My Favorite Instagram Style Icons

Whether you call them “Instagram streetwalking style icon”, Instagram fashion icons, or Instagram fashion bloggers, we all have a few fashionistas that we follow religiously and get inspiration from.

Ironically, both of my favorite Instagramming fashion icons are based in Europe, which has led to my recent obsession with European fashion and culture. There is most certainly something about European fashion that seems to always catch my attention, as I feel as it is very different than fashion in America.

For those of you who may be looking for fashion inspiration, or just want to find a fashion icon to follow and/or relate to, I would suggest looking all over Instagram. It is amazing how many fashion icons there are all over the globe on Instagram.

I am always looking to adapt and expand my style by incorporating trends that I may not normally gravitate to, or may be hesitant to try. I truly believe that one’s sense of style is an extension of oneself, making it impossible for any two people to have the exact same sense of style as each other.

While two individuals may share similar aspects or qualities within their sense of style, everyone’s style has aspects, or qualities. that makes their style unique.

Finding inspiration from another person is a beneficial thing, because it presents the opportunity to appreciate fashion, beyond your own sense of style. Looking for inspiration is the absolute best thing to do when you are feeling stuck with your style, or need styling tips on a new trend.

Throughout your entire lifetime, regardless if you realize it or not, one’s fashion and style is ALWAYS progressing, growing, and maturing, as fashion is always changing.

An individual’s age plays a exceptional role in the progression of one’s style. While certain aspects of our childhood, including our fashion sense, may never truly change, not one person I know ever wears the same outfits that they were wearing when they were in Kindergarten, as they do if when they enter their mid-20s.
I will be the first to admit that certain staple pieces that I wore as a child continue to be staples in my closet to this day. As a child, graphic t-shirts, denim (jeans, jackets, and skirts), overalls/bungarees, and plaid were staples of my closet. These staple pieces have followed me all the way to the 22nd year of my life.

Expanding my style and experimenting with new trends has always been something I made a priority in my life. The best part of getting inspired by a person’s sense of style is the experimentation process, in which one plays with incorporating their source of inspiration (whether it be an entire outfit, certain garments, tops, bottoms, jackets, accessories, etc.) into their fashion, style, and outfit.

Here are two of my favorite Instagrammers to get fashion inspiration from: 

Olivia Frost | @oliviabynature

Olivia Frost, who is based in London, UK, is my most recent obsession. Her sense of style is unique, very colorful, grungey, 90s, and playful, yet still very fashion-forward and chic. In many ways, our styles absolutely contrast each other, but there are certain similarities in our sense of style. Her love for platform shoes, overalls, oversized knit sweaters, and high-waisted Levi’s only solidified my obsession, as these are some of my staple pieces within my closet.

I particularly enjoy her style, because it is so playful, as she plays with lots of garments that incorporate bright colors and fun patterns. Also, because, despite the playful colors and patterns, Olivia outfits still manages to balance the playfulness, with chic, fashion-forward, and grungey pieces. Perhaps the reason why I enjoy her style so much is because bright colors and fun patterns are are styles I tend to steer away from.

Olivia’s style is very bright, bubbly, and creative just like her personality. I consider her a breathe of fresh air – there is no one just like her! Everything about Olivia is eccentric and her style, which is an extension of herself, perfectly compliments it.

I particularly enjoy her love for vintage stores, charity shops, and thrift shops. Most of the clothes she invests in are from thrift shops, second-hand shops, charity shops and vintage stores, which I love. I love thrifting myself, and just like Olivia, believe that they have so much to offer, even over traditional retail stores. Not to mention, you can find some amazing one-of-a-kind pieces at thrift stores, or even brand name pieces at an extremely discounted price. Some of her favorite vintage stores, include Rockit Vintage, Oxfam, and Wow Retro.

Her style is very refreshing to come across. Her colorful wardrobe and playful style reminds me of my childhood. Olivia is great, because she is able to go against the norm by demonstrating that no matter how OLD you may feel, you do not need to abandon your youth. While her outfits may include youthful and very lively pieces or garments, she has the ability to construct outfits that do not come off as immature, or childish. Her sense of style and her playful fashion appeals to individuals of all age ranges, including individuals in their late 30s. While growing old is inevitable, one does not need to forget how to have fun and be playful, even in their fashion. Anyone can dress in playful, youthful, and colorful outfits no matter what age they are, as dressing your age is optional. Olivia is a prime example that having fun with fashion, at any age, does not mean you will not be taken seriously.

One of the greatest things about Olivia (THERE ARE A LOT) is that she sells many of her garments that seen on her Instagram on her Depop, making her outfits attainable. as she recycles many of her wardrobe. Her Depop offers many options, however, as a result of her good sense of style and unique pieces, many of the items on her page sell out very quickly! Her Depop saves lives, and if it was at all possible, I would buy the whole lot. It is updated quite frequently and the items on her page are AMAZING.

