New Year, New Fashion Trends (2018)

Every year, or every milisecond, new fashion trends arise and staying ahead of the memo, and staying on top of your fashion trends is important. With the new year coming in hot, the best thing you can do for yourself is stay ahead of the game, all while staying informed.

  • Hats
    Hats, hats, hats – they are the current go-to accessory, and a must-have for 2018. 2017 was also full of hats, becoming one of the most popular trends of the year. Baseball caps, widebrim hats, black floppy hats, baker boy hats – you name it, it was relevant. The most up-and-coming trend to hop on board to are these infamous “baker boy,” or Brixton Fiddler Fisherman hats, to be specific. Hats are being used now for more purposes than for a bad hair day. Make sure to especially watch out, or even purchase, a Brixton Fiddler Fisherman hat, for the next year. Streetwalkers and celebrities alike are all about this trend, as it adds a tomboy-ish look to any outfit, but it can also be worn more formally. Brixton Fiddler Fisherman hats are essentially replacing the baseball cap trend, as they are a bit more sophisticated, fashion-forward, and trendy. Invest in one, as they come in many different colors. Do not be leftout this season! Click here to purchase, view, or inquire about the Brixton’s Fiddler Fisherman Cap. You do not want to miss out on this trend next year!

  • All White Everything
    White has become the new black alternative, as it has been featured in runway shoes recently. While all-black ensembles have been a theme for years in the fashion industry, all white, or white accessories, will definitely be catching the eyes of others around you. White is very chic and can be showcased as a fashion-forward statement. All-white ensembles were showcased by many designers this New York Fashion Week, showing off the power of white and subtly hinting to us that white may be the new black. As ironic as it sounds, white is going to be one of the most powerful colors of 2018, and many celebrities and models have already hopped on the bold trend, incorporating white, statement garments and accessories together for a monochromatic look. 2018 is about trying something different, so expand your horizons from all-black, and surprise your peers with some white. Go against the majority and pick white this year! Wearing white is one way to start the new year with a clean, sleek slate.

  • Trench Coats
    Trench coats were seen all over the runways, as it has become a staple in most individual’s wardrobe. Trench coats channel a chic, and polished vibe in your outfit. Tailored garments are currently on trend. Trench coats are very versatile and can be worn during all sorts of purposes, including formal-wear, casual-wear, and work-wear. The most popular upcoming colors for trench coats, and the colors that work with most styles and outfits, include, black, beige, or certain pastel colors. Streetwalkers love this trend, as it it a fashion-forward way to stay warm.

  • Silk Scarves
    Silk scarves have become the newest choker, replacing the prominent trend of 2017. While the comeback of the popular 90s trend is slowly losing it’s popularity, the fashion industry has replaced the neck-wear with something similar. Silk scarves are worn similar to chokers, often tied around the neck. It provides a chic look, while simulatenously channeling the choker trend. Not to mention, it may keep you warmer. Silk scarves are a great nighttime and daytime look for those looking to step up their fashion game. They come in a variety of styles and patterns and can be found in retailers everywhere. Hop on board to the “next-level” choker.

  • Fanny Packs
    It is true the 80s/90s trend is new becoming the newest “must-have” accessory this century. The fanny pack was specifically displayed at this year’s New York Fashion Week, by designers, such as Kenzo, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Gucci, Givenchy, and Kate Spade. While designers Kenzo, Marc Jacobs, and Balenciaga displayed more casual versions of the fanny pack, the ones that are either worn across the hips or across your body, while Gucci, Givenchy, and Kate Spade formalized fanny pack styles, incorporating brand logos and luxury embellishment to give the fanny pack a more updated look.

  • Lavendar
    While strong, and more vibrant, hues have been the theme for 2017, ditch those colors for 2018. These strong, vibrant colors (MINUS YELLOW) are slowly being replaced with pastels, specifically lavendar. Victoria Bechham and Michael Kors Collection have subtly hinted that our favorite Millennial Pink will, at some point, be replaced by much more softer color. The color was show all over the runway, and by spring 2018, you will have no doubt that Millennial Pink was “so last year.” The color is whimsical and will soon be spotted everywhere. Keep a look out!

