Winter Essentials: Cozy Edition

During the winter season, the temperature inevitably drops, as well as our desires to dress presentably, or even attractively.

The weather does not even allow us much wiggle room to dress as freely as we could in the summer. So, winter is all about finding essentials that not only supply you with warmth, but also finding those essentials that allow you to experience ultimate comfort, which only assists in enhancing your winter this year.

‘Tis the season to embrace your lazy side and invest in some comfort wear that is essential for this winter season.

  1. Leggings (x10) – This is a necessity in every girls closet, whether you consider them pants or not. It is in your best interest to invest in multiple pairs of quality leggings that will keep you warm, during the colder days. Not to mention, leggings are the epitome of comfort. For those who experience extreme temperature drops, my suggestion to invest in multiple pairs will come in handy, as “double legging it,” or layering two pairs of leggings will reassure warm. If two is not cutting it, do not be afraid to try layering three pairs of leggings. There is no shame in your game. If you are in the mood for wearing a pair of jeans and you are still feeling that cool breeze, try throwing a pair of leggings underneath your jeans to keep your legs extra warm. Leggings are versatile and obviously useful in various situations, so as a result, they should be maximized, in every which way and form, in order to keep you warm, comfortable, and collected.
  2. Fuzzy Socks – Who wants cold toes in 2018? Not me! Fuzzy socks are the cure and answer to all things wrong in this world. They bring comfort, coziness, and meaning to the word “life.” They are truly an important, very innovative invention, and it is highly recommended that you partake in giving your feet the best experience this winter possible. If you are feeling extra cold, the same rule applies as leggings – double up, or double sock! It is double the fun!
  3. Fuzzy Pajamas – Fuzzy everything, if you want my opinion. At this point, you never want to keep the warm, fuzzy feelings from comforting you, so don’t let the winter stop you. Fuzzy pajamas are great, just imagine being swaddled in a cloud, but comfier. Not to mention, they keep you warmer than average pajamas and they ONCE AGAIN are much more comfortable to sleep in. It takes cuddling with yourself, or your mate, much more comfier. The only rule about fuzzy pajamas is: the fuzzier, the better.
  4. Onesie – Sleepwear to keep you warm is quite simple and can be solved in one word, “onesie.” Yup, the ones that babies wear. Our society has progressed in manufacturing these onesies for citizens of all ages, which is so inclusive of them. Why only let babies experience comfort during their sleep? Onesie provide full-body protection from the cold, and if you are lucky, they may even come with a hood, only further providing protection from the cold. Comfort is not even a question, it is the answer. How can one pieec of cloth shield one from the cold? A onesie. Stop questioning it, just respond quickly.
  5. Oversized Hoodie – The Kardashian’s are on board, so as a result, we are on board too. Oversized hoodies save lives. The only downside to oversized hoodies is that one may feel inclined never to remove over the course of the entire winter, due to its comfortability, warmth, and protection it providees. I have been afflicted with this epidemic this winter, or every winter, as I find it hard to wear anything but oversized hoodies. I am a outfit repeater all winter long, especially when it comes to wearing the same oversized, baggy hoodies every day. Oversized hoodies are great, especially when paired with fuzzy socks and leggings, which will only heighten your comfortability, during your winter.
  6. Oversized Sweater – I consider the winter season to be the true sweater weather, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Oversized and baggy sweaters are just as versatile as oversized, baggy hoodies, except oversized sweaters can be more presentable for the public (potentially). Regardless of when you deem it sweater weather, sweaters are important in ensuring your most successful winter, in aspects such as comfortability and warmth. No matter how oversized and baggy the sweater may be, the sweater must be warm. Sweaters that legitimately provide one warmth are hard to come by, and those Forever 21 sweaters will just not cut it. However, the men’s section of any thrift store, vintage store, or second-hand store will give you some garments to work with on a budget. If you are not looking to budget, still give second-hand stores, vintage stores, and thrift stores a chance. If you are truly looking for the warmest protection, try searching for an oversized, baggy turtleneck sweater, which allows for the turtleneck part of the sweater to double as a scarf. Never pass up an opportunity to retain as much heat as possible.
  7. Beanie(s) – Protect yo’ head. Sometimes, your hair just won’t cut it when it comes to keeping your brain and scalp warm. That is okay, because there is a solution! Beanies…oh, beanies. Invest in millions if you must, or just simply buy one. These are versatile, a little bit stylish, and keep your head warm and comfortable, which should be the theme of your winter. The “I am having a bad hair day” excuse is no longer needed to sport a beanie, as cold temperatures are just asking for citizens to strap up and get warm. If you are having a bad hair day all winter long, DO NOT WORRY ABOUT IT, THE BEANIES ARE HERE. They have you covered, as they keep your hair remains a mystery to everyone and allows you to stay as warm as you deserve. Rumor has it that keeping your head warm will help maintain your body heat – Not really sure where I heard that one, but I am just choosing to believe it.
  8. Any Kind Of REAL Jacket – I emphasize REAL, because FAKE jackets are so easy to come by. I refer to jackets that do not do their job to keep our bodies warm AT ALL as “fake jackets.” So, a real jacket, therefore, is a jacket that actually does its’ job of protecting you from any winter breezes, storms, or terrors you may come across. There are many different styles of REAL jackets that can do their job, but it just depends on what particular style you are looking for. Fuzzy jackets are always a go for me, as the fuzz provides a dual purpose of providing extra warmth and extra comfort for you. Ski jackets are great, as they are manufactured for the sole purpose to keep skiers or snowboarders from freezing from the brisk temperatures of the mountains. Parkas are great and fashionable, yet warm. Take your pick, but make your decision quick! Not having a REAL jacket this season is really going to set you back, as you will be extremely uncomfortable (unless you live in a climate that stays consistently warm).
  9. Gloves/Mittens – Cold hands? As if. My fingers have become especially succeptible to the cold winter days, as I experience some sort of major discomfort from exposing my fingers to the outside world. Cold hands are just not an option for me, or for anyone for this season. How do you expect to text or to tag your friends in memes during the winter, if your hands are completely frozen and in pain, which in turn makes your fingers useless? Good question, right? Avoid this problem all together and stay connected. Technology once again saves us, as retailers now manufacture touch-pad gloves for those of you who cannot seem to put your phone away, despite what the weather tells you. All I am saying is that there is nothing more uncomfortable than not being able to move your fingers, as they are in pain, frozen, and swollen from being exposed to the cold. Call me crazy, but it is not comfortable for me. If you are feeling extra warm and fuzzy, try a pair of fuzzy mittens. Though you may not be able to handle your phone with these on, these will ensure the most comfortable and warm experience possible for your fingers. They will thank you later.
  10. Layering Clothes – LAYERS ARE THE SOLUTION TO ANY COLD DAY. Layering pieces include basics, such as plain black long-sleeved tops, lighter sweaters to layer under oversized sweaters, bulky and warm sweaters to layer under short-sleeved tops, cardigans to layer under jackets, sweaters to wear under oversized hoodies, leggings to layer over leggings, socks to layer over more socks, gloves to layer under mittens, fuzzy pajamas to layer under your onesie, beanies to layer over your other beanie, etc. I think you get the idea. Layering lowers the risk of feeling uncomfortably numb to the cold weather, not to mention, you are much more comfortable when you are warm than when you are too cold. Utilizing and combining all these comfortable articles of clothing, in order to layer up and bare the outdoors, is the only way one will survive such extreme temperature drops. If you do not know anything about life, it is to learn how to layer, as well as the importance of it. An abundance of layering pieces are only essential, especially if you plan on braving the cold weather. Layering will not hurt you, it will help you – Always remember this!
  11. Boots – I will keep this one short and sweet for you all. Boots are THE ESSENTIAL of winter. Attempting to survive a whole winter while wearing your Vans sneakers is just not sustainable, as they will only expediate the deterioration process of your sneakers. It is in your best interest to invest in some boots that respond well to rough winter conditions. Forget whether they are cute or not, focus on whether or not they are practical in keeping you warm, comfortable, and SAFE this winter. A pair of boots with traction is perferable, however, to each their own. Regardless, boots are and always will be important, especially during the months of November through March. Don’t walk away from a pair of boots that will be there for you all winter long.

