Oh, Monday’s…

Sunday has now just turned around the corner, and here comes Monday, YET AGAIN to set the record straight and not so gently remind us that our life and our responsibilities have not yet disappeared.

It is hard to readjust to the new week, as our weekends serve as our time to find some inner peace, solitude, and spend as we will. Our weekends are our distractions from our obligations and daily stressors.

Ugh, Mondays…

I do not hate you THAT MUCH, but I do not like you that much. I do not expect every Monday to be horrible, but you are most definitely the most challenging day of the week.

I miss you, Sunday. I miss you, Saturday. And, I most definitely miss you, Friday night.

Just when you get a bite of the sweet life, Monday does not let you get too comfortable, as the weekends go by ever so swiftly that you barely have time to process the fun you just had.

Every Monday, I dream about Friday night, when I can finally put my life on hold, lay in bed, and mindlessly stare at my walls, as I am so grateful that another week is under my belt. Sometimes, I barely have the desire to get up and change from Friday’s outfit.

I cherish those days that I can spend mindlessly doing what I please with my time, without very many worries in the world.

It is not like the rest of the week is horrible, but why does Monday exist? But, if it was not Monday, we would all hate Tuesday, as well. So, I suppose there is no way around it.

The biggest challenge of Monday is making it through the entire day with as little meltdowns as possible. Making Monday’s happen is hard – do not underestimate the challenge.

Piecing yourself after a weekend of falling out of your regular routine is harder than running an entire marathon, and every Monday that I manage to make it through, I always never forget to pat myself on the back.

For some reason, it should be expected that one part of your day will go horribly wrong, but we all pretend to suppress the idea of that happening. Some Mondays are easier than others, but some days, Mondays are full of curve balls that leave you feeling pelted, bruised, and confused.

It is hard, this “Monday” thing.

Every Monday morning, I look forward to the weekly reality check of the current condition of my somewhat messy life.

Oh Monday’s…what mixed feelings I have about you.


Aichan Tewahade



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