Life Hack #19 – Gut(ta) Trust Yourself

Sometimes, our body, specifically our guts, are capable of telling us more about our lives and emotions than our minds. Sometimes when something is not working or we are sensing that something bad may happening, sometimes our gut, or our bodies, give us warning signs. When you start getting knots in your stomach, feelings of anxiety or panic, feel achey, or emotionally feel out-of-touch, sometimes it is important to listen to these bodily warning signs.

Most times, we choose to ignore our body’s warning signs and we end up in compromising, difficult situations.

Our bodies sometimes can be smarter than our minds and can sense if you are making the right decision. When you are beginning to question your heart and mind, it is important to also take into account your gut feelings and intuition.

Our bodies serve more of a purpose than keeping us healthy, constantly giving us a warning signs and bringing attention to emotions, feelings, and situations that we may otherwise acknowledge.

Our bodies know ourselves more than we know and our bodies know our limits, our experiences, and our decision-making skills more than we consciously ackowledge. Sometimes, our bodies have the ability to sense a problem brewing, before it happens.

It may be hard to acknowledge these physical feelings that we feel, as they may not seem legitimate or may seem ridiculous. It is typical for one to feel like they are paranoid, if they listen to their intuition and their gut. But, our bodies do not lie!

Feeling in control of your life may be difficult at times, and sometimes, we begin to question who and what we should listen to. In times of doubt, when your mind is clouded, and your emotions and heart are unclear, listen to your gut feeling.

Learning to listen to your gut and your body can assist in strengthening in your decision-making skills.

I can list more than a handful of times, when listening to my gut turned out to be a good thing. Allowing yourself to learn to be patient with your body and the way you feel is a great first step in learning more about yourself.

While we may not make the best decisions at time, or even listen to our bodies, making yourself aware of the warning signs your body feels when you are feeling unsure, lost, or indesicive, can help you in many aspects of life, beyond your decision-making skills.

In order to achieve full inner peace, we need to make sure that our physical bodies are not in pain constantly and that involves avoiding situations, circumstances, etc. that may cause you to feel symptoms of pain, as a result of stress, unhappiness, or uncomfortability.

Often, removing yourself from situations that bring your body feeling physical pain can bring you internal happiness and peace. You are not feeling these physical pains for no reason, and when your body feels does not agree with something in your life, it is time to make a change. If you are feeling physical symptoms of pain due to stress frequently, it is especially time to make a change, as something may not be working for you.

While life brings you pain from time-to-time, constantly putting your body through too much stress, anxiety, and disorder, can bring much more seriously detrimental problems in the long run. Sometimes, the pain may become so regular that you forget to acknowledge it as a problem, all together. However, you should not feel physical pain daily, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Remember that the physical pain occurs after ignoring your own mental warning signs and your own emotional warning signs. When you are feeling overwhelming amounts of distress for long-periods of times, physical warning signs begin to appear, making living life and engaging in daily obligations difficult.

Sometimes, it is just best to listen to your body and trust your body, even when you feel like listening to your intuition and your gut feelings seems a bit crazy. While your gut and your intuition does not provide legitimate confirmation that something may go horribly wrong, it may serve as a red flag for predicting that something in the future may go wrong if a change is not made.

Your body and your gut can pick up more emotions and sense things around you that you may not necessarily pick up on, or be aware of consciously. Sometimes, you unconsciously begin collecting emotions and feelings about a certain situation, person, or circumstances that may be bringing you more negativity and stress, than positivity and happiness.

Your body is always looking out for you! So, trust your gut.

When you begin getting pain in your gut, getting knots in your stomach, getting regular headaches, etc., take a moment to truly assess the situations that may be causing you to feel this way. Start making small changes, so your body can feel the peace it deserves.



Aichan Tewahade

4 thoughts on “Life Hack #19 – Gut(ta) Trust Yourself

  1. Yes! I am starting to listen to my body more and more as I get older! don’t know if its just because it has more aches and pains these day or what, but I certainly get where you are coming from, makes complete sense!

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    • Thank you for taking time to read this piece 🤗 I truly appreciate it! I believe that sometimes your body has to physically remind you if something is working or not working, and whether something is helping you or just hurting you! Our bodies are incredible, but very happy you enjoyed! Have a great day xx

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  2. Wow! Amazing post! Absolutely loved it! And so true! I needed to read that. And I agree a lot of the time I have a premonition about something and when something transpires it works out that my intuition was bang on!! 👌🏾

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry for the late response – but, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am glad that the post resonated with you so much, it is truly humbling! I am also glad that it was able to help you. Never forget to listen to yourself, because more often than not, you are actually right. Believe in yourself, just a little!


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