Life Hack #17 – Define Your Happiness

Happiness and the way one defines, and achieves, happiness is unique to each and every one of us. As we live our lives, it is especially important that we are able to define what makes us TRULY happy, as well as to define ways that we can bring ourselves happiness.

Our definition of happiness and what brings us happiness will change throughout our life, however, being aware of what brings us true, raw happiness requires us to carefully, thoroughly, and deeply examine ourselves. Knowing who you truly are, inside and out, requires a lot of time and patience with yourself, but this is a key aspect in defining your happiness.

For me, days filled with coloring, tea, pizza, The Real Housewives of New York, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills bring me happiness. So, I can basically sum up my happiness in reality television…Just kidding! Hiking, blogging, succulents, bunnies, photography, fashion, animals, my dogs, shopping, cleaning, productivity, music, good food, hanging out with myself, and time spent with family and good friends also brings me happiness.

I believe that at least once a day it is important to connect with one thing that brings you happiness, because it allows for one to engage in a moment of joy or relaxation, even if they are having a bad day. Happiness allows for a release of tension and allows you to feel something more enjoyable than stress; engaging in activities that make us happy is a great distraction from internal and external stressors we may be feeling. In addition, it allows us to take a moment out of each day in order to engage in some self-care by prioritizing your happiness, even if it is just for a moment. It is always important to genuinely dedicate at least one minute out of your day to being happy, as many of us live very hectic, chaotic, and stress-filled lives.

At all stages of our life, it is important to take a minute to define and acknowledge things that truly make us happy. What is more important than defining these things is making happiness possible for yourself by engaging in your “happy acitivites.” Acknowledging what things make you happy is also important, as it is the first step in defining your happiness, however, making a point to prioritize your happiness means engaging in these activities, even when you may not feel like it.

Sometimes, the things that bring us the most happiness may become difficult to follow-through with, though we have acknowledged them as activities that bring us happiness. And, sometimes, we begin to lose interest in these things that used to bring us happiness. Similarly, sometimes we may not even know what brings us happiness. At times, we may choose not to even want to be happy, which may lead us towards engaging in activities that bring us more sadness, hurt, and confusion than happiness. Sometimes, we may consider something that brings us hurt, pain, and confusion, to be something that brings us happiness. On some occasions, we find new activities, or hobbies, that bring us happiness. At times, we may not even realize how much happiness something, someone, or an activity, may bring to us, as we can sometimes be blind towards certain aspects of our happiness.

As a result of life being unpredictable and the way we react towards life being unpredictable, our definition of happiness and the activities that we choose to engage in, in order to attain a state of raw happiness, may change, grow, or adapt, throughout our life. Similarly, in order to adapt to the different life circumstances we encounter throughout our life, the ways we achieve happiness may change, grow, and adapt.

Sometimes, defining what makes you happy, can be difficult, especially in stages of our lives when we may feel lost or unsure. If you are feeling unsure, the best way to get ideas of activities, situations, and hobbies that bring you happiness is thinking about activities, hobbies, or situations, that have brought you happiness in the past. I would even recommend searching through your childhood memories and what activities brought you happiness in your youth. As a youth, life is much less complicated and full of less distractions, which makes it much easier to define and engage in activities that make you happy.

In addition to racking your brain for memories, you may also consider trying or engaging in new activities that you have never done before, or rarely do. New activities, new hobbies, new interests, and new ventures can all be exciting and may end up bringing you much more happiness than you ever anticipated.

Defining your happiness and being aware of how to bring yourself happiness is a way to keep yourself grounded, even if the world around you is constantly changing. It is important that every person has a foundation for their own happiness that they can always reference whenever they need or want an extra dose of happiness. To a certain extent, engaging in these positive activities, behaviors, or hobbies, can enforce a sense of order, schedule, and priorities for oneself, as well as allowing one to live their life as the happiest version of themselves.

However, staying true to your own happiness can sometimes be difficult, even when we have already defined our “happiness,” and already recognize the activities, the behaviors, and the environments, that bring us raw happiness. This can be the case, especially during chaotic times of our lives, when there seems to be a lot going on and very little time for yourself.

During chaotic times, we can all agree that sometimes it is hard to get to a state of raw, authentic happiness. Sometimes, during the chaos, we end up searching for happiness in places that will not bring us authentic happiness. During times of chaos, we seek, desire, and almost feel like we require a more powerful release than we normally desire, in order to achieve happiness. Instead of searching in the wrong places, search within yourself, then remind yourself of the activities, hobbies, environment, people, etc. that truly make you happy, and engage in them. Rather than distracting yourself with things that only bring temporary happiness and a handful of problems, try challenging yourself by staying true to what you know normally brings you happiness.

Whenever you are feeling lost in the chaos of life and you cannot seem to sit with yourself, go back to the basics and remind yourself of what genuinely makes you happy, and make happiness happen for yourself. Stay grounded, even when your world may be spinning out of control! Grasp for whatever foundation you know already exists!

No matter what age you are, who you are, or where you are in your life, everyone wants and deserves happiness. Knowing what brings you happiness is important and something you should familiarize yourself with. Every day should be filled with at least one happy moment, if not more. Why not make happiness happen for yourself every day? Daily happiness can be quite attainable, if only you just define your own happiness!


Aichan Tewahade


2 thoughts on “Life Hack #17 – Define Your Happiness

    • I love and love and love your support! Glad you enjoyed the read, as well ❤ It's definitely not easy at times, but I 100% agree, we can create our own happiness! Let me know ways that you create your own happiness please 🙂 I would love to hear some new ideas and insight.


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