Life Hack #35 – Lost?

“Follow the yellow brick road,” they say.

“Take the road less traveled on,” they also say.

But, whichever you decide to follow or travel on, does not guarantee finding your way. This is because no matter who you are, how successful you are, your gender, your race, or your age, we all, as humans feel lost.

There is a certain aspect of the unknown that comes with being alive, which leaves us feeling full of busy minds and uncertainty.

The truth is that no one really ever feels like “they have been found,” and that we are all lost.

As humans, we love to make appear as though we have it all figured out, but even the most organized and successful individual is struggling to find their unique destination.

We are all in this together, as we all continue to battle figuring out the mysteries of life, our life purposes, how to find our place in this world, etc.

No one really knows what they are doing. Some days, we are taking chances. Some days, we stick to what is comfortable. Some days, we wonder what we are doing. Some days, we are wondering if what we are doing is what we really want to be doing. Some days, we feel stuck

This happens to everyone at every age. We are more alike as humans than we even think!

We all want to live our best lives and get to a place in our lives where we feel complete and utter stability. For some reason, the idea of stability is closely correlated with a life, where one is not, or will not feel, lost.

The destination of “found” is once again an imaginary, utopia that our society has created.

There will always be days, months, or even years where you will feel lost.

In order to supress feelings of uncertainty and feelings of being lost, human beings react by distracting themselves, either by getting involved in the community or activities, picking up hobbies, getting a job, going out to bars and making friends, using applications, such as Tinder, Bumble, etc., attending school, and even by engaging in self-destructive habits and negative coping skills.

The feeling of feeling lost, not belonging, and feeling completely and utterly confused, is not a very comfortable feeling. We all react towards these feelings differently, both negatively and positively, depending on the individual and the nature of the situation.

The future and the constant pressure that society, as well as yourself, put on yourself to find a place in society, in order to feel secure, is sometimes so intense that it becomes immersing your world.

You truly begin questioning yourself and struggling to find the confidence to make your way through your life, without constantly being clouded by pressures, doubts, anxieties, stressors, and situations.

The most comforting feeling to me, who constantly finds myself feeling lost and trying to find my purpose in life, is knowing that this feeling is something that is familiar to everyone.

I have learned to take advantage of finding various outlets that allow me to be able to connect with others, feel involved, and make me feel good. Doing these things and doing them as much as often allows me to somewhat alleviate these feelings of uncertainty.

Utilize the buddy system in life, and bond, connect and find outlets with other humans, coping mechanisms, and hobbies, that can allow you to feel apart of something that you enjoy.

We are all just trying to find our place in the world, and we are struggling to combat these feelings of feeling lost.

Whether you chose the yellow brick road, or whether you take the road less traveled on, you will stick find yourself lost.

The real question is where is our destination?

And, is there really a final destination that we are all going to reach sometime, even if we have decided on a destination?

Let me know what you think in the comments below ✨🌟🌙


Aichan Tewahade

ďťżWelcome Warby Parker Spring Collection!

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Warby Parker is an prominent eyewear company founded in 2010, by Neil Blumenthal, Andrew Hunt, David Gilboa, and Jeffrey Raider, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While the company was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the headquarters is located in New York City.

When the company first began, their wish was to fufill two primary goals, which included offering an alternative product that was not overpriced, or underwhelming, for customers, as well as the desire to build a business that was focused on solving problems, rather than creating them.

Warby Parker is mostly known for their eyeglasses, as well as prescription sunglasses and prescription monocles. The company focuses their brand around the idea of creating a market consisting of affordable, high-quality, and fashion-forward eyewear.

In addition, the brand’s message centers around the belief that every single human being deserves to see. Their centralized message is that all human beings deserve to see, which also implies that their company does not support the act of discrimination.

Essentially, Warby Parker is a company that caters to everyone and anyone, regardless of age, race, color, name, gender, etc. Their message speaks volumes about the way that they choose to handle their business, which can be considered ethically and morally sound. Warby Parker is simply just looking to serve the masses!
Screenshot (375)Screenshot (376)Screenshot (377)Screenshot (392)

In comparison to other eyewear companies, Warby Parker is different from other major eyewear corporations, as the company chooses to produce and to design their own prescription glasses in-house, allowing for the company to interact and engage with customers directly and more personally. As a result of the in-house production and design process, the company chooses to sell their eyewear in wholesale, selling their prescription glasses for at a starting price of $95, which is much cheaper than many other eyewear companies currently retail their glasses for. In addition to this, Warby Parker differs from other prominent eyewear companies by being one of the world’s only carbon-neutral eyewear producing brands.

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Just when you think that there could be no other unique aspects of Warby Parker that set them apart from other eyewear companies, they prove you wrong. The final, most important unique aspect about Warby Parker is that the company gives a pair of eyewear to someone in need, after every purchase of a pair of their eyewear, which is referred to as their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program.


