The Hills

The Hills, MTV’s reality hit television show, is the definition of my adolescence.

My obsession with The Hills began before the hit show even aired on the television channel. It all started with MTV’s other reality hit television, which could also define my adolescence, Laguna Beach.

I was a die hard fan.

I had been following Lauren Conrad in the least creepy way, following her every move on reality television and taking note of all the crucial moments and adversities she faced. I was hooked from the very beginning. I even wanted to relocate my entire family to Laguna Beach, California at one point, which they did not ever agree to.

Sadly, becoming Lauren Conrad in the flesh was impossible, so following her on television was the next best thing.

There was something mindlessly relatable to the things that Conrad, my idol and my everything, experienced throughout the show.

The day of the finale broke my heart, as MTV ruined my whole adolescence showcasing the scripted aspect of the show which I never bought into. I was shook – how could MTV do this to me? How could MTV rob me of my adolescence claiming that Conrad’s reality was scripted, and perhaps not as real as the television program claimed it to be.

It is okay, though – I still believed, loved, and invested my life and my soul into the show.

I rewatched the seasons on repeat way back when MTV used to stream their television shows on their website. I had endless and unlimited access to all the seasons and episodes right under my fingertips.

Following Conrad throughout her young adult life made me very excited for what was to come as I grew older and began anticipating the future. I craved a future like Lauren Conrad’s, dreaming of interning for Teen Vogue and being able to work alongside fashion icons, such as Kelly Coutrone.

I could almost taste myself steaming all the clothes for the Teen Vogue photo shoot and endlessly gossiping with my best friend, or the other intern, Whitney Port.

Never forget that Lauren Conrad would always be known as the “girl that did not go to Paris,” which Lisa Love made sure that Lauren would never forget. (UGH, stupid Jason).

Port and Conrad had a friendship that you almost envy, as you hope to find a best mate in the workplace. While Port is much more mellow, professional and reserved, she is able to show the world a more “fun” and “outgoing” side of her; being friends with Conrad really helps her personality come through, as we are able to see more vulnerable and raw sides to Port’s personality. Conrad and Port’s personalities both balance each other out, and through a few yearas of interning together, a very beautiful and substantial friendship is formed.

In my opinion, Port is one of the most underrated and underappreciated individual on the show. She exhibits remarkable qualities that make you envy her. Not to mention, her long voluminous blonde beachy hair and her even longer legs will make anyone want to have her genetics. Port is especially great, because she is one of the only people on the show that never betrays Conrad, making her a stand-up human being and an even better friend. Her fashion sense makes any girl envious. As we follow Port throughout the seasons, her fashion sense develops and matures with her character.

I could almost see myself in Conrad, for some reason her character and her reality resonated with me.

“This Lauren Conrad chick sure knew what she was doing,” I would think to myself.

While her fashion sense on the show may not be my taste, when I was in high school, I took notes.

Headbands? Check. Side part? Check. French braiding your bangs to the side? Check. Confused, preppy, girly style? Check. Flats? Check. Jeans, tank top, and flip flops? Check. Dark wash jeans? Check.

I even pulled the most swagger jack move and cut my hair a similar style to hers in 2014, attempting to imitate Conrad’s ballsy choppy lob.

I memorized her hair routine and incorporated it into my life ASAP.

I tried my best to channel “LC” through my wardrobe, without becoming unrecognizable. While buying a Lauren Conrad wardrobe was not in the budget, hair was free to incorporate.

Lauren Conrad, or better known as “LC,” was my god for fashion inspiration and my god for life.

The endless drama and feud with her arch nemesis Spencer Pratt, and as a result, her ex-best friend, Heidi Pratt, was nothing short of dramatic. Secretly, we all wished for a friendship like Lauren and Heidi’s before rumors began spreading rampant, leading to the dissipation of their friendship.

“You know what you did.”


“I want to forgive you and I want to forget you.”forgive

The two infamous Lauren Conrad lines from the reality hit television show that stuck with me years after the show was taken off air. We can thank Heidi Pratt for backstabbing Conrad, because if she never double-crossed her, these infamous and very important one-liners would never exist.

I still to this day have yet to ever use these lines when I am in the middle of conflict resolution, however, I can’t wait until the day comes when I can unleash these infamous phrases on someone.

Before all the plastic surgery and nonsense, Heidi was actually pretty fun, outgoing, and spontaneous, acting as Lauren’s ultimate counterpart. While the two were noticeably seperable, the dissipation of their friendship would have happened sooner rather than later, as it is relevant even in the first season that these two girls have close to nothing in common. The beginning of the dissipation of their friendship began in the first episode of the first season, as Heidi decided not to attend FIDM anymore and proceeded to drop out, resulting in Port and “LC” deeming her a “fashion school drop-out.”

