Life Hack #10 – Juggling Act

How do you find balance in this world? How does one maintain a healthy, mind, body and soul with all the stressors and responsiblities we face?

Here’s a cliche, “You need to find balance in your life.” I interpret this as managing your time to healthily find time for yourself, while maintaing your responsibilities and your stressors. This is something that we all struggle with, as we have circumstances, such as deadlines, due dates, and daily obligations. Most of us work hard and often forget the detrimental affectst of not finding balance within your life.

Balance can include:

  1. Balancing spending time alone – Relax, spend time with yourself, and RELAX. Do your activities and hobbies you enjoy, or simply lay in bed. Paint your nails, read a book, and pamper yourself. Constantly being by yourself, or intentionally isolating yourself, can become detrimental to your health, so try to once again find a happy medium of both spending time with others and yourself. Of course, you should always put your needs, especially involving self-care, first. After all, this your life and your health we are talking about. However, spending time alone allows for one not to just get to know yourself and allows you to simply relax. You may also begin to acquire the skill of being indepedent. In a sense, you learn to hold your own. Being an independent person is something  that you need to survive and be successfully happy as a human being, not saying that it will always be comfortable though.
    In this sense, you also need to learn to take care of yourself and put yourself first. Make sure that your health (mental and physical) needs are being met, making time to practice exercise, eating well, stay hydrated, establish a healthy sleep cycle, in order to avoid an overall, panic attack. In this sense, learning to spend time with yourself is very important. If you are not taking care of yourself and spending time with yourself, this could lead to detrimental effects that may have affect you in long run, and NOT BENEFICIALLY.
  2. With that said, spending time with friends is extremely important – Isolation and avoidant behavior may leave you feeling lonely and alone, and it is not healthy. People need people, whether they are friends are not. Human beings thrive off of the energy that others expend, whether you know it or not. Spending too much time with friends and becoming codependent on eachother is not healthy either, so learn to set boundaries with your tribe and do not consume all your time with your friends. The more codependent you become on others, the more toxic the relationship becomes. As I mentioned before, independence is an important aspect of growing up and a vital quality to live the best life possible. Codependency almost leads to fear of doing activities without any companions, which is not a healthy habit to develop. While friends are important, it is also supremely important to find a balance with prioritizing yourself and making time for your friends, as these are both important aspects of learning the balancing act of life.

    So, another instance when finding balance comes into play…

  3. Make sure to find time to spend time doing fun – Overworking yourself and consuming your time completing these obligations is impressive and your duty. But, letting your life become these obligations will lead to a path that may cause more harm than benefits. Do not forget admist your obligations that it is important to make time to have fun. Having fun, outside of work or school, is important, as everyone deserves a break to have a little fun. It keeps one happy, more motivated, but requires the skill of planning. On your days off of school or work, try to utilize these days to do something that YOU LIKE TO DO, that may not be considered an obligation. Planning a trip with friends or simply going to Happy Hour every once in a while can help one maintain a healthy state of mind.
  4. Make sure to complete your obligations and work hard – This is an counterargument to the previous statement. Obligations are obligations , and my definition of an obligation is something that you must complete. It is not an option, it’s simply something one must do. Yes, we have our hard days and feel helpless to the fact that live is hard, however, missing and avoiding obligations by prioritizing fun also has its cons. You must learn to embrace your daily obligations, and it’s ultimately up to you whether or not you will complete them. Unfortunately, life can not be as forgiving as we would like it to be sometimes. In addition, one must work hard in order to achieve your goals and hard work builds character. Work hard at whatever obligation you are doing, because it is more fufilling and rewarding to produce exceptional work, leading to exceptional results that will favor you. Life, unfortunately, does not hand us everything on a golden, glittery plate, so if you want to TRULY achieve your long-term, or even your short-term goals, it requires more effort and commitment from you as an individual. Not to mention, why live a mediocre life when you could live a fufilling, more successful life working hard?I don’t know about you, but I thoroughly enjoy working hard. It is not for others, but for myself. Exerting 100% into everything that you do leaves you with no regrets, even if your results may not turn out the way you want it to be. While a rigorous schedule can serve as a positive factor, constantly living a life of rigor, such as overworking, for an extended period of time with no breaks will lead to an absolute meltdown. As I mentioned before, utilize your planning skills and try to find balance within your work, school, etc. obligations. Constantly being on overdrive, while it is impressive and may lead to successful results, truly affects one’s mental wellbeing. While we all have our lazy days, try your hardest to challenge yourself and exert the most effort capable. I promise, if anything, you will experience fufillment.

I can not juggle very well, or at all, but hopefully, we can develop some core strength and find some balance within our lives. Who said juggling would be easy?

Try to discover your inner Yin & Yang.


Aichan Tewahade

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