Ducks Are Friends Too 🦆

Ducks are friendly creatures, too!

In Boulder, Colorado, ducks are running rampant all over the city, casually strolling along sidewalks. Their “quacks” are loud and in-charge, as they have a lot to say to all the bystanders walking by trying to feed them.

These creatures are very animated animals and can put a smile on anyone’s face! As I have spent more and more time around them, I have grown to appreciate ducks more and more.

One of the ducks that I encountered recently was awful friendly towards me, slowly inching his or her way over to me. We were inches away from each other, literally breathing down each other’s necks, as I attempted to grab some photographs of this friendly and very playful creature.

This young fellow was most certainly in his or her element! Such a cutie!

Today, I made so many DUCKing friends! And, that is not something that you can say every day!


Aichan Tewahade

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