ALWAYS KEEP A PAIR OF UGG BOOTS LOCKED UP IN YOUR CLOSET SOMEWHERE. THERE IS NO SHAME IN YOUR GAME. THOSE THINGS ARE COMFY – WHO CARES IF PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE UGLY? While they may not be the best boots for extreme winter conditions, comfort and warmth IS gauranteed. 

As you gear up to hibernate this winter season, the only thoughts on your mind should be how you will manage finding ways to stay warm, comfortable, and cozy this winter. The last thing anyone needs is to feel any more uncomfortable than winter already is, as the cold, arctic weather is uncomfortable enough for me.

If you suit up appropriately, this winter could very well be your best and most comfortable hibernation season to date.

How are you planning on suiting up for this winter? What are your most comfortable and popular “go-to’s” for this season?

Always remember – when in doubt, layer it all out.


Aichan Tewahade

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4 thoughts on “Winter Essentials: Cozy Edition

    • Precisely! 🙂 I am glad you found the post relatable and enjoyed it! On that note, I agree! Uggs are meant to wear for comfort, not practically during the winter! Please be safe ❤
      But, PLEASE INVEST IN A ONESIE, this is one purchase I will never regret. I have four pairs of onesies, as if one is not enough, but it is not! Try Amazon or Target for some onesies on a budget! Good luck, love.
      Keep warm this winter 🙂

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    • Thank you! Your blog is amazing, as well. Today marks the beginning of a beautiful, motivating friendship, where we will use our struggles as a common denominator and help each other overcome our procrastinating! 1,000 words by Sunday – feel free to give me updates about how things are going! Get in touch with your creative side ✨


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