OOTD | Blacked Out On Denim

Summer is truly beginning to dawn on us, as warmer temperatures begin plaguing our lives. With the sudden rise of temperatures, our summer wardrobes and pieces gradually begin making their ways back onto our bodies.

This outfit of the day incorporates two of my favorite, most timeless trends all wrapped up into one outfit. These trends include black and denim, particularly distressed denim, which are both trends that I will never give up, as they are essentials in my wardrobe.

The color black is a timeless color trend that the fashion industry just cannot seem to shake, no matter how much time passes. Similarly, this is one of the only colors that can be worn all year long, no matter what season it may be. The color black is flattering, versatile, and ageless, as it is flattering for people of all ages. This color truly never discriminates!

What I personally love about the color black is that it always looks good, in all of its’ various forms, including clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes, etc. When in doubt, I can always count on the color black to pull through for me. It is so accountable, in fact, that most of my wardrobe consists of black. Plus, it will never go out of style, at least in my eyes. While black may seem like a fairly dark way to celebrate the beginning of sunny days, warmer weather, and more colorful days, I truly enjoy the way that black contrasts the brighter hues that come with Spring and Summer.

My utilization of the color black within the outfit come in the form of a black, basic bodysuit, black, cutout, embellished boots, and a handful of accessories, including a black flat top hat, a pair of circular sunglasses, a tie-neck necklace, and a black, embellished belt.

The black flat top hat, the black belt, and the cutout boots all incorporate a silver embellishmed trend, that almost elevates the outfit, as well as giving the outfit a modern twist. The embellishment trend has surfaced all over the fashion industry, and clearly, I am a big fan of it. The small embellishment details are subtle, however, the trend is evident throughout the outfit, without overwhelming the outfit.

While most of my outfit consists of black attire, I relied on the everlasting, also accountable, trend, which we all know as denim, to successfully break-up the black theme that was taking over the outfit. The light-wash, high-waisted, distressed boyfriend jeans allowed for the otherwise “blacked out” outfit to stand out. The light-wash color of the pair of jeans contrasted the darker pieces of the outfit, giving the outfit a personality and is definitely the exciting element of the outfit. The distressing within the jeans, gives the outfit the edge it needed from falling into the background. The denim played a valuable role in outfit, as it gave the outfit the pop of color, as well as personality, that it needed, SO BADLY.

Shop This Look

  1. Scoop Back Bodysuit ($30.00) – TOPSHOP
  2. BeRipped 90’s Distressed Boyfriend Jeans ($54.99) – Etsy
  3. Ankle Booties With Cutouts & Silver Embellishments (SOLD OUT) – Steve Madden
  4. Ecote Metal-Tipped Leather Belt ($29.00) – Urban Outfitters
  5. ASOS Felt Matador Boater Hat With Size Adjuster ($25.50) – ASOS
  6. Suede Bolo Tie Necklace ($14.00) – Poshmark
  7. Retro Hippie Metal Lennon Round Color Lens Sunglasses ($9.99) – zeroUV

This outfit of the day kickstarts the beginning of the incorporation of summer attire into my daily wardrobe. Black and denim will always be my favorite timeless trends, and they will continue to flood my wardrobe until the end of time.
This outfit allowed for me to utilize two of my favorite timeless trends, in a way that best depicts “my take” on a black and denim ensemble.

What are some of your favorite timeless trends? Let me know!


Aichan Tewahade

4 thoughts on “OOTD | Blacked Out On Denim

    • Thank you for your love and your feedback! But, yes I love your list of timeless favorite trends! I am trying to work on my handbag game myself – but, thank you! I purchased it at Urban Outfitters and I believe that it is still available online! ๐Ÿ™‚

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