OOTD | Yellow Toned

•••Yellow Toned•••

Today’s outfit consisted of mixing warmer, brighter summer tones and colors, with various basic, black pieces.
With Summer right at our finger tips, every aspect of our lives seems to be figuratively warmer, as well as more fun.

While my favorite outfits often consist of a absence of color, every once in a while, I find myself needing that extra light, extra warmth, and extra brightness that can be found in the depths of my closet, which also lacks much color.

A simple, casual outfit for a warmer day can be summed up for me in a few different words, “crop top” and “high-waisted shorts.” Both crop tops and high-waisted shorts are essentials for me, especially during the Summer.
A pastel yellow tie-hem blouse was my choice of “fun” for the day. The top is airy, which is perfect for the hot Summer days and yellow is currently on-trend. While I do not have any problems with the color yellow, I do find the color to be very bright and vibrant, and as a result, I do not find myself wearing, or shopping, for many yellow pieces of clothing. The color of this particular top was a very light, almost pastel yellow, which is why I was so drawn to buy it. I figured I would give this yellow trend a chance. I also just happen to be a sucker for pastel colors.
The pair of black high-waisted Mom shorts are one of my favorite shorts that I own. The “Mom” style denim, both shorts and jeans, offers a comfortable, more vintage alternative to your average pair of high-waisted denim shorts. I also love them because they are black – no surprise there. Every pair of black high-waisted shorts that I own is my favorite pair of high-waisted shorts that I own, if that is any indication of what my favorite style of short is and what my favorite color is.
The shorts paired perfectly with the yellow top, but then again, what color doesn’t black go well with?
The tie-hem blouse and the high-waisted “Mom” shorts are of totally different styles, but the buttons in both the tie-top and shorts allowed me to successfully create a look incorporating two items of opposite styles.
In addition, both the tie-top blouse and the high-waisted shorts, while vastly different in style, are both subtle, simplistic pieces, not statement pieces, and as a result, do a great job complimenting eachother, or coexisting, rather than clashing with each other. Clashing outfits, or loud outfits, are often a result of pairing two busy statement pieces together. While sometimes, collision outfits can be successful, the success rate is rather low. For the most part, these outfits are either a major hit or a major miss.
To finish off my casual summer-day look, I paired the outfit with some more black, including a black crossbody bag and black slip-on sandals. Jewelry was minimal, as per usual, however, I did incorporate a blue stone choker necklace to lay by itself on my neck.


Shop My Look

  1. Linen Tie-Hem Blouse | Macy’s | ($47.40)
  2. BDG Denim High-Rise Mom Short – Black | Urban Outfitters ($49.00)
  3. Fossil Crossbody Purse | Poshmark | ($45)
  4. Em Down Leather Slide Sandal | Nordstrom Rack | ($39.97)
  5. Choker – THRIFTED

This is a fairly simplistic, casual outfit that can very easily be dressed up and down, with a few small tweeks to the outfit itself.

Generally throughout the Summer, I wear variations of this outfit, incorporating and pairing different cropped tops with different high-waisted shorts.
This is a great example of an outfit that I essentially reuse and recycle ALL SUMMER LONG.

What is your favorite trend this Summer?


Aichan Tewahade

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