Mini Shopping Spree

While 2018 has been a year full of much less shopping trips and much less mindless purchases, I cannot help but to treat myself every once in a while, especially on $payday$!

My mini shopping spree includes a variety of purchases from accessories, home decoré, clothes, and shoes. There is no shortage of variety in my most recent shopping excursions.

The list of stores that I made purchases, include Target, H&M, Brandy Melville, Marshall’s, and Urban Outfitters. These are some of my favorite retailers that I often shop at and mindlessly spend my paycheck at, all of which are my guilty pleasures.

Target | Cactus Glass Trinket

H&M | Navy Velvet Fisherman Boy Cap

Urban Outfitters | Lavendar Cropped Hoodie

H&M | Black & Red Velvet Scrunchies

Marshall’s | Red, White & Blue Wind Breaker

Urban Outfitters | Velvet Cropped Flowy Pants

American Eagle Outfitters | Mid-Rise Dark Wash Skinny Jeans

Brandy Melville | Black Felt Beret

Urban Outfitters | Adidas Trefoil T-Shirt (Black & Gold)

Target | Blue Circular Sunglasses (With Gold Rims)



Brandy Melville | Tilden Pants
Thrifted Embroidered High-Waisted Skirt

Urban Outfitters | Starburst Wall Light Structure
NOW solutions | coconut oil

Urban Outfitters | BDG Crop Twist High-Waist

While this shopping haul is fairly small, even for my own liking, I truly enjoy all of these purchases and have been utilizing them very often.

The best part about this haul? The fact that these are all purchasese that I spent a few weeks debating about on whether or not I should purchase them. So, in short, this shopping haul consists of purchases that I had waited to purchase, instead of impulsively purchased. I thoroughly wasted many hours of my days thinking about some of these materials, as I wondered if the item was worth the price. After weeks of overthinking and going back and forth on whether or not I should act on these items, I figured that the items that were on my imaginary wishlist that were still available for purchase in my size, despite the time that had elapsed since I had first noticed the item, were items that were just meant to be purchased by me. If an item was not available after thorough contemplation and patience, then it was made clear to me that that item was not meant to be my next purchase.

What are some of your most recent purchases? How do you decide whether or not an item that you truly desire is truly worth your money, or its’ price?

Inserting my debit card into the nearest chip reader used to a hobby that I engaged in in excess, now I have found willpower deep within my soul. I find myself hesistating to insert my debit card into a chip reader daily now!
While impulsive purchases are all the rage, premeditated and sensible purchases are more than all the rage in the world combined. Think before you insert your chip!


Aichan Tewahade

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