OOTD – Jumpsuitin’ With My Sweater On

|February 6, 2018|

My outfit for the day consisted of five of my all-time favorite trends, including velvet, jumpsuits, floral patterns, oversized knit sweaters, and high-top sneakers. Some velvet, some jumpsuits, some florals, some oversized sweaters, and some high-top sneakers never hurt anyone.

Winter is the season of layering, and in order to find warmth within your closet, reusing clothes from other seasons and layering them strategically underneath, or on top of, each other is necessary skill.
This allows you to experiment with different trends from different seasons, as you combine these contradictory trends into an outfit.

Today, I felt like wearing a velvet jumpsuit, however, the cold weather just did not agree with the velvet jumpsuit. Choosing to layer a cream-colored oversized knit sweater underneath my jumpsuit seemed like the only solution in order to retain any warmth, during this chilly February day. Despite a jumpsuits’ overall lack of ability to keep one warm from the cold chills of winter, they can easily be integrated into your winter wardrobe, as they often serve as great layering pieces.

My jumpsuit flirted directly with the cream colored oversized knit sweater, as I attempted to protect myself from the cold. This winter get in touch with experimenting with white-based colors, as white and off-white colors are great statement colors for the winter. Oversized-knit sweaters are some of the most versatile garments, as you can layer with them to endless extremes. Just about every outfit I wear during the winter season seems to incorporate an oversized knit sweater, quickly becoming a staple in my winter wardrobe.


The floral pattern of the velvet jumpsuit gave my outfit a “girlier” look, while still allowing me to remain true to my darker colors and style. The patterns are gorgeous and added a rather eye-catching element to an otherwise basic velvet jumpsuit, essentially taking it to the next level. The dark florals compliment the winter season perfectly, just like they compliment my personality.


My black, very dirty, and considerably destroyed, high-top Vans sneakers were utilized to finish off my look. While you can never, ever go wrong with pairing black with more black, the sneakers made the outfit seemingly appear to be comfortable, fashionable, and laidback, while giving the outfit a grungier appeal, which in turn completely contrasts the girliness of the jumpsuit.
While I chose a fairly comfortable and very casual pair of shoes to complete my outfit, this outfit allows for a lot of space for variety, especially when it comes to choice of shoes. One can dress this outfit down, or even dress this outfit up, just with a pair of shoes. Ankle booties are a great option for those looking to take your sweater and your jumpsuit out on a night-in-town.

Don’t worry about packing up all your summer attire, instead just worry about integrating some of your summer clothes into your winter wardrobe. Mix ‘n match seasonal trends with classic trends, to maximize the use of all your clothes year-round. This way your clothes never actually die, or get buried in a grave temporarily, as utilizing these clothes during their “off-seasons” keeps them alive and relevant.

Dress like an onion this winter and incorporate as many layers as you possibly can. You may find yourself smiling more and more, during the coldest and most bitter times of the year.

How do you keep your summer clothes alive year-round? What are your winter wardrobe essentials?

ο Stay warm, stay bundled, stay happy, and stay layered ο


Aichan Tewahade

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