8 Fall Fashion “Must-Have’s”

Fall fashion “must have’s” focuses on layering and transitioning to winter weather, unless you live in a significantly warm climate year round. This season is focuses on the adaption of summer fashion, while incorporating aspects of winter fashion. The color scheme this season is generally neutral, including nude tones, deep tones, and black.

  1. Fur Coats – The recent growing trend of fur jackets and coats has taken over the fashion industry. Not only do they keep you truly warm, they serve as a great statement piece for outfits. They are also a fun alternative to basic jackets. Whether you like them cropped or long, they add a cool aspect to one’s outfit. Up until recently, statement fur jackets were seen as a clothing piece mostly worn by celebrities and high-status individuals, as fur coats can be seen as overwhelming. While it has been a trend utilized by high-status individuals, now it has begun penetrating streetwear trends.

    fuzzFur coats are also easily transitionable from daytime to nighttime, making them a resourceful article to acquire. While the look may seem bold, retailers also offer more tamed versions of fur coats. Popular colors I recommend, include, black, white, tan, and baby pink. This is a great way to make a bold statement, while simutaneously staying warm.

  2. Sweaters – When the weather gets colder, summer attire will not suffice to keep you warm. Sweaters are an obvious essential, whether you like them oversized, vintage, or even cropped. It is obvious that sweaters will naturally keep you warm, but do not underestimate the different styles of sweaters, as they seroiusly cater to all consumers. Similarly, the market offers basic sweaters, in every color of the spectrum, as well as more fun, or creative sweaters, that include a unique feature, separating them from traditional sweaters. In addition, sweater dresses are a fun, lazy way to look chic. Not only do you keep yourself warm, but are a simple way to appear chic. In my opinion, you should invest in one men’s sweater, as they are generally warmer. Whether you are looking for turtlenecks, mocknecks, cashmere, knitted, or cable-knit sweaters, there is definitely no shortage of variety with sweaters.
  3. Cardigans – Clearly, an essential piece to every fall wardrobe. Cardigans serve as a great layering piece and also keep you warm. Invest in some high-quality cardigans that actually keep you warm, as you transition to colder weather. Similarly, cardigans are offered in different colors, different materials, and different styles. Personally, I mostly invest in grandpa-like, oversized cardigans. Even better, cardigans can project a casual vibe, depending on what style of cardigan you buy. And, most importantly, cardigans keep you warmer during the fall.
  4. Denim – Denim falls under two categories: denim jackets and jeans (bottoms).
    • Denim Jackets – These are essential for any wardrobe, whatever season it is. Whether you have a grungier style, in which you enjoy distressing, there is a market for that. In addition, classic styles of vintage denim jackets produced by companies such as Levi’s are also a big trend. Denim has always been a prominent and essential aspect of the fashion industry since ‘nam. Denim jackets have adapted, often incorporating textural additions, to make each denim piece unique. While classic blue is one of the most popular colors of denim jackets that are purchased, they come in many different colors, including black, which is my personal favorite. Similarly, in order to stay on trend for this season and with the rise of popularity of floral prints, denim jackets have begun incorporating embroidered denim jackets, which serves as a great alternative to a classic denim jacket. Finally, they are also a great layering piece, which is important for the fall season.
    • Jeans are essential for all seasons and a essential to everyone’s wardrobe. Recently, many styles of jeans have begun to bombard the market.
      • Embroidered Floral Jeans – This incorporates the trend listed below, as floral embroidering in jeans have become such a popular trend. Embroided floral jeans are a fun, alternative to basic pairs of denim that may be considered basic, or even boring. If you want to add some flair to your denim collection, try to invest in a pair of embroided floral jeans.
      • High-waisted jeans – I am a little biased, as I am a firm believer of high-waisted EVERYTHING. High-waisted jeans are a perfect for all seasons, in my opinion, and have become a very relevant trend this year in the fashion industry. Often, high-waisted jeans are paired with a croptop, and as you transition into the colder weather, you can still pair with items that are cropped, including jackets, sweaters, etc.

