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Today’s outfit has indefinitely become one of my most favorite ensembles that I have compiled. This outfit ironically was directly inspired by a very fashion-forward sales associate, who was sporting a very similar look.
Finding direct outfit inspiration and outfit inspiration from a single individual’s outfit is a very exciting experience, as we rummage through our wardrobes, or even clothing racks at your nearest retailers, to compile an outfit that personifies their style, all while illustrating a similar outfit that resembles the original outfit that did more than catch your eye.
The greatest part about taking inspiration from an outfit, or somewhat mimicking an outfit exactly, is that one is able to put their own twist to the inspiring ensemble, creating a very unique variation of the outfit, trend, etc. that you may be mimicing.
My outfit was a very accurate imitation of the trendy sales associate’s outfit, and the resemblance between the two outfits is few. An outsider most certainly would not associate my variation of this trendy sales associate’s outfit, especially upon first glance.
I was careful to incorporate my own style and stay true to my style, however, I did make sure to incorporate specific trends and aspects of the outfit into my own ensemble.
While I cannot take full credit for the originality of this outfit, I will give that sales associate all the credit in the world for all the compliments I received in this outfit.

The trend of layering a crop top, bustier, or bralette over a plain white crop top, was the primary source of inspiration for my outfit. The anonymous sales associate’s outfit and successful utilization of this trend created a surge of pure excitement and pure inspiration within me, as I desperately craved to create my “layered ensemble” to show off in public. My mind immediately began drifting, while simultaneously reminiscing on the years of 2016 and 2017, when this trend reigned a front-running trend for fashion icons and street-walkers to display as part of their outfits. I will admit that I was a victim of using and abusing this trend of layering bralettes, crop tops, etc. over a cropped t-shirt. This trend gives an otherwise one-dimensional piece of clothing another dimension, and just like that a second dimension is created.
And, as we all know, two is ALWAYS better than one.

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This outfit quickly became one of my favorite outfits that I have put together this Summer, and while I am no outfit repeater like Lizzie McGuire, I would not be opposed to being seen wearing this exact outfit again. And, I do not say this very often.
Crop tops are an essential for me year-round, especially during the summer.
The majority of my Summer outfits, or ensembles, consists of a fairly basic crop top, sometimes a patterned, or statement crop top, paired with a various shade of high-waisted denim shorts.
This is my “go-to” outfit(s), as you can create many variations of effortless, yet cute outfits, just simply by mixing and matching different crop tops with different high-waisted shorts. While the options are endless, layering crop tops over t-shirts is one of the best and the most effective ways to elevate the look of a crop top, which is not a task very easily achieved.
The white cropped t-shirt works together with the black deep plunging crop top, a night-time top, or a going out top that normally does not see daylight, to create a great, fashion-forward daytime look. The union of the white cropped t-shirt, a daytime piece, and the black deep plunging crop top, a night-time, is successful. This is a great example of situation when opposites attract and have the ability to work cordially, or rather exceptionally well, together. The balancing act creates a fashion-forward look that is neither too casual and bland, or too over-the-top and carniveslque for the daytime.

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“Lemme grab the nearest black crop top,” my mind instinctively thinks.
I did exactly that.
This black crop top was made of a very unique material. The deep v-neck black crop top that mimics the silhouette of a bralette and the white t-shirt crop top are created with two totally different fabrics, which gives the crop top duo dimensions and allows for the otherwise (fairly) basic (but, cute) black crop to standout, or pop.Β While the fabrics practically contrast one another, when paired together, the contrasting fabrics are almost so uncomplimentary that it works. You know the saying, “two wrongs make a right.” Or, maybe you know that “two negatives make a positive.” This is one case where a contradiction works and manages to compliment each other.
The white cotton cropped t-shirt is made of a very light, airy material, which was perfect for the Summer heat. The cropped white t-shirt serves as a backdrop for the main event – the black, edgier crop top. The purpose of the white cropped t-shirt is not to out-do, distract, or underplay the black deep v-neck crop top. Instead, the white cropped shirt’s purpose is to do everything to mold into something that allows for the black crop top to speak for itself. I would even say that the white t-shirt’s role is to compliment the foreground, by blending into a background and working with the main event, or the black crop top.

Yes, I did grab the nearest pair of high-waisted shorts, which just happened to be a vintage style light-wash pair of high-waisted shorts.
I just was going along with the theme of flattery, or complimentary, and the pair of high-waisted shorts play a role similar to that of the white cropped t-shirt, as the goal of the shorts is not to distract eyeballs from the main event, which is still the black deep v-neck crop top that resembles a bralette silhouette. The silhouette of the crop top is rather edgy and makes a statement, and it is incredibly important that the focus stays on the edgy crop top, or the statement piece.