For those who live in the United Kingdom (UK), the application, 21 Buttons UK, is another way for individuals to acquire Olivia’s sense of style, as the application allows for users to post direct links to their entire outfit. Instead of tirelessly searching the web for ‘that one pair of pants she was wearing,” her 21 Buttons UK account, which is very active, allows for fans, or other users, to easily acquire her style. Her 21 Buttons UK username is ” @oliviabynature,” for those who are interested. The application is available for purchase on your app store, but only available for certain countries to download. The United States is unfortunately NOT included.
Olivia truly differentiates herself from other the other fashionistas in the Instagram world, by truly being relatable in every sense and form of the world. It is safe to say that I am a little bit obsessed…oops.

If you are feeling intrigued and want to find out more about Olivia, click below to stay connected:

WordPress Blog | Depop | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter |

Elisa Ludwig | @allaboutelisa

Isabella Thordsen, who is actually quite good friends with Olivia Frost ( a.k.a. “@oliviabynature”) is one of my favorite fashionistas from Germany. I enjoy Elisa’s style mostly, because her sense of style is very grungey, tomboyish, relatable, yet completely fashion-forward. Now, one may ask how someone’s style could be relatable. So, let me explain. Elisa loves her hoodies, her denim jackets, and basics – her style is semi-casual and minimalistic, but it does speak for itself. It is almost intimidating how cool, fashion-forward, yet somehow relatable her sense of style is.

To be honest, I have never seen someone pull off a oversized denim jackets, hoodies, etc. so well. This girl can make even the most basic outfit (a basic tee and jeans) look cool, and I am afraid I do not know how that is possible. Trust me…if you were to see Elisa walking down the streets of Germany, you would immediately look at her and think, “Wow that is the most dope girl, her outfit is badass, and HOW CAN I BE HER FRIEND?”

My secret to making a hoodie, denim jacket, or a casual outfit standout (or, at least make it look cool) is to incorporate at least one statement piece into your outfit. Incorporating one statement item into your outfit prevents the outfit from being “basic,” and gives it the *OOMPH,* or personality, it needs, while maintaing a minimilistic vibe. Elisa uses a similar method to give her outfits some pizzazz, as she also incorporates statement piece(s) in all her outfits. She loves incorporating trendy sunglasses, statement shoes, embellished boots, statement pants, or statement accessories into her outfits. Her statement pieces come in every form, including pants, tops, belts, jewelry, shoes, boots, watches, etc., and are used strategically and carefully, in order to make each outfit unique from each other.

Elisa’s style differs from Olivia’s in many different ways, as Elisa plays with much more neutral and simplistic tones, which is something I can relate to. My wardrobe’s color palette consists of simple, neutral tones, mostly just black, and Elisa’s is not much different, as white and black tones seem to be the central theme of her closet. Eccentric colors and patterns may not be Elisa’s thing, but that does not mean her style is boring. She is very innnovative, trendy and chic, whether you like it or not. Elisa’s ability to make a simplistic, minimalistic outfit look chic and trendy, with the use of statement pieces, is quite impressive, as it is clear that she has a good-eye for styling. Even more impressive? No matter what the statement piece she incorporates is, the outfit will maintain its’ simplistic and minimalistic vibe that she loves. Okay, but one more thing: while her outfits may consist of the same basic t-shirt and the same basic pair of jeans in her last Instagram, not one outfit looks the same, nor do they even resemble each other.
Let’s not get it twisted though! While her every day looks may seem underwhelming to some, do not assume that Elisa cannot pull together a very glamorous, chic and fashion-forward look. Her more fashion-forward looks may be seem subtle, or minimalistic, than one would expect, however, she is capable of cleaning up very nicely and making a statement.

Her style and outfits are very easily attainable and relatable for the average person, which is incredible. Many fashion icons on Instagram possess styles that may seem too far-fetched and over-the-top for day-to-day wear. The great thing about her style is that her closet does not consist completely of designer, high-fashion brands, that make certain Instagram fashion icons completely and utterly unrelatable to the majority of the world.

“I am the girl next door,” her Instagram bio states, which only further verifies her brand and her style.

Elisa does not arrive to show fashionably late, but fashionably COOL.

Can’t get enough? She has a lot more to offer:

| Blog | Instagram|

We all have people we look up to, whether it is to get advice, to get some wisdom, or to get some inspiration. When it comes to fashion, sometimes, you need a source of inspiration to assist you in finding your unique sense of style. Other times, you just want to keep expanding your style, beyond your levels of comfortability. Instagram is a great place to get some fashion inspiration from some very fashionable, cool chicks.

Ironically, my current favorites just happen to be real life best friends, as well. They win the award for “Most Fashionable Friends” award hands down, if such a thing existed. Their polar opposite styles do not clash against each other, but rather balance each other out. Together, they are unstoppable. Best friend goals, much?

Who are your favorite style icons to follow and get fashion inspiration from?


Aichan Tewahade

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