Inside Look Into Doggy Day Care

“These are some good boys and girls,” I find myself saying all the time, all the while being covered in dog poop, mud, and their hair.

My job is pretty awesome, as I spend around 40 hours a week with hundreds of dogs. As I have spent more and more time with the dogs, the bonds and the friendships with all these dogs only become stronger.

I have memorized all their names and have begun understanding and learning their personalities.

“Is it weird that you are becoming attached with someone else’s pets?” People have asked this question many times and I have thought about this a lot. I do not think it is that weird, but their owners probably would not be pleased that I have plotted to steal their dogs before.

Check out some of my four-legged friends in action, showing off their best angles below.

These dogs have NO IDEA how much their existence in my life has truly given my life the purpose it needs and that I have been looking for.

Watching and monitoring them attempting to navigate through doggy day care, making friends, playing, conflict resolution, etc., is more enjoyable than any reality television show on air right now. I could watch these guys forever!

They never fail to bring a smile to my face, and ultimately, make my job one of the most enjoyable experiences each and every day. Saying good-bye for the day, or having to leave my shift, has become painful many days, as the dogs love to follow me around, even after I have left the play yards.

Their smiles and their joy they exude when they see you is unmatched, as the best feeling in the world could very well be being greated with wagging tails, perky ears, loose hips, and jumping dogs, who are so incredibly excited to see you. No matter how much you may have sinned the day before, they are a constant reminder that you are just perfect the way that you are.

Sometimes, amidst all the drama and the chaos of managing all the dogs, their personalities, and their energy, I forget how much they mean to me and how sensitive they are. No matter how they may be acting at day care, it is incredibly important to realize that they too are just as nervous, if not more anxious than you are. In addition, the energy that I bring into my play yard is incredibly important, which is something that I have begun to realize. When I am anxious, angry, sad, calm, happy, energetic, loving, tired, etc., this energy is picked up by the dogs very quickly. This is an important aspect to the job that I often forget. The energy that you put out is usually directly reciprocated by the dogs. Managing all the personalities and the energy levels is much easier when I am exuding a positive, calm, and happy energy that can be spread like a contagion.

The job perks that come with this job are incredible, and once again, go beyond materialistic perks. The job serves as a therapeutic occupation and a great way to spend time, as animals are some of the most compassionate, loving and forgiving souls to occupy this Earth. They truly can rarely do any harm and their intentions are always pure. There is something about spending time with this kind of energy and love that can change you from the inside-out, without even consciously realizing this.

Dogs have made my life a whole lot easier, restored faith within me, replaced my sense of fear, and have continously taught me to love again. Beyond this, I have been sleeping better at night, smiling more, and been able to get in touch with myself again.

Fill your life with more animals! Get your fix ASAP.


Aichan Tewahade

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