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The ruff life is not the life for me, or these beautiful dogs. That is something that we can both agree on!

This last week at work was one that was especially rewarding and full of love, happiness and joy. For those who may not know, I work at a doggy day care and boarding facility that can sometimes be holding over 160 dogs within the facility.

This facility and career opportunity allows me to interact and come in contact with 300+ dogs in and around the area! To say that I have met a lot of dogs is an understatement – sometimes, I think I may have more dog friends than human friends.

For some reason, I am totally okay with this. I may as well be friends with as many of “man’s best friends” as possible, as they are exceptional company and great entertainment.

Their companionship is something that is like none other, because their love is unconditional. The things they do to get your attention, receive love from you, or even receive praise from you is condemnable, as they go to great lengths to show off to you how far they are willing to go to be friends with you. Their friendship and companionship is also lifelong, no matter what. At this point, marrying another human being sounds quite unappealing, as human beings just cannot be compared to dogs and human beings just cannot fulfill other human beings’ needs, especially in the love and affection department, like a dog can.

Their smiles and unique faces, along with their facial expressions, are unbeatable, and better than humans. Perhaps it is because of my job, but I find observing dogs facial expressions quite often and their faces speak louder than their barks sometimes. Since we are unable to communicate via language, one way to communicate with them is by observing their facial expressions and reactions, in order to figure out what they may be attempting to convey to you.

This week at Camp Bow Wow Boulder was extremely special for me, as I mentioned above.

For the first time in one month and three weeks, I was able to reunite with one of my favorite dogs, August West, as he came into Camp Bow Wow for a full-day of day care. Auggie, or August West, is the dog who I consider to be my lifelong boyfriend, husband, etc. He is four years old, and is a German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd mix. This combination of dog breeds resulted in the magical, beautiful, handsome, majestic, and always smiling Auggie, whose fur coat is more beautiful than some of the fur you see on fur coats on runway shows at New York Fashion Week. He is very impressive!

While his beauty cannot be ignored and is clearly undeniable, I also am a sucker for his personality, which many would describe as an acquired taste. August and I have a truly strong bond that cannot be broken, and he is truly loyal to me. His personality lights up my world, or my dog yard, because of his unique and sassy personality. While many have not seen Auggie when he’s truly in his element and feeling good, I have had the chance to do so! And, man, Auggie is funny and playful! His sassy side comes out a lot, as he is not the biggest fan of other dogs, especially other dogs who violate his personal bubble space.

Auggie and I are much more similar than most people expect, or even realize. I can relate to Auggie’s need to want to be left alone by others, as I often enjoy spending time alone being undisturbed. Disruption results in a salty reaction from me, as well. In addition, Auggie is hesitant to form friendships and relationships with just anyone, which is something that I find in myself. Auggie correlates to my introverted, more guarded side, as I protect my heart very closely. Similarly, Auggie’s insatiable need to constantly nap, in order to prevent his outbreaks, and irritation, is something that I can truly relate to. Naps are necessary in order to maintain a level head, and to stay beautiful.

August West, will you take my hand in marriage?

Nordy Knapp, the lankiest fellow that you will ever come across, is my other favorite dog. He is still a puppy and just turned one! Nordy has looks to make any dog drop their bone. While his rather slim figure may give people the wrong impression that he is delicate, Nordy is far from delicate. He does not steer very far from me, which I love, and he is excellent at showing me how much he loves me!

Nordy is my son, hypothetically. But, I see a lot of myself in Nordy, as he is rather rumbonxious, anxious, always barking (or talking), and a little bit all over the place. Nordy is always trying to have a good time and play, even when he is tired and no one wants to play.

Nordy and I act on our anxiety in similar ways, and because of our surplus of energy and our short attention spans, we both are all over the place. It may be hard to stand us from time to time, as trying to keep up with either of us may seem more like a chore than anything.

Nordy and I’s biggest downfall is our curiosity, as it often gets us in the most trouble. Neither of us ever intend to get in trouble or cause a disturbance, however, this tends to result from our curiosity.

Nordy and Auggie are dogs that resemble different aspects of my personality. I see myself, and my personality traits, within them. Our similarities bring us together, no matter how unique. Having common personality traits with anyone, or any animal, allow you to understand and react with compassion, empathy, and patience towards that person, or that animal, that any other person may not have. This only creates a stronger bond and a greater relationship that will guarantee rock your world.

Who is your soulmate and your best friend?

Spend time with more people who celebrate you in all your existence. Appreciate them and uplift them.

Witnessing a dog reenacting your reactions, whether it be a good one, a bad one, a regular one, or a rare one, also serves as a benefit, because it is not every day that you are able to watch a version of yourself living life and reacting to life right in front of you. It really allows you to truly reflect on yourself, and hopefully form opinions about ways you could either improve, keep, or eliminate personality or behavioral traits or reactions that you may find appealing, or unappealing.

Keep good company – always. Learn from your good company.


Aichan Tewahade

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