In addition, Heidi decides to crash Lauren’s very first Teen Vogue event and her loud, yet drunk antics land Lauren in the hot seat. Things do not quite get much better from there.

Spencer Pratt, who rose to fame as a result of the show, became a memorable cast member and infamous antagonist. I still follow Pratt to this day on social media and his personality will always be missed on MTV’s channel. Pratt built his brand from his TV personality image on The Hills, and is especially known for his love of crystals, which also began on The Hills.


I will never forget Spencer Pratt antics that gave the show the pizzazz that it needs, including openly dissing his sister, Stephanie Pratt’s, birth and always referring to “LC” as his enemy. In fact, most of Pratt’s greatest outbursts were as a result of “LC,” WHO IS HIS ENEMY, resulting in many failed friendships.

Similarly, Stephanie and Spencer’s volitile relationship continues to the end of time, though it seems that they have healed their broken relationship. Spencer does not hesitate to express his feelings towards Stephanie, and he makes sure to not use a filter at all. Sending Stephanie into tears was Spencer’s full-time job, as well as making sure she knows that he hates her for befriending his enemy. prrrr

Pratt always wanted to emphasize the importance of “loyalty,” and he could not understand how so many of his close friends and family, including Brody Jenner and Stephanie Pratt, willingly choose to let “LC,” a.k.a. satan, infiltrate their lives. If they were friends with him, it simply meant that they also must consider “LC” the enemy and go out of their way to bring her down. The final straw that broke the camel’s back was when Stephanie, his loyal sister, turned against him and further strained their relationship by befriending “LC.” Stephanie’s excuse to befriend “LC” was based on the fact that they both attended FIDM, and since they were in the same class, she may as well try to make a friend out of “LC.”

Nothing beats Spencer finding out that Stephanie attended Conrad’s birthday, after she was trying to keep her and LC’s friendship under wraps. She showed up nonetheless, but her decision to attend LC’s birthday resulted in Spencer doing his due diligence, and making her cry and feel bad about her friendship. Yup, classic Spencer decided to isolate and ignore his sister until she got her head screwed on right.

Pratt was heavy in his crystal use by season 6, as his unnerving focus on crystals begin concerning each other. Heidi and Spencer seem to be “off the deep end,” by the time the end of the show rolls around and they have fully embraced the crystal life. At one point, Pratt could be pictured sporting at least 20 crystal accessories – who knows what he was carrying in his back pocket. These crystals served as more than an accessory, as each crystal channeled their own energies. It is very obvious that Pratt wanted to channel a variety of different energies with those 20+ crystals that he carried with him.

As I grew older, I found myself in some similar situations and found myself relating back to The Hills for some answers and some inner peace. Even if I could not find an answer within the show, I could watch the show and immediately feel better about my situation.

While I have yet to attend FIDM or pack my bags and head off to Los Angeles, I do have plans in the future that are similar to “LC’s” big career move. (Shh, do not tell, but I honestly wanted to and still want to attend FIDM, “LC” is definitely the one to blame for this).

One thing I never could figure out was how on earth Lauren and her friends were allowed in bars, let along allowed to drink, BEFORE THE AGE OF 21?! Can anyone answer me that?

They always seem to be having fun at Le Deux. Is Le Deux still the “hot spot?”

It is okay – this set my partying goals way up high, as I swore to party just as luxuriously as they could.

All the drama that followed Lauren and her friends was too good to pass up.

And, can we all take a moment to appreciate Brody Jenner’s consistent appearance on the television show? Let us all take a moment of silence, as his beauty dawns upon us infinitely. If Brody Jenner and Lauren Conrad’s supposed “scripted” on-screen romance did not captivate you, then at least Brody Jenner captivated you.

While both Jenner and Conrad claim that their on-screen love affair, or flirtatious relationship, was scripted, the kind of chemistry viewers saw on the show cannot be scripted and was quite raw. Either way, they fooled us. I cannot help but wonder if “Britney Canada WH**E,” one of Brody Jenner’s many sidechicks that held a spot in his contacts on his phone, was the one to blaim for their relationship never getting to the next level.

Remember season 3 when LC and Brody share an intimate moment, CLEARLY INTOXICATED, in Vegas? In the club, Brody and LC could be found canoodling on an oversized ottoman and share a very loving french kiss. It was beautiful.

