Exploratory Excursions

Before the snow plagued our state, I was able to enjoy some Vitamin D and had the opportunity to do some all natural exploring.

Hours before the snowflakes began falling from the sky, the sun was shining and the temperature displayed no signs of any snow falling any time soon. In 64 degree weather, Sunday in Colorado felt like a beautiful summer day.

I enjoyed my hike, in all of its’ all natural glory, with one of my best gal pals.

Sunday is a great day for studying, but if the weather is right and the mood is even better, a hike is a great way to procrastinate.

We played in the rocks, climbing around and making some noise.

Take advantage of the beauty around you and get outside any chance that you have!

Hope you all had a beautiful, sunny, and productive weekend!
Stay sweet!


Aichan Tewahade

2 thoughts on “Exploratory Excursions

    • Amazing! I love new york and you’re very lucky – I would love to explore that area in my lifetime!! But, glad you got to enjoy some nature and some vitamin D, as well! ✨ Hope you’re having an incredible week! Thank you for the love and the feedback – I love hearing from others!

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