OOTD – Denim Adventures

Can you ever go wrong with denim? What about a denim distressed jacket? I am going to go ahead and say, “no.” Denim jackets, or just denim pieces, are essential in your closet, whether it be in the form of jeans, jackets, shorts, tops, rompers, jumpsuits, skirts, etc. Denim comes in all forms.

Recently, I spent some time up on Flagstaff Mountain, a very monumental landmark, of Boulder, Colorado, that offers infinite amounts of views and almost too much beauty. It is truly a breathtaking view.

While the weather was not cold, it was not quite warm on top of the mountain either. In order to keep my body temperature at a stable level, I pulled together a fairly “basic,” or go-to, outfit for myself, which often includes, leggings, a oversized white t-shirt, paired with sneakers and a denim jacket. While I may not STAND OUT within the crowd, this outfit serves as a great example for ways to make your “lazy day” outfits seem a little more fashion-forward. There are many ways to incorporate current trends into your daily “I am not really trying” outfits. Not every outfit you wear or go out in needs to be a standout outfit, sometimes you can choose to stay neutral.
These outfits are easy to accessorize, as my outfit is fairly simplistic. While my accessories are subtle, this is a great way to make an otherwise “bland,” or “basic,” outfit more unique, or more your own, or make it stand out more.
To polish off my look, I paired my outfit with a pair of silver sunglasses, and while I kept the jewelry to a minimum, I paired the outfit with a simple black choker.

It is safe to say that my outfit is not quite what standouts in these photographs…I must say that nature is definitely taking the cake on this one.
However, if you do catch a glimpse of my outfit and are feeling it – the outfit is fairly easy to recreate.

Shop My Look

  1. Distressed Denim Jacket ($29.99) – Forever 21
  2. Rising Sun T-Shirt ($34.80) – Free People
  3. Black Stretch Cotton Leggings ($6.00) – Charlotte Russe
  4. Canvas Sk8-Hi ($60.00) – Vans
  6. Black Leather Choker Necklace ($19.60) – Eve’s Addiction

What are some of your favorite Spring trends for this season? Let me know!


Aichan Tewahade

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