Brody Jenner’s role on the show was simple – to be your local party-boy. His main bros in this show, include and are not limited to, Frankie Delgado, Spencer Pratt, and “Steezy T,” or Taylor. If you cannot find Jenner at his crib, you can find him with his “boys,” as he refers to them as, at the nearest club. If he was not at the club or at his crib, you may find him grabbing a bite, or going on a dinner date, with Lauren Conrad. Let us all just say that we are all jealous…

And, if all else fails, we could find Jenner throwing shade at Stephanie Pratt, Spencer Pratt’s younger sister, a.k.a. his “enemy’s” sister. While Jenner may have had good intentions for looking out for LC and her best interest, Jenner never missed an opportunity to push Stephanie’s buttons by bringing up some of her past mistakes. As Jenner insists for about two seasons, “she cannot be trusted.”

Finally, by season 6, Stephanie and Brody’s relationship seems to be more on track than Brody and Spencer’s relationship. At another barbecue in Malibu, viewers hear Stephanie Pratt states, “I can finally stop wearing waterproof mascara,” as it seems that Brody has found it in himself to accept Stephanie and acknowledge that she does NOT suck that much. Of course, he does have to mention that he only brought up the old, dirty laundry to protect Lauren (SO CUTE!!!). 

Lauren’s friends, Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, and Lo Bosworth, and Lauren’s frenemies, Kristin Cavallari and Stephanie Pratt, were not to be ignored, as they gave the show raw and real substance. Their drama and Audrina’s never-ending romance with Justin Bobby never let me down.

Remember when Justin Bobby abandoned Audrina at Brody Jenner’s barbecue and left Audrina’s bike helmet on the beach for her to find, as he ran home with another girl?

The black floral detailed motorcycle helmet was pretty cute, I will admit.

As Audrina begins crying and Lauren comes drunkenly to comfort her, she claims, “life is tough, bubba. Get a helmet.”
Never forget that line. Conrad with another winning life lesson.homeboy

Also, during this same party, prior to Justin Bobby leaving Audrina at Jenner’s beach party, Lauren manages to break Brody’s hand, while they are playing a fun game of touch football. This incident leaves Brody upset and with a serious cast that almost takes up 30% of his arm.

Anyway, the most important aspect of the show is how relatable all these characters are to average people in some form or another.

While Lauren Conrad’s decision to take her life off of on-screen television left me a mess, the show had to go on. The Hills was left without a main character, once Conrad made this decision, leaving producers to have to find someone to take her place, not replace her. Their choice was Kristin Cavallari, Lauren Conrad’s arch nemesis from high school in Laguna Beach.

If you even followed Laguna Beach, you would know that Conrad and Cavallari’s beef began long before The Hills, as it began in high school over Stephen Colletti. Stephen was involved in an infamous love triangle with Cavallari and Conrad while attending Laguna Beach High School, which left the two girls feeling nothing but bitter hatred towards each other.

The choice was controversial, however, was a great pick for those looking to witness some epic cat fights, as Cavallari specialized in the art of cat fighting.

If there is something I knew about Kristin Cavallari, it was that she had a loud mouth and she liked to say what she had on her mind.

Cavallari’s tv personality completely contrasted Conrad’s more conservative personality. While Conrad was more “girl next door,” Cavallari was more “b***h next door.”

Kristin’s world was full of drama, especially in the boy’s department, spewing drama with Jade, Brody Jenner’s ex-girlfriend, and Audrina Patridge over Justin Bobby. Her endless quest to find love, or a boy, is tireless, as both Brody and Justin end up running her in circles.

Cavallari did help expedite Brody Jenner’s break-up with Jade, so we can thank her for that.

Cavallari’s stint on the show encompassed her personal life more closely, Conrad’s stint on the show more carefully highlighted her professional goals and career.

To put it in perspective, while Lauren Conrad’s journey into the fashion world and her noteworthy one-liners keep me going every day, Cavallari’s flare and sass gives me life and reminds me to open my mouth when necessary, or to stand up for myself.

The Hills, or the greatest, was the best show that MTV ever invested in. To this day, I find myself rewatching the series, skipping around from season 3 to season 6. Sometimes, I even find myself watching season 1, just to remind myself of the good times.

Without The Hills, I would have never found a piece of myself. I do not know how to explain how a reality television show struck me so much, but it did. Without the existence of Lauren Conrad, Speidi, Brody Jenner, Audrina Patridge, Kristin Cavallari, Whitney Port, and Lo Bosworth on television, I would be lost.

To the show that inspired my dreams and goals – thank you for all the endless nights of binge watching you! You give me life and you give me purpose. Without you, I would have spent many nights alone and settling to watch average television, even though you are my real passion. Thank you for giving me endless amounts of “boy advice” and life advice, without this advice and wisdom I would be stuck. Not to mention, they make me feel much better about my love life and life situation.

Even though I still do not want to believe the show was at all scripted, I do not care. I never will give up on you. Your legacy will live on. Siesta Keys has nothing on the legacy that Lauren Conrad and her circle left behind.

Long live The Hills❣️


Aichan Tewahade

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