My Passion For Fashion

For myself, fashion is a very important aspect of my life that I am truly passionate about. To some, fashion is not a priority – not saying that fashion consumes my life, or that I base my self-worth on whether or not I am updated on my styles. Personally, fashion means more to me than just clothing or articles of material that we place on our body – it is a form of art.

Fashion goes much deeper than what most people think, in fact, it allows you to get in touch with your creative side. The thing I love the most about fashion, other than shopping and finding inspiration, is the act of putting together an outfit. Whether you are feeling inspired from that girl you saw walking down the street or off of Vogue magazine, putting together an outfit is a work of art.

Another aspect about fashion that I enjoy is watching how others pair and utilize current trends in order to suite their style. The greatest thing is that everyone has their own unique way of styling their outfits, even if the trends are similar. There are a million ways for individuals to personalize their outfits, even if they are incorporating the same trends or pieces.

Styling and fashion is much more complicated than one would assume, as it requires an immense amount of creativity and an understanding for what appeals to the masses. Since it is constantly changing, I find that designers deserve the most respect as they construct pieces every season, incorporating new trends, ideas. Designers deserve some of the most applause for having the courage to experiment their ideas to the public. Every designer and manufacturer takes their own approach to current trends, often leaving consumers and fashion gurus options to experiment with the trends. They often push the boundaries in the hopes that people will catch onto the trend. Fashion leaves me wondering what is the next big trend that will catch on, and this is something that always keeps me on my toes. Not to mention, high-end, couture, extravagant pieces are some of the most eye-catching and beautiful works of art that are often mind-blowing.

Even long-lasting trends are great and interesting to observe, as designers and manufacturers begin adapting and updating the trends. Trends from the 20s-90s have consistently stayed relevant in our society, but as mentioned before, fashion is always adapting and changing. Fashion is about incorporating new, fresh trends to the market, all while incorporating trends from the past.

To me, fashion is a way for me to express myself and my personality. The creative aspect and the beauty behind fashion will always keep me captivated.

I encourage you to take a look into the beautiful, complex, and wonderful industry of fashion. It may blow your mind!


Aichan Tewahade

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