      • Boyfriend Jeans – OF COURSE. We all love jeans that are comfortable and jeans that are also comfortable. While this can be considered a boyish trend, they are a great piece to acquire. Boyfriend jeans are even better than actually having a boyfriend, and the boyfriend’s of all jeans. Boyfriend jeans tend to be baggy and less form-fitting, and usually are high-waisted. They add an effortless look to your outfit and can be paired with a variety of outfits.
      • Girlfriend Jeans – Girlfriend jeans are similar to boyfriend jeans, and offer comfort. Girlfriend jeans are less looser and more form-fitting than boyfriend jeans. According to denimology.com, girlfriend jeans are “tighter and higher on the hip, with a tapered slim straight leg. It offers a more flattering shape” (Geller). In addition denimology, girlfriend jeans tend to be “slim fit throughout the legs, tight fit on the hips, but with some slouch through the legs” (Geller).
      • Distressed Jeans – Distressed articles have not lost their presence in the fashion industry. Distressed jeans are a great alternative to basic jeans, as well. You can buy distressed jeans in all sorts of styles, including high-waisted jeans, girlfriend and boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, etc. Distressing gives an outfit an edgy feel, whether you choose to invest in a pair that is extremely distressed or a pair that features little, subtle distressing.
      • Frayed Hem Jeans – While this is still a new and upcoming trend, frayed hem jeans are just another variation of your classic pair of jeans that adds an element to your denim that makes it unique. The fray at the hem of the denim can either be extremely frayed or very sublte, in a way that caters to a variety of different styles. Usually, frayed hem jeans look the best when they are slightly cropped, leaving a bit of your ankles revealed.
  5. Floral – The incorporation and rise of the floral trend has blown up everywhere. Floral is becoming incorporated in leather jackets, jackets in general, tops, jeans, boots, etc. Floral is one of the biggest trends this season and something that you should invest in. Do not worry, while floral seems like a girlier trend, it caters for all sorts of styles. You can find truly girly pieces, grungey pieces, or even fashion-forward pieces that incorporate the floral trend. The biggest trends these past seasons have incorporated sportswear, and in order to create a market that was not centered around sportswear and sneakers, retailers decided to incorporate floral to balance out the current trends this season.
  6. Camo – Camo print has become a very relevant trend for all seasons, especially in the market of young adults, catering to both male and females. Originally, camo originated from the Army and mostly associated as a male trend. Recently, camo made a comeback in the fashion industry, and women, and men alike, hopped on board. Camo articles of clothing are a fun, grungy print that you play with, as prints are a major trend in the fashion industry today. Camo prints can be featured on  tops, bottoms, jackets, and accessories. As we transition to a colder temperature, I would recommend investing in a camo-print jacket, to spruce up your outfit.
  7. Leather Jackets – Jackets are going to be an essential part of your wardrobe, especially during the fall and winter. Leather is chic and can spruce up any outfit, making it a fashion-forward way to look chic. The greatest aspect of leather jackets is that it can easily be transitioned from a daytime look to a nighttime look, making it a versatile trend. Leather jackets come in different types of styles, allowing you to invest or find one that caters to your needs. While black leather jackets are the most popular color for leather jackets, you can also find them in other colors. Great colors for the fall, include black, deep red (similar to mohogany), and brown.
  8. Boots
    • Over-The-Knee Boots – black over-the-knee boots have become a trend in streetwear. In fact, the tall boots that are taller than over-the-knee boots are even in season. The perks include keeping your legs warmer. Over-the-knee boots, specifically black ones, have made a comeback. These boots are an awesome alternative to basic thigh-high boots. Normally, retailers manufacture over-the-knee boots with suede, or faux fur. Not to mention, they are very chic. Over-the-knee boots are available through most retailers, such as, ASOS, Charlotte Russe, Urban Outfitters, and Peppermayo. Flat over-the-knee boots, meaning that they are not healed boots, are quite popular, however, over-the-knee boots with heals are quite popular. The variety of styles of over-the-knee boots caters to most styles and individuals, as there is quite a variety of styles to choose from. Over-the-knee boots have been used by high-fashion designers, as well as regular streetwalkers. 

    • Ankle boots – Ankle boots have always been relevant, especially during the fall, as they are not tall enough to survive a winter. To clarify, by ankle boots, I am referring to boots that cover your ankle and covers a little more of your leg. I do not mean the boots that cover only your ankles, these boots are the ones that completely cover your ankles. These are an awesome alternative to regular ankle boots, as they play with taller, ankle boots. Streetwalkers, celebrities, and models have partaken in this trend, as these ankle boots, as they offer a different length of boot to experiment with. Both over-the-knee boots and “above-the-ankle” boots are progression of previous trends, involving basic ankle boots. A fun way to spruce up your ankle boots is by investing in floral-based ankle boots, as they add a cool, fashion-forward element to your shoe collection. In addition, these boots can be worn during a night-out, or simply incorporated in a daytime look, making it a versatile trend. You do not want to miss out on this trend. Retailers have jumped on board, as I just recently bought a pair of floral heeled ankle boots from Target. Retailers everywhere have so many variations of the heeled ankle boots, it caters to most styles and people’s interests.

As the leaves begin to fall, essentially becoming naked, humans go from essentially being naked to layering up.


Aichan Tewahade

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