OOTD | Cut It Out With The Stripes & Berets

Another day, another exciting outfit of the day to share with all of you beautiful people.

This outfit of the day does not fail to make a statement, as it incorporates a wide variety of statement, or otherwise playful, pieces that my closet keeps safe for me. It also incorporates a few trends that are currently surfacing the fashion industry currently, including Berets and striped pants.

While it took everything in me not to yell, “paint me like one of your french girls,” my inspiration behind the outfit originated from a stereotypical representation of a French painter, or Picasso. While the inspiration behind the outfit seems like a shallow form of inspiration, it is important to remind yourself that inspiration comes to indviiduals in even the most shallow and dense ways. Even if the inspiration comes from a stereotypical (almost offensive) and generalized concept that deems anyone of French descent, who also practices art, to be found wearing a striped piece of clothing, with a beret, to emphasize their artistic ability.
The inspiration spikes a chord for me, as the inspiration came to me from a place of ignorance and a lack of cultural relativity and awareness. An ignorant depiction of a culture often does not bring anyone many benefits, as it often results in negative reactions towards this kind of ignorance.
In this case, ignorance is NOT bliss, as it is important to recognize that the entire population of French artists do not regularly dress in striped attire and beret.

While the outfit may lack an assortment of color, it does not slack in the exciting department.

My outfit was built around my black felt beret and my black striped, high-waisted pants. In order to showcase these two pieces, it was important to me to pick pieces out of my wardrobe that followed a dark color scheme, as well as pieces that carefully complimented the outfit, rather than overwhelm the outfit.
The cutout t-shirt was my playful, eye-catching piece of the outfit. While the t-shirt seemingly steals the show, it was important that my top be playful. The playfulness of the top does not distract from the rest of the outfit, as a result of the neutral color that prevented the top from completely taking over the outfit.
The light-wash distressed denim jacket gave the outfit an edgy feel, all while giving the outfit the lightness it needed. The light wash of the jacket contrasts the rest of the outfit, which exhibits darker hues. It otherwise prevents the outfit from drowning itself out in darkness.
To polish off the look, I paired the outfit with a pair of black ankle booties, with scallop detailing. The ankle booties applies a girlier, more sophisticated element to the outfit. The scalloped edge details only further apply a girly feel to the outfit.


Shop My Look

  1. Cutout Tee Shirt ($15.00) – Urban Outfitters
  2. Tilden Pants ($60.00) – Brandy Melville
  3. Project Runway Distressed Denim Jacket ($29.50) – JC Penney
  4. Troyan Chelsea Boot ($69.98) – Steve Madden
  5. Black Beret ($15.00) – Brandy Melville

Experimenting with new and upcoming trends in our fashion industry is something that I am attempting to practice as much as possible.
This outfit channels a hip, edgy, and playful energy that is perfect for the Spring, as well as the Summer.

Beyond the fact that this outfit is otherwise “pushing my boundaries,” the aspect that I enjoyed about this outfit is that the outfit seemingly forced me to express my creativity, in the most visible way possible. The outfit took as much creativity to put together, and I believe the outfit conveys my creative abilities, my creativity, and my vision of creativity, in the most authentic way that I could possibly put together.

While the outfit was outside of my comfort zone, and my regular outfit regime, I truly felt as comfortable, confident, and creative, as I attempted to portray.


Aichan Tewahade

P.S. While Berets are French hats that originated in the Pyrenees about 400 years ago, no one in France actually wears berets (or, wears berets regularly). This is just another stupid stereotype that has surfaced within our society!

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