Gingham, Stripes, & Checkers, Oh My!

Gingham, stripes and checkered patterned attire is the definition of “oh my,” as it has taken over the fashion industry; perhaps, making them some of the most prominent patterns to be expressing this season.

Anywhere and everywhere I go, I see gingham, stripes, and checkered attire, and I cannot seem to escape them! When these patterned trends first began flooding the fashion industry, I found myself back in my middle school, scene girl, alternative music listening self, when I first became low-key infatuated with checkers, stripes, and gingham attire. This attire was found and purchased exclusively at retailers such as Hot Topic, where I also found my first studded belt.

The checkered trend immediately catered to my grungier side, as I was the most eager to purchase everything with checkered patterns on it. Checkered patterns have made an incredible comeback, as checkers were found in numerous runway shows and are being sported by street walkers and fashion icons alike. This geometrical pattern is incredibly visually stimulating and allows you to get in touch with that grungey, punk girl that has always been hiding inside of you. The trend is very versatile, as individuals of all ages can experiment with this trend. The fashion industry has managed to turn this otherwise teen trend into a trend that even our grandparents can be found sporting, as designers have managed to manipulate the trend into more fashion-forward, ageless, and mature pieces that do not discriminate. While the trend can still be seen as “punk,” or very Hot Topic, young adults are all over this trend to an extreme that is almost suffocating. Yes, I am a contributor to the suffocation, as I purchased a pair of low-top lace up checkered Vans sneakers, as an homage to the trend. The trend can be associated with skaters, punk, etc., however, a fly, subtle pair of checkered sneakers never hurt anybody. Kourtney Kardashian could not even keep away from the trend, as she even owns a pair of checkered low-top lace-up Vans sneakers. The trend is not just limited to Vans sneakers, as you can find this print on just about anything you can think of. This trend can be overwhelming, or even seem a little ridiculous, however, do not doubt checker print until you have given it a chance. For this pattern, stick to one piece of checkered attire, in order to keep the outfit fresh, fashion-forward, and not overwhelming. This trend can go from dope to a hot mess very quickly, if not paired with caution. Do not worry, you do not need to bust into Hot Topic to find checkered print attire now!jklkjljkljhjkkjkjkjkkkkjjjjjjjj

Gingham is a much more girlier print that is taking over the market. Gingham can be seen as a girlier manipulated version of the plaid and the checker print. Gingham print originated in women’s fashion centuries ago and has tirelessly made its’ way into our hearts all the way in 2018. Gingham is another pattern that caters to an ageless audience, whether it be for teenagers or adults. The pattern can be manipulated to come off very mature for those looking for a more mature look and can be extremely playful for those looking for very playful and youthful gingham pieces. Feeling like replacing your plaid attire with something more fashion-forward and a little more feminine? Try gingham. Gingham two-piece sets are a very playful way to sport the trend, and I am even a fan of gingham print pants for those just looking to sport the trend more subtly. Gingham is great to experiment with, especially during the summer, when we are feeling flirty, fun and feminine. Just because the print is associated with a feminine sense of style, do not run away from the pattern all together. Adding your own personal touches to this girlier trend can always assist in making the gingham print work for your style.


Stripes can be seen as a print associated with a preppy style, however, the industry has managed to manipulate the stripe print into different forms, colors, and styles that caters to a wide variety of individual’s styles. Striped pattern attire can be much less playful and much more subtle than gingham print and checkered print clothing. If you are looking to play around with prints, but you are not willing to take the plunge, take a dip in the striped pool. Stripes are extremely timeless and will never go out of style, as it is a very classic print that has served individuals since the beginning of time. Stripes, similar to checkers, are a much more masculine print than gingham print attire, checkered print more so than stripes. Menswear and menswear inspired attire is currently in style in women’s fashion, and stripes can most commonly be found in menswear more often than women’s fashion. Pants, tops, dresses, sweaters, you name it – you can throw stripes on it! It is truly just as simple as that. Stripes are no longer just preppy; they are popular. Get with it! Out of all the upcoming trends, stripes are the most conservative and safe print to play with. It also is a much easier print to work with and incorporate into your wardrobe, all while catering to your personal style. Stripes may be the most conventional print, but do not underestimate the playfulness of the pattern.

Patterns are a great way to give your outfit a personality and now is the time to take advantage of the surge of these patterns, as we may not see them for another decade. This season there seems to be patterns in style that cater to a wide variety of styles that truly allow us to broaden and develop our sense of style. No matter how intimidating the print, keep a patterned piece of each of these trends in your wardrobe. Do not be afraid to be playful for this summer! Try something new!pfjdkddkdkdjkjklekjkkkd

Are you intimidated by these prints? What are some of your favorite prints for this upcoming season? Let me know.

Always remember – If you like it, wear it! Gingham, stripes, and checkers are much less intimidating than lions, tigers, and bears, so do not be so quick to move on from this trend.


Aichan Tewahade

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