  • Sunshine Yellow
    How does one describe the color of next year? Well, it is most certainly yellow. The actual hue is similar to a highlighter, lighter hue of neon yellow. Yellow is most certainly a vibrant and statement color that can make anybody’s wardrobe pop. The fashion industry has deemed sunshine yellow the color of the year, in order to dispute political and social global concerns, as it has been a politically and socially charged time. This upcoming year, consumers are looking for bold and strong colors, in order to cope with the political and social troubles. Purchasing some yellow attire will only help make one’s wardrobe more bright, happy, and cheerful. Many streetwalkers have incorporated the strong color into wardrobes, making it possible for anyone.

  • Fringe
    It is as if this trend never disappeared, as fringe seems to never been seen out-of-style. Incorporating textures in garments have been a common theme for fashion designers this season. Fringe is a fun trend for anyone to try, as you can find fringe on bag, all sorts of accessories, jackets, shirts, skirts, and even denim. This playful style also comes off as boho-chic, and should definitely be a must-have for your wardrobe. “Fringing has a tricky fashion history, becoming synonymous in the last few years with music festival fashion culture that similarly elevates flower crowns and bindis. Fashion’s re-appropriation of the fringe hem though comes with a few stipulations, namely, go big or go home” ( Fringe was seen all over the runways this season, during fashion week. We are only anticipating the rise of the trend for 2018, making it something to look out for.

  • Denim-on-Denim
    The late 90s trend has taken over the entire fashion industry as everyone, including designers, celebrities, streetwalkers, and even parents have found themselves wearing all that denim. No one is stopping anyone at this point. At this point, it doesn’t matter how you pair you denim, or what hue it is. While normally vintage and light-wash denim was often found paired together, for 2018, the hue of the season is dark-wash denim. The resurgence of dark-wash denim-on-denim outfits will reappear soon. We all love our light-wash and vintage denim sets, but this next year is all about incorporating darker wash denim, almost giving the look a more sophisticated look. Dark-wash denim sets were seen all over the runways this season, including Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein, and Rosie AssoulinAll we know is that it is cool and a trend that will not be leaving the industry for a while. There will be twice as much denim this next year, so double up on your denim next year.Screenshot (332)

  • X-Girl Sunglasses (Skinny Sunglasses, or Unflattering Sunglasses)
    The early 2000s and late 1990s were full of these “x-girl” sunglasses,” now, in 2018, we are seeing a resurgence of this ’90s sunglass shape. “X-Girl sunglasses” can be described as the frames having razor, almost cat-eyed, edges, “Oakley-esque touches, and a fearless experimentation with color” (Elle). Often, the frames and lenses come in a variety of colors. and most often, the lenses are transparent. Colors of these sunglasses are so vibrant, and the most popular colors seem to be, red, pink, yellow and black.Many find these sunglasses unbearable, or unwearable, as the skinny frames are often not flattering for all face shapes. However, the trend is still relevant. Regardless if streetwalkers and average citiizens are hesistant for this trend, celebrities and models alike have hopped on board. Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, among many other celebrities, have taken advantage of this fun trend. This year, this trend was seen on runway shows for Louis Vuitton, Off-White, Prada, Acne Studios, and Stella McCartney to name a few. Take on the 90s with full force.

  • Fur
    Fur has taken over the market, whether it be faux-fur or real fur. Fortunately, this luxurious trend is not going away any time soon and is here to stay another year. The most popular way to wear your fur is with a fur jacket, and let me be the first to say, please invest in one! The trend may seem overwhelming and beyond your comfort levels, and I can even vouhce in saying that at first I was hesistant about the trend, thinking it was overwhelming. Now, I have quite a few fur jackets and believe that they can be worn both casually and formally, without overwhelming yourself with your outfit. At this point, the market has all sorts of fur jackets that come in different textures, colors, styles, lengths, and materials (depending on if it is made from faux fur products). This is such a playful trend and has already begun making its’ mark in 2017, and it will continue to penetrate the fashion industry next year. Be prepared for some furry days!

  • Athleisure
    Athleisure apparel has slowly become incorporated in the fashion industry. As our society is so fast-paced, individuals need clothes that are functional for home, for work, and for leisure. As a result, the industry has brought rise to athleisure apparel, in order for consumers to get to acquire versatile garments that could be worn to work, to the gym, and happy hours. This season Dockers, Levi’s and Uniqlo all updated andn expanded on their current collections for the year, making sure to include functional garments; all that are versatile, as well.

If 2017 was not your year, try to keep up with 2018 by staying fashion-forward and ahead of the game. Then, you can never lose, because at least you are staying on top of something. It never hurts to mix and match some of these trends for a even more fashion-forward look.

What are your favorite trends you are looking forward to trying in 2018?


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