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My favorite part of the whole look are the white platform sandals that are just the right amount of “wow,” without creating a very busy look.
My white platform sandals are one of my favorite statement pieces of the Summer, so it was incredibly important that I paired my clothes right, in order to avoid a busy, messy and distracting look. The last thing anyone wants is for their outfit to lack focus, or at least follow some sort of theme, because outfits that include too many “busy,” or statement, pieces can cause a mess worse than the messes I make in the kitchen.
In order to avoid resembling a “hot mess,” literally and figureatively, I made sure that the platform sandals did not overpower the rest of my outfit.
This outfit utilizes the theme of black and white colors, which are not even colors technically. These hues are found all over my outfit, and as a result, the white statement, platform sandals had the ability to elevate the look of this casual, fairly outfit.
The platforms not only give me height, but they also bring anΒ  element of fun and playful vibes, which Summer fashion is all about.

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In continuation of the black-and-white theme present within my outfit, a black wide brim hat made its’ way onto my head, as it sat dutifully protecting me from the sun part-time. The hat’s full-time job is to elevate my look, by adding a trendy, Summer-y element to the outfit. This hat plays much larger role than many would imagine. The hat plays a vital role, and without the hat the outfit would be rather bland, and completely different.
Without the wide brim hat, the outfit would be far from memorable. In fact, I would find the outfit quite bland and quite confusing, just like Baked Lays. The hat adds another level of personality to the outfit, all while maintaining a mature, trendy, and simplistic look that I was hoping to channel.
The wide brim hat is exciting in a much more different way than the platform sandals are. The platform sandals are just as exciting, spontaneous, and eye-catching as a Summer fling. The wide-brim hat is a much more tamed, domesticated, and silent excitement that one feels when one finds a $1 bill on the ground on accident. Finding the $1 bill may seem underwhelming, however, it still manages to captivate your eyes, steal your attention, and create excitement.
Excitement, or personalities, can be either loud or subtle. Whether you choose a louder or more subtle form of excitement, or personality, to spruce up your life, realize that your levels of excitement, from subtle to loud, do not create any less, or any more of a reaction than one another.
Sometimes, personality and excitement speaks silently, as it unknowingly catches our eyes and holds our attention, without our knowledge or consciousness. In this way, excitement can be sneaky and hard to identify.
Strong statements and strong personalities can be made with even the most silent and muted colors, if only one keeps their mouth shut. Silence can sometimes produce louder and more profound, or more trendy and fashion-forward, statements than loud statement pieces that sound like they are yelling, and perhaps violating your personal bubble space.

Accessories, which includes shoes, play a vital role in the creation of the “statement,” vibe, and personality of an outfit. Pairing an outfit with controversial accessories that just do not work well in complimenting one another can completely destroy the look, or the style, that you were attempting to channel. So, it is incredibly important that you weigh out all your options carefully and remember that sometimes more is less.
As I said before, sometimes less is more than more is more.

An outfit without accessories, or outfits with very minimalistic accessories, can feel muted, boring, and invisible. One could even feel naked without a sufficient amount of accessories.
Accessories, whether you use them in excess or in minute amounts, are incredibly important and can be your biggest asset in creating that compelling and noteworthy look that we all attempting to manifest.
The key to utilizing accessories successfully is learning how to socialize pieces together that ultimately can easily adapt and mold to different styles, occasions, formality, etc., without so much as a fight, or premeditated intentions to make you look bad.
The more difficult pieces, including both clothing, accessories, shoes, etc. require more time, attention, and care, when accessorizing, as learning to balance the different power struggles of statement pieces can be an incredibly difficult task that every one has fallen victim to at least ten times in their life.

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Shop My Look

  1. Gotta Have It White Crop Top ($20.00) | LuLu’s
  2. Project Social T Tara Surplice Tank Top ($29.00) | Urban Outfitters
  3. Denim High-Waist Cuff Short ($58.00) | American Apparel
  4. Women’s Recovery Flatform Sandals ($89.00) | Steve Madden
  5. Felt Matador Boater Hat ($22.00) | ASOS DESIGN

Sometimes, pairing contrasting clothes and/or accessories more often than not works more in your favor than one would imagine. You would be surprised with what kind of successful results can come of pairing contrasting and controversial pieces and/or accessories. Many are surprised at how compatible and how much success can come from mixing-and-matching clothes and accessories that exhibit contrasting qualities and styles.

How is everyone’s Summer going?
I hope everyone is having a wonderful and playful Summer, and I hope that your wardrobe is equally as wonderful and playful as the season is.


Aichan Tewahade

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