Life Hack #20 – Life Acceptancies

Recently, there is something I have been struggling to wrap my head around and struggling to practice the act of acceptance.

As you begin learning more and more throughout your life, one must learn to let life take them where the wind blows them. Many aspects of your life are completely out of your control, which is completely unsettling to have to realize. It seriously drives me crazy and brings out the control freak side of me, as I truly enjoy being in the driver’s seat in my life.

Life is full of unexpected events, as life’s full-time job is to continually through a curve ball that comes completely from left field. It does not matter how organized, responsible, or good of a person you are, life does it job daily, working hard to make every single human beings life a little more interesting.

No one can truly thoroughly prepare themselves for the experience we call life. While we can make plans throughout our life, there is just no way for any human being to be able to predict what kinds of curveballs life will throw at you.

The curveballs that hurt the most are when they truly come from left-field, at the abosolute worst timing. Let’s just say that life has the ability to truly sweep me off my feet.

Being able to come to terms that you must learn to accept the idea that life is in many aspects completely out of your control, is something that you should attempt to do as quickly as possible.

Overthinking about the uncertainty of the future and living in fear of what may happen in the future is time-consuming, as any of us can spend hours, or even minutes, living in our minds wondering what is to come of our lives.

In order for one to truly attempt to grasp and accept that it is in one’s best interest to accept and appreciate the mystery of life, it does require for that individual to truly learn to live the present, practice mindfulness, stay positive, and adapt towards life. One has achieved acceptance of life, including both good and bad aspects of life, when they have learned to let go of the anger that they may have developed towards life for all the curveballs that may have hurt, angered, or caused pain in their lives. Genuine acceptance involves celebrating and enjoying life, very well knowing that there are good aspects and bad aspects to everything. In addition, genuine acceptance means abandoning any longing to want to change aspects, memories, etc. of your life. In short, genuine acceptance of life means being happy and celebrating all aspects of your life.

Acceptance goes beyond just coming terms with something, in this case, life.

Stop spending time fighting life, due to painful or circumstances that may have landed in your lap, will only serve as a time-consuming and harmful way to waste your time. There are emotional, mental, and physical disadvantages that come with obsessing over the uncertainties of life, like talk about exstitential life crisis. You may find yourself acting completely like a negative person, experience a decline in the state of your mental health, and physically feel the adversities of diving into a pool of negativity. Similarly, a negative headspace is one type of headspace that does not allow for anyone to think clearly, which could lead to out-of-character behavior, risky and unhealthy habits, among other things.

The easiest to practice the act of acceptance, despite the endless supply of stressors that exist in our lives, is to maintain a mindful mind. Mindfulness is centered around the idea that one should focus on the present moment, specifically learning to accept and recognize your feelings, thoughts, and body, in the current moment. The hardest part for me is attempting to avert my attention and energy towards overthinking about the uncertainty of my future to an extent which could be considered unhealthy.

Practicing mindfulness does not come easy, as sometimes we cannot truly help ourselves from wondering what our future holds for us. It is only natural that we spend time reflecting on aspects of our life, including the past, the present, and the future. The most difficult part is learning to react to your own thoughts and feelings about your life in a healthy manner, without crossing the boundary where reflection becomes detrimental. Learning to establish boundaries with yourself involving the way you view your thoughts, emotions, and memories allows you to stop yourself from getting carried away.

A lack of presence in the present does not allow for anyone to fully enjoy their life, as you find yourself in negative headspace, which comes with its own set of problems.

Lately, I have become better at taking blows from life and living with the uncertainty much better than I was a few days ago. I love spending time in my head, as I enjoy thinking. When I say thinking, I mean thinking, reflecting, dreaming, and making goals for my life. Lately, my mind has spent a lot of time thinking, reflecting, freaking out, and overanalyzing many aspects of my life, specifically about things that I could not change. While I am aware that life is supposed to be a test, I chose to fight the inevitable, which is ultimately a losing battle, reacting towards some unforunate circumstances in a very confrontational manner that truly made me unenjoyable to be around. I became victimizing myself, as I was unwilling to exert effort towards to making myself happier, improving on my life, and began religiously victimizing myself. Needless to say, I did not even enjoy being around myself. Fighting circumstances that cannot be changed or exerting hateful energy towards the uncertainty of life has no benefits and is a waste of time, as you will become distracted from the current reality of your life, may withdraw from your life, friends and obligations, and you may become very emotionally distraught.

Recently, I have let go of these negative, aggressive, and unhealthy thoughts and have chosen to accept the cards that life has given me. Stopped overthinking about my future! In addition, I have actively been trying to steer clear from negative trains of thought. I am not saying that life has not thrown me curveballs, as I get hit from left field all the time, but I have learned that acceptance also involves handling every aspect of life, the good and the bad, with grace and happiness. The way you choose to react to any situation, even a good situation, plays a vital role in achieving acceptance. Instead of spending mindless hours fighting the circumstance, trying to find loopholes that do not exist, fighting others around you, or engaging in impulsive, negative behavior, choose to accept the situation. The quicker you are able to accept life and move on, the quicker you can come up with solutions to make things better. You also do save a lot more of your precious time, as sulking around and not letting go just prolongs the acceptance process, which results in time your time going to waste.

Life does not stop for anyone, no matter how extreme or unfair a situation may be. Similarly, humans only live one life and there is just so much time that is allotted to us to accomplish all the goals and dreams that we have. In order to maximize our stay on Earth, it is futile that one spends as much time enjoying their lives. rather than resenting our life. Everything in life has its pros and its cons, as nothing about life is perfect.

While it does not come easy, be gentle towards life. Treat life how you want to be treated! Life is allowed to have flaws and make mistakes, too.


Aichan Tewahade


2 thoughts on “Life Hack #20 – Life Acceptancies

    • Thank you for reading 🙂 I am so happy this provided hopefully a little relief and could serve as a good reminder for you. Always welcome to share with you my thoughts and offer some positive advice 🤗 have a wonderful day!


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