Life Hack #24 – Spice Up Your Life

Every once in a while, it is good to shake things up in your life, even if you do not feel comfortable doing it or lack the enthusiasm to do it. It is always good to keep your eyes peeled for new opportunities to grow, love and laugh, and keep your heart open to new people, places, and habits.

You may surprise yourself with how much happiness keeping an open mind and heart can bring into your life.

Some new opportunities, including opportunities for new friendships, opportunities for growth, opportunities to smile, opportunities for new memories, opportunities for a new job, etc., may scare you at first, but try to keep an open mind and heart. It may take you a little bit longer than you would like to allow some new and extra spice in your life, but I promise you will not regret it. If this new opportunity does not end up seemingly benefitting you in the way that you had hoped and imagined, you have the ability to learn from this new experience and learning is always important.

While the synchronistic aspects of life are truly important and should always be celebrated, you can always add some more “spice” to these synchronistic¬†aspects of your life, which often only heightens the enjoyability factor of your life.

Recently, as I began adjusting to new aspects of my life, weaving through all the ups-and-downs of getting acclimated, I decided to open my heart up to a new person, who had been extending their joy and happiness to me. I was hesitant at first, as I have found myself to be a creature of habit and seemingly can be close-minded to change.

The funny thing about my hesitation was that this individual seemingly had caught me off-guard simply due to her genuine kindness and happiness, giving me no substantial reason to ever question her intentions or her kindness. Even if I attempted to nit-pick at this human being, she seemingly gave me no real reason EVER to question or doubt her.

So, after much speculation and thought, I decided to stop letting all my irrational fears cloud my head and let some new friendships into my life. I forgot how exciting new friendships are, especially when these friendships are with people who are super outstanding and genuine people! I forgot how exciting it is to learn from other people’s simple presence and their own attitude; sometimes these new people who you let in can be inspiring. They may even inspire you to grow a little bit and their exceptional personalities may be motivating to be around, as they may serve as gentle reminders to be better versions of yourself.

This happened to be the case with me. After deciding to open up my heart a little bit more and try a little bit harder to embrace these new opportunities, I ended up beating myself up for not taking advantage of the beautiful, inspiring blessing and friendship right in front of me. It is not every day that you come across a genuinely humble, positive, good-humored, kind and loving human being that is also patient. This kind of kindness, patience, and humility was inspiring for me to see. In addition, it was particularly refreshing to come across an individual that possessed so many qualities that I respected and admired to an extent where I felt inspired to keep growing. Allowing my friendship with this person to grow and letting her into my life a little more was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Encountering people, who have literally become a source of motivation to grow and change, and ultimately, learn from, is an incredible thing. The more you surround yourself with individuals, who serve as inspirations and motivators for positive behaviors and personal growth, are individuals that you need to surround yourself with more. With that said, you can always learn a lot from another person, so do not withhold yourself from that blessing and gift.

This is the beautiful thing about opening your heart up to new experiences, or some spice, as you may end up surprised with the results of your decision. It may leave feeling grateful that you decided to be more open-minded, loving, and accepting, as you would be full of regret if you had never given this opportunity a chance.

My reasoning behind my lack of acceptance towards love is based on my own self-doubt, insecurities, and fear, but how can you spice up your life if you never give spices a chance? It is okay to be a little reserved and protect your heart, but sometimes I take this too literally and run with it too far. There’s no need to build The Great Wall of China around your heart, soul, and personality, in order to “protect” yourself, your feelings, and, in a sense, isolate yourself. Sometimes, being too reserved or protective of yourself can turn out backfiring on you, as you begin religiously closing yourself off to new doors and opportunities. Old habits do not open new doors, opportunities, or spices. With that said, you are essentially declining the offer to engage in the activity of living your life to its’ fullest extent by intentionally choosing to hold yourself back.

Life already withholds us back from certain opportunities, whether it is due to circumstances or mistakes we have made, so do not allow yourself to become somewhat victim to living your life “safely,” constantly exposing your palette to bland food. Expand beyond salt and pepper, because there is a whole ‘nother universe outside of salt and pepper. Try something new – it is not every day that spices come your way. When the opportunity presents itself, and you have access to some spices, allow them to expand your palette and enjoy it. Your first bite may be confusing, overwhelming, or even bad, but do not let that discourage you. On the other hand, your first bite can be completely life-changing, super good, and totally tubular. Maybe you won’t be able to get enough of it. Once you have played around with spices enough, you begin to get the hang of spicing up your life and can begin mastering certain aspects of utilizing spices. The key is allowing yourself to accept the spices that are handed your way – if you never allow yourself to experiment with the spices you have access to, you will never know what could come from using them.

Allow the spices to take over the entire meal and your entire palette. Let the spices do what they are supposed to do and let them manifest their own destinies.

Do not ever disregard a spice, or an opportunity to spice up your life, before allowing yourself to taste the spices.


The rules are simple – broaden your palettes and be prepared to spice up your life!


Aichan Tewahade

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