Brunchin’ & Munchin’

I have been making it a point to instill a fun, adventurous outlook on my Sunday’s, in order to effectively combat the Sunday blues.

Last Sunday kickstarted this new outlook on the dreary day, which precludes the hardest day of the week, Monday.

My last Sunday began very early in the morning, as I had work at 6:45 a.m. that day. Any shift came to a brief stop, as my coworker and I were sent home early from our shift.

We took this gift as a sign that we should go to brunch, and furthermore, enjoy our beautiful Sunday.

Le Peep never fails to set my stomach to ease, as I impulsively indulge in as much breakfast food as possible. While there is speculation which meal is the most important meal of the day, I can say with strong assertion that breakfast food is the most delicious compilation of food. I most certainly believe that breakfast food is the most important food group to indulge in if one attempting to maintain their happiest state of mind. English muffins, hash browns, scrambled eggs, and bacon are some of the most delicious foods to ever exist in this universe. ….And, the story does not just end there and neither does my meal. It has been a vrry long time since Ihave truly appreciated a cinnamon roll. Here is the cinnamon bun I indulged in all of its gooey goodness. My Sunday was full of cats, and was otherwise fairly pet-friendly Sunday. I even got to see this caramel goddess hanging out in a a plastic grey carrier. This was too cute to not take a photograph! The cat did not seem to be a stranger to the camera. Finally, to end the Sunday on a super fun and adventurous note, we decided to wander off into nature, a few minutes outside of Boulder.

The views were majestic and something that I am so happy I got to witness.

Wow, the views were definitely something that I was so happy I was able to witness last Sunday. The sun was shining and its’ UV rays quickly began warming up our soul and our bodies.

Cooking under the sun does not seem as painful, especially with views like that!

Last Sunday, I truly lived a full day, full of lots of activities and time spent with animals and in nature. Once I lived this Sunday until the last waking minutes of the day, I realized how silly it was that I never prioritized making my Sunday’s full activities, rather than wallowing in my sorrows, in preparation for Monday, the worst day of the week.

What are some of your favorite activities to do on your Sundays? Let me in the comments!


Aichan Tewahade

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