Life Hack #18 – Oh God, Bliss You!

You know when you have one of those super amazing, yet undescribable days, where everything seems to just fall into place? The day is so good, you would not mind reliving the night again, and again, and again? Those days and nights when you just want to hold onto every hour of that day, because it was just so perfect. One of those days when saying goodbye to the end of the day is so painful, because you wish it would never stop.

We all deserve those days, every once in a while. These amazing moments are undescribable and I wish every single moment was just like days like these.

Good company, good energy, no drama, too many smiles and laughs, and one of those days where you are gently reminded how much fun life can be, and how grateful we are to be alive another day.

Life is good to us, but not every day is perfect (obviously!). But, every once in a while, life blesses us with a day we do not even expect to be so fun and amazing, just to show us how much there is to live for.

These amazing days remind me of all the things, people, love, animals, peers, circumstances, and blessings that I have in front of my life, regardless of how I feel about my own life and myself at the current time.

The best things about these days are they are often surprises that come from left field. Most often, I find that these perfect days come when I have low expectations for the night, feeling a little hesistant, and willingly decide to take a chance.

These days are gentle reminders to also smile more and relax more, not to mention live a little.

I am not saying that not every day is amazing and great, but some days are undescribably perfect (just a smidge bit more special than some other days).

These are the days that I live for and that we should all live for.  But, I never, ever, ever want these days to end – EVER.

“Do you ever realize how badly you’re going to miss a moment while you’re living it? Like wow, these are the good days. I am here and I am happy and I feel alive.”

I encourage you to take some chances, even if expecting your day and/or night not to go as planned. Take a chance and live a little! Life is exciting. You do not even have to do something crazy, just do not underestimate how much fun you can have with good company. It is almost as if nothing can ever go wrong.

One of my New Years Resolutions for 2018 is to learn to try to make the best of my life and make more “special” and “perfect” days possible, by spending my time with good, uplifting company and taking chances with them.

In simpler terms, I want to live blissfully, in bliss, with blissful people, creating blissful memories with them.


Aichan Tewahade

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