OOTD – Girly Power 💥

While many of my outfits often consist of a base color of black, neutrals, minimalistics tones, and darker hues, this last weekend I expanded my horizons and got in touch with my feminine side, including highlighter pink and soft florals into my outfit.
I am not going to lie, I did not hate it!

With Spring in full swing, I have found a lot of my outfit inspiration to be much softer and to include much girlier trends. Florals, especially, are some of my favorite prints, as they are timeless and can be worn during every season. Spring seems to have kickstarted my floral obsession once again.

To say that the beginning of Spring was the inspiration behind my feminine outfit would be an understatement, as I paired a white floral corset with a highlighter pink wrap skirt that complimented the corset perfectly. To complete my “going out” outfit, I paired the ensemble with a pair of basic black wedges with an ankle strap.

Highlighter pink especially is way out of my own comfort zone and is not a color that I often gravitate towards, however, this skirt was too good to pass up.

I kept my hair all natural and kept my jewelry to a minimum, as I normally do not wear jewelry (though, this is something I am hoping to change)!

Every once in a while it is very fun to switch up your “going out” outfits and shake things up. This time, I truly decided to dress up my look, which is something that I have always hesistated to do.

This outfit was definitely outside of my comfort zone, but I am having fun experimenting with various trends, colors, and looks, and do not want to hold myself back!

Shop My Look Here

  1. Embroidered Floral Corset Top ($68.00) – Topshop
  2. TALL Asymmetric Wrap Mini Skirt ($20.00) – Topshop

While you may not find me rocking this look every day, I have become more open to dressing up and expanding my wardrobe. Not to mention, sometimes it feels amazing to just feel like you are ON FIRE in what you are wearing.

How has Spring inspired your fashion, your outfits, and your favorite trends?


Aichan Tewahade

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