Chautauqua Season

Recently, as March has began welcoming more sunny and warmer days, I have found myself spending more time within nature, specifically Chautauqua park within the Flatiron mountain range.

After many months of hibernation, and the weather not really allowing for very safe hiking (the ice!!), I am so thrilled I can get back into the habit of spending time on the trails.

Over the course of the last four years of my life, I have spent a significant amount of time at Chautauqua Park, spending lots of hours hiking, sweating, panting, breathing, interacting with strangers, thinking, writing, taking photographs, and adventuring. I have also spent a lot of time admiring the Flatirons’ in all of it’s all natural glory, whose beauty never ceases to amazes me.

The park has become a sanctuary for me, as I visit it when I find myself in ruts, in bad moods, in good moods, etc. I feel like it is a place for me to escape my problems and feel completely and utterly safe.

Here are some photographs from my recent adventures and hikes up Chautauqua Park in beautiful Boulder, Colorado!

There is never a lack of beauty within this park. In fact, the real problem is the amount of beauty all around you that you cannot possibly take in all at ounce.

Have a beautiful day and spend some time adventuring!


Aichan Tewahade

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