A Gallery Of Friendly Faces

My occupation is a dream job that allows me the opportunity to witness and enjoy many personable and friendly faces and facial expressions.
Camp Bow Wow Boulder is my sanctuary, where I am not only able to witness, but rarely, capture these emotional friends of mine, expressing themselves. While I have many photographs full of bursts and blurry photographs of these spectacular creatures, every once in a while my camera and my furry friend can manage a moment of focus.

Every moment with these magical creatures is a kodak moment. Watching these animated friends live their lives and express themselves in such a candid, almost overwhelming environment, is better than watching the best “Rotten Tomato” rated movie. This is true reality television!

Below includes a gallery of friendly faces from Camp Bow Wow! Enjoy some of these campers showing off their goods behind the camera. They are all very natural models – let’s just say it comes naturally for them!


So many precious and smiley moments are shared at Camp Bow Wow, all compliments to our amazing campers (our dogs!)

I am so blessed and will never stop thanking the camper’s parents from allowing me the opportunity to love, cuddle, tussle, learn, cry, bark, and play with some of the best people in my life. These dogs have become more than just pets I need to take care of – they have actually become a huge part of me. In fact, I consider them some of my best friends.

I look forward every day to see familiar smiling faces, as well as unfamiliar smiling faces, when I walk into work.

The time I spend with these friendly faces has unconsciously made me smile more and laugh more, all which are important.

Stay close to your friendliest faces! Do not take them for granted.


Aichan Tewahade

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