Color Wheel Of The Winter 2k17

Elegance is the theme for this season’s color scheme. It includes a combination of bold red, deep green (forest green), and turquoise, which is a more light-hearted color for this season. Take a step into this season’s color scheme here:

  1. Turqouise – Turquoise, a more playful color, is the light-hearted color in this season’s color wheel. It has been seen all over runways and was used in many collections this Fashion Week. It is a color that you can incorporate into your every day wardrobe and can efficiently be a daytime and/or nighttime look. The color can be used in very elegant pieces or more casual pieces.Do not be afraid to utilize this color during the holiday season, as they are many eye-catching dresses, pants, etc. in this color that very well give off a wintery-esque vibe. Brighten your wardrobe up and open your arms to world of turquoise. 2d5f4df5c97934c23f6e3659813f4a30
  2. Deep Green – Another elegant color to begin this winter season with is deep green, almost imitating a forest green. This color has also been featured in many runway shows this season, and it is an intriguing color. While it is a little more subtle than the other colors, it is still an eyecatching color. It tends to pair well with all sorts of skin tones, and reflects a color of elegance and class. Olive green generally dictated the last winter’s green hue color palette, and this season, the fashion industry went the complete opposite direction with their green hue of the season. I find this color very tasteful and one of the most opulent colors to play with this season. I am very excited to invest in some deep green, and not to mention, these deep green hues will be great for Saint Patrick’s Day, if you want to reuse the color.
    deep green
  3. Red – Make a powerful statement this season with a bold red. While deep mahogany reds were usually the red hue of choice during the winter and fall, the fashion industry has gravitated towards a bold, basic red hue to make a bold statement this holiday season. this color is literally empowering! The great thing about this elegant color is that you will never feel like you are not the talk of the room – it’s a eyecatching color. It has been featured all over runways this season and is great for the holiday season, as well. It is a very powerful statement you will be making stepping into the color of red. This season is all about making a classy statement, with these bold colors.
    fjksfashionStreetwalkers have even picked up on this empowering trend. Check out the image below of a casual streetwalker, showing off her red in this statement, yet casual outfit.

Do not be afraid to mix and match these color palettes, either – especially, if you are trying to make an extra bold statement this season. The great thing about this season’s trends are that it all about color, prints, and experimenting with these trends all together. Many of the designers displayed these colors as a monochromatic look, which is a eyecatching way to utilize these color schemes. If you are trying to make a statement, for sure try a monochromatic look, experimenting with different hues of that color.

What are your favorite colors for this winter season?

Give it a go!


Aichan Tewahade

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