Tricks To Tame Anxiety

1. Acknowledge that you are experiencing anxiety of any sort

2. Focus on breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth

Focus on one thing at a time. Try to get tunnel vision and simply just focus on yourself and your breathing.

3. Repeat to yourself positive, motivating, and reaffirming statements.

Statements that involve the phrase, “I can” are recommended. “I am okay” and “everything is going to be okay” are great, as well.

Anything involving negative statements or negative words are not invited to this exclusive VIP party.

3. Play music that makes you happy

I prefer songs that I can sing along to, or songs from the 90s and the early 2000s.

Music, such as instrumental music, classical music, or peaceful sounds of the ocean or rain, also have been proven to slow down your blood pressure.

4. Light some candles or incense

I love sparking up ten candles and getting an incense burning. There is something calming about burning candles and incense that can calm a mind down.

5. Try to stimulate as many senses, as possible

You have five senses, which include touch, smell, taste, hearing, and vision. Distracting your brain by stimulating as many of your senses as possible is a great solution to alleviating the extremity of your anxiety.

6. Take a hot shower, or a very cold shower

Shocking your body by bathing in somewhat extreme temperatures is a great way to reset your emotions. Your body’s initial shock to the temperature of the water, whether it be very hot or very cold, will help distract you from the anxiety that you may be feeling.

This is a great way to stimulate your senses and put your body in a somewhat calmer state.

I love taking long, hot showers!

7. Intensive Cardiovascular Exercise

A good, intensive cardio workout is a great way to alleviate some anxiety and release some stress. It is also a great distraction from anxiety, as you’re in too much pain and breathing too hard to even realize you are anxious.

I love hiking and try to hike three times a week! The trails I chose to hike usually involve intense and long spurts of uphill climbing. I purposely choose these trails, so I can ware myself down and hopefully get some peace. I tend to treat hikes as my form of physical exercise, so I push myself to go as fast as I can, without any stops, up the mountain.

Luckily, while I am working out, I am also able to enjoy nature and get some vitamin D. The sun and the great outdoors are great things and play a big role in maintaining a healthy mindset.

Not to mention, the views are spectacular! So, the visual stimulation is more than distracting.

Yoga is also great! It combines both exercise and meditation into one, which is like a two-in-one package deal.

Not to mention, they never stop reminding you to breathe and to focus on your breath.

8. Go outside!

I feel like I can breathe easier, even at such a high elevation, when I am outside.

9. Find Safe Things And/Or Places

Anything that feels safe, familiar or reminds you of good memories are things that you should acknowledge and utilize.

When people are experiencing anxiety or any kind of panic, the individual already feels uncomfortable. The last thing that you want is to continue to be uncomfortable in a place that makes you feel uncomfortable, or unsafe. This will only exasperate things!

Find your safe place and your haven.

Suffer in paradise and safety!

10. Lavender

Word on the street is that lavender is great for alleviating anxiety. So, stock up on lavender everything!

Lavendar incense, lavendar tea, lavendar plants, or lavendar essential oils – whatever you can get your hands on!

11. Drink Hot Herbal Tea

Avoid caffeine completely! Stick to herbal remedies, like peppermint tea, chamomile tea, etc.

12. Arts & Crafts

Being creative requires you to use the right side of your brain, a.k.a. you are utilizing your brain, all while distracting your brain, from the anxiety hanging over you.

I love to color! It has healed my soul and served to be such a calming activity.

13. Take Things Slow

Break things down and attempt to tackle your tasks at hand, instead of looking at everything as a huge hurdle that you could not possibly jump. Shorter hurdles are much easier to conceptualize.

Your brain will naturally attempt to complicate and further stress you out about your life, so try not to let yourself spiral.

I love making to-do lists, and breaking down all my tasks and writing it down on paper.

14. There Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

This is not your fault. The last thing you need to be doing is blaming yourself, or feeling ashamed.

Ooops, do not forget to breathe.

15. Be Patient With Yourself

This will not be over immediately. If your anxiety is immediately resolved, then that is a miracle!

From experience, as I am trying to come out of an anxious state, I have found that it comes to me in waves. It can be extremely frustrating, but attempting to remain calm is the key.

16. Remind Yourself That You Are In Control

In order to regain control of your anxiety, it is vital that you attempt to remain as calm as possible.

It may take a few tries, or you may not even succeed, but keep trying! You are a warrior.

17. Even If You Fall Victim To Your Anxiety, You Are Strong And That Is Okay

Stop punishing yourself.

Sometimes, you have to accept the fact that your anxiety, or stress, was so overwhelming that it got the best of you, even if you put up a good, hard fight.

You cannot win every battle. But, do remember to fight the good fight.

Feel free to share your tips for alleviating your anxiety!

Just breathe, or find the take a chill pill, right?


Aichan Tewahade

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