20 Stocking Stuffers 4 Your Luvers

It is that time of year again, so bring on that holiday cheer!

Now, while you are pondering the everlasting question, “what do I get my loved ones?,” I am going to provide you a substantial list of items that are eligible for your hunnies. Stocking stuffers are like the appetizers to the real gifts, but make them count this year!

  1. Face Mask – After a stressful year, whether it be a revitalizing or moisturizing beauty mask, we all broke out a few times this year. Let your skin glow and speak volumes for itself. Face masks are easy and sold at just about retailers everywhere, and there are a variety of options for you to choose from.
  2. Chocolate – Hey, whatever! Everyone loves some good chocolate, unless you are lactose intolerant (always take this into account!). Throw some chocolate into a stocking for an easy stocking stuffer and let your loved ones indulge in some great chocolate this year. I promise they won’t be disappointed.
  3. Socks – This one seems odd, but socks are always a go. We always seem to be losing one pair, and by the end of the year, matching socks are not even an option. We just pick two different pairs and sync them together into an outfit. Some warm fuzzy socks are perfectly substantial for loved ones, so they can keep their toes warm this year.
  4. Gift Cards – Where do your loved ones like to shop? Grab them a quick giftcard to that retail store, or restaraunt. Trust me, they will appreciate it more than you even know! Next time they make a purchase at their favorite shop, they will think of you, silently thanking you for letting them save money at a place where they spend too much of their money.
  5. Bath Bombs from Lush – Oh, Lush…I love you so much. I feel like just about everyone feels this way. Their products are sensational and their bath bombs cannot be beat. They have a variety of different bath bombs to suit all your friends’ needs. Nothing sounds more relaxing than taking a nice bath, accompanied by a bath bomb. This is a great, relaxing present.
  6. Crafts (Art) – This is a fairly broad range of stocking stuffers. Pinterest and Google, in general, has a long list of crafts that you can make for your loved ones. Similarly, a nice drawing, coloring, or painting will suffice, as well. I am sure the effort that you exert into buying (or creating) this work of art will resonate with your loved ones. This stocking stuffer is great for those who have more time to spare and lots of creative energy!
  7. Headphones – Did your loved ones make it through the entire year without losing your headphones once? Let me know if you did, because I would LOVE to meet you. Chances are your loved ones may have replaced their pair, or just want a backup pair. Allow them the chance to listen to their music, podcasts, etc. with a new pair of headphones.
  8. Phone Charger – The phone charger holds the same significance as the headphones, and I am wondering if there is a soul that HAS kept their phone charger for an entire year. Surprise them with battery power for the new year! Let them enjoy the use of the their phone, and with the help of your charger, this will be possible.
  9. Phone Case – Depending on what kind of phone they have, this an easy purchase. As they are your loved ones, you should know what kind of accessories they would want for their phone. Phone cases are sold at retailers everywhere, online and off line. Online has more options for great phone case options, but this is something that most certainly will not be overlooked.
  10. Sunglasses – You do not need to splurge on a pair of Raybans, but a simple pair of sunglasses should be sufficient for any individuals. Sunglasses are easy, if you know what kind of styles, your loved ones like. Make sure the frames are flattering and something that you know your loved one would wear. Sunglasses are fun and a great year-round accessory! You can never have too many of these.
  11. Candles – Want to make your life smell good? Holiday smells are out everywhere and anywhere, and candles are flying off the shelves right now. Candles are great, because they serve two purposes: home decor and a way to make your home smell good. There are so many holiday themed candles available for puchase, and I doubt anyone will hate this gift.
  12. Stress Ball – A stress ball seems silly. However, it actually is not, as we experience incredible amounts of stress, throughout the year! A great stocking stuffer is a stress ball, where your loved ones can exert some stress towards, without hurting themselves. This stocking stuffer is greatly beneficial and works great for those who are high-strung or live fast-paced lives.
  13. Scarf – Another article of clothing that can keep your loved ones warm this season. A scarf provides the warmth we all need this winter season and is a great accessory to throw into a stocking.
  14. Gloves & Mittens – We all need to keep our fingers warm this winter season. A great pair of mittens, not only matches the holiday season, but becomes a necessity. The great thing about gloves and mittens is that, while they are not a seen as a necessity, most people will appreciate this gift. We often forget about our cold fingers, during the holiday season. Help your loved ones prevent them from falling off this season.
  15. Earrings – Earrings are a great accessory for girls and women to get as a stocking stuffer. If you know the style you are looking for, just about every retailer sells earrings and it is gauranteed that there will be a pair calling your name. Earrings are simple, yet a beautiful gift. After all, jewelry never disappoints.
  16. Bottle Opener – This is a great one for those who love to indulge in their liquor. Bottle openers are cheap and you can find them that at your local King Soopers, if you so choose to buy one there. You can never have enough bottle openers; these things are like chargers and headphones, and are easily misplaced.
  17. Wallet – Wallets are great. After a whole year, or however long of using one wallet, sometimes it is time for a new one. Though wallets are not accessories that we always think about, it is a necessity to keep your financial accessories (a.k.a. cash, debit cards, credit cards, etc.) in order. Why not surprise your loved one with something new that they can work with? These days, you can find all sorts of wallets that cater to just about everyone’s style. Help your loved ones stay financial organized with a new wallet!
  18. Lip Balm – Lip balm is a beauty product that is universally lost daily and is necessity. Want to help maintain moisure within your loved ones lips? Grab a lip balm that you know they would enjoy. The endless variety of chapstick and lip balms make it almost impossible not to find something that caters to their needs. Trust me, everyone will end up happy with this stocking stuffer.
  19. Tea – Though not everyone enjoys tea, it is a great stocking stuffer indeed, with great health benefits. Grabbing a nice box of tea or a bag of tea leaves for loved ones is a great way to surprise them this Christmas. Tea is especially great during the winter, when it is especially cold and we are prone to sickness. The flavors of tea are also so extensive that there is bound to be some combination of tea leaves that your loved ones can enjoy.
  20. Watch – These days it is hard to keep up with our fast-paced environment, so knowing the time is essential. I know that our phones now serve as our watches, but a watch is a great accessory and stocking stuffer for your loved ones. The styles are endless and watches are timeless. Surprise your loved one with the most timeless gift of all – I promise they will not be disappointed.

Make your stocking stuffers extra special this year, with some extra special gifts for your extra special friends! What are you planning stuff in your loved one’s stocking this year?


Aichan Tewahade

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