season for women. Florals are a more girlier trend, but do not be afraid to try it this season. You can find florals on just about anything, including sweaters, sheer tops, bodysuits, jumpsuits, leggings, pants, etc. This season both bold and subtle floral prints are in, as well as dark floral prints and light floral prints. Do not be afraid to experiment with the variations of floral that you come across.
  8. Jumpsuits – Jumpsuits are comfortable, which is a plus especially when you are shopping around for clothes to wear to class. You want to be comfortable during school, and if you are trying to achieve an effortless, chic look, all while feeling comfortable, jumpsuits are the way to go. Jumpsuits are available in basic colors or patterns, and are also available in flowy or more fitted styles. On the hotter days, a nice loose-fitting, jumpsuit is the perfect solution to staying cool, all while looking cool.
  9. Baseball Caps – Invest in one for the school season. You can kill two birds with one stone – protection from the sun, and a cool, sporty look. Retailers everywhere are flooding with baseball caps of all colors, sizes, styles, and materials. Find something that suites your style. Baseball caps are timeless and necessary in your wardrobe anyways. Outside of school, you can wear them hiking, shopping, studying, tanning, etc. Never turn down an excuse for protection from those UV rays.
  10. Sneakers – Adidas, Puma, Nike, Vans, and Reebok have all made an epic comeback, with the return of the sporty theme that is occurring this season. Fortunately for us, comfort is in this season. Invest in a pair of sneaks that appeal to your liking, and pair it with just about anything. There are so many styles for every one to try, and sneakers come in just about any color. It’s a guarantee that you will find something that suites your needs and styles. Walk to class in style and comfort with a great pair of sneakers.
  11. Bomber Jackets – For the cooler seasons, warm yourself up with a classic bomber jacket. Once again, bomber jackets fall under the sporty category. As bomber jackets serve as a fairly timeless piece of outerwear, they come in just about every color and in every material. Patterned bomber jackets are also quite popular this season, and if you would like to incorporate two trends into one, try a floral bomber jacket this back-to-school season. Bomber jackets will give you a cool and edgy look to your outfit, and are definitely a must-have.
    Obviously, leggings, large t-shirts, running shorts, and a good variety of hoodies are also essentials that you should keep in your wardrobe. They are comfortable, and on those days when you are really feeling the stress, comfort is everything.
    xo,Aichan Tewahade

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