Growing Up In Colorado

What I blessing it is to be able to say that I am born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, who has been infamously ranked as the most happy and most fit city in the world. National Georgraphic was one of those who ranked Boulder the happiest and healthiest city in the United States.With views like the Flatirons and trails galore, there is never a shortage of activities in this city. One thing I truly love about Boulder is its’ sense of community. No matter what is going on in the world for some reason, Boulderites can seemingly gather together and still learn to have a good time. In addition to this, we have the most, unique and interesting Thursday night tradition, called the Thursday Night Cruiser Ride, which unites whomever, in and around the Boulder County area, to take a long bike ride around Boulder. This bike event is held weekly every Thursday – definitely, something that sets apart Boulder’s activities from other cities. Similarly, there is never a shortage of active things you can do, including biking, climbing, hiking, yoga, etc. People would rather spend their time outdoors, rather than  indoors. I also do not ski anymore, but as Colorado tradition, grew up skiing. I hear the mountains over here are great, and the ski resorts are even greater. This is a hobby I am trying to pick up again. Snowboarding should not be excluded in this equation, as snowboarders have equally the small opportunity to shred the gnar properly, and adequately here. The community here is very tight, and though there are so many people moving into this city, you are generally always bound to see someone you know while you are out and about. This is something that seperates Boulder from most towns, making it a pretty friendly place to go. Just by working at a restaraunt on Pearl and a few other places on Pearl Street (the iconic outdoor mall), I have made so many connections with others that have worked there a while and many friendships were made. Similarly, I have kept old connections, as Pearl Street is a place that most Boulderites visit during winter, though mostly during the summer. Most winters are spent in mountain towns, and throughout most of my skiing career as a child, I spent them at Loveland Ski Resort or Breckenridge Ski Resort. Even if you do not ski, there are other activities, such as snow-shoeing that may suit your needs. Simply, going up to a cabin up in the mountains, during the winter is a great, fun activity that  I got to utilize, while growing up here. We are truly blessed with some of the prettiest mountain ski resort towns, such as, Telluride, Steamboat Springs, and Breckenridge. These places are gorgeous, during every season. Also, on top of all this, we have great sight-seeing locations, such as Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park, Colorado, Maroon Bells, in Aspen, Colorado, all of the hot springs, both in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, and the Strawberry Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs, Colorado…All I have to say is that we have a lot to offer. The environment is very calm, and while it is a totally different experience going to the University of Colorado, Boulder, I still have a lot of love for it. Chautauqua Park offers me the calm I need to get through every stressful day. But, there’s something about Boulder, Colorado that just keeps calling me back – it is, as though, I can never leave. There is a sense of comfort in having a community surrounding you and supporting you, as Boulder can be seen as a happy place to grow and thrive. I think it is the nature that keeps me coming back. Or, maybe it is the amazing music scene that we have been blessed with here in Colorado. Plus, we are close to the most magical venue and most iconic venue, Red Rocks Ampitheater, where I have experienced a multitude of amazing shows.

IMG_3349 (1)


I’ve attached pictures from my own limited amount of hikes at Chautauqua Park and more below, as well as some of the mountain towns. You can easily tell that we have been blessed to be able to experience every season visually; this is something that not everyone gets to experience.


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glenwood springs


IMG_0747 (1)



I have experienced so much beauty and there is still more to be explored. I cannot wait to see what more I can see and discover during my time on this Earth. This ColoRADo place is a dope spot.


Aichan Tewahade

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