OOTD | Campaigning For Champagne Poolside

As May is in full swing, sunny days also find themselves in full swing. With sunny days comes an intense need to spend time by any form of water, in the hopes of cooling your body temperature down, which usually entails a day spent under the intense UV rays of the sun, either by the pool, the beach, a reservoir, etc.

Colorado is landlocked state, so my choice of body of water was a pool.
A day spent by the pool calls for a bathing suit to either swim in, or to simply tan in.

There are so many bathing suit trends that I love that it made choosing a bathing suit for my first pool day difficult! I was up for the challenge.
One pieces are one of my favorite bathing suit trends, and I figured to kickstart my pool day season I would choose to wear a one piece of my choice. I had a few one pieces to choose from, and the only thing I knew for certain was that the one piece bathing suit that would mark the beginning of my lazy pool days would be black.

A black one-piece swimsuit is my final answer.
“To choose a black one-piece that is fun, or to choose a black one-piece that is basic and timeless?,” I began pondering to myself.

“To choose a black one-piece that is fun is my final answer,” I exclaim.
My fun black one-piece was a basic black, deep scoop neck bathing suit, which included the font “Champagne Campaign,” across the front of the bathing suit. The text across the front of the bathing suit obviously added a fun element to an otherwise basic swimsuit.
The bathing suit was super flattering and flirtacious, as it included a low back and a high cut at the leg, modernizing the basic one-piece bathing suit.


Shop My Look

  1. Champagne Campaign [Swimsuit] ($99.00) – Private Party


Private Party, a swimwear brand, began infiltrating the bathing suit industry in 2017, as their swimwear could be found on every young adult, teenager, and adults everywhere. The brand was most popular among the younger adult crowd, or those in their 20s-30s, and was even more popular for sorority girls across the nation. The brand almost united sorority girls across the nation, as they united over the swimwear brand.
Private Party’s swimwear is unique to their brand, as every piece of their swimwear brand contains text phrases across the front of their one-piece bathing suits. The text phrases often include quirky, yet playful, two word phrases that channeled a “cool and hip,” or even “clever,” vibe.
Each of their bathing suits exhibit a deep neckline in both the front and the back of the bathing suit. The back of the bathing suit incorporates a very deep neckline that showcases an individual’s entire back. Overall, the shape of the bathing suits are super flattering for every body shape, as they also include a high cut at the leg, which only allows for an individual to fully showcase what their mama gave them.

While Private Party bathing suits are not my favorite brand of bathing suits, I do recommend Private Party to those who are looking to purchase an exceptional quality bathing suit that is comfortable, flattering, and long-lasting.

What are your favorite swimwear brands? Please share your favorite swimwear brands in the comments below. I am always looking for new bathing suit companies to purchase from!

Also, feel free to share your own personal experience with Private Party bathing suits in the comments below. I would love to hear from you all!

In the Summer, I will always find h2O at the nearest pool location available to me.
Spend too much time at the pool this summer, so you can stay extra cool, wet, and tropical this Summer!


Aichan Tewahade

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