Warby Parker has acquired a multitude of worldwide partners, in which they collaborate together to make sure that after a pair is sold, someone who is truly in need receives one. To date, over 3 million pairs of glasses have been distributed to those in need.

On January 9, 2018, Warby Parker is launching their newest collection: the Spring collection, which features 19 new frames and styles. The Spring collection focuses completely on the company’s glasses, not featuring any sunglasses in the line.

The inspiration behind their Spring collection revolves around the transitional period between the Winter and the Spring seasons.Screenshot (400)_LI

Warby Parker’s Spring collection incorporates utilizing unique facets, with traditional, yet modern frame silhouettes, with a twist. While we are all in a time of transition from Winter to Spring, every style of eyeglass within the collection caters to the different aspects of “in-betweeness” of the changing seasons.

During the duration of limbo between Winter and Spring, one may find it difficult to find a style of glasses that caters to the current season and that appeals to their own personal taste. However, with Warby Parker’s Spring Collection, this will not be an issue for a buyer, as buyers have such a wide variety of styles of eyeglasses to choose from!

Warby Parker’s Spring Collection includes 19 new frames that feature a variety of styles, silhouettes, designs, and colors that correlate to the transitioning seasons, as alternate from cold weather to warm weather. Regardless of the variety of styles, frames, and colors, Warby Parker’s Spring Collection has managed the ability to maintain a synchronisity within the collection, which is impressive. While none of the eyeglasses are the exact same, one can notice subtle similarities within each pair of glasses. Fluidity within a collection is very important!
In addition, this Spring Collection incorporates all sorts of prominent and popular trends for eyewear, making the collection very cool, trendy, elegant, chic, yet timeless.

  1. The collections contain eyeglasses with earthy hues to contrast the cold weather. Most of the earthy toned eyeglasses in this collection have rectangular frames, which makes it a very timeless eyeglass and a great go-to pair of glasses. Similarly, rectangular eyeglass lenses tend to flatter most face shapes. They are also mildly playful, without being too traditional, or lacking any personality. The Layered Crystal eyeglasses are some of my favorite styles out of the entire collection.
    Screenshot (366)
    Vaughan in Lapis Crystal
    Screenshot (373)
    Hughes Large in Layered Tortoise
    Screenshot (370)
    Hughes Small in Chestnut Crystal
    Screenshot (390)
    Hyde in Matte Navy
    Screenshot (389)
    Millie in Birch Turtoise
    Screenshot (379)
    Hyde in Redwood Fade

  2. For the lighter, warmer, and nicer days, Warby Parker’s Spring collection comes in the form of Cypress Crystal and Lychee Crystal. Cypress Crystal and Lychee Crystal style eyeglasses are very chic and very versatile. It is a great way to make a subtle and unique statement, with your eyes this season. Similarly, the Cypress Crystal frame and the Lychee Crystal frame eyeglasses are very fashion-forward, and as a result these are some of my favorite styles of glasses from their Spring 2018 Collection. These style of eyeglasses are great for complimenting lighter and warmer days of the “winter-y season.”
    Screenshot (364)
    Bell in Lychee Crystal
    Screenshot (383)
    Hughes Small in Jasmine Crystal
    Screenshot (382)
    Daisy in Cyprus Crystal
    Screenshot (360)
    Bell in Hazelnut Crystal

  3. The Spring 2018 Collection includes a wide variety of acetate and metal glasses, mostly available in round, cat-eyed lenses, which gives off a very modern, utilitarian, simplistic, and sassy vibe. Two noteable features of the metal glasses and the acetate glasses in the Spring Collection is that they are constructed with stainless steel frames. In addition to the stainless steel frames, they also include adjustable nosepads, making these some of the most lightweight and comfortable eyeglasses in the collection. 
    Screenshot (367)
    Rigby in Black Ink with Black Matte temple tips
    Screenshot (374)
    Louise Metal in Rose Gold with Opal Rose Horn temple tips
    Screenshot (362)
    Rigby in Brushed Silver with Whiskey Tortoise temple tips
    Screenshot (384)
    Louise Metal in Gold with Lapels Crystal temple tips
    Screenshot (388)
    Nora in Rose Gold with Opal Tortoise temple tips

Warby Parker’s Spring 2018 Collection is beyond remarkable, as the line is fashion-forward, new, and innovative, all while being timeless. In addition to these glasses being so fashion-forward and trendy, this collection does not cater to a specific age group, so their audience is very inclusive of age, gender, race, etc.

Beyond the fact that these incredible gorgeously designed glasses are breathtaking, the reasonable prices for these high-quality, eco-friendly products only intensifies one’s desires to purchase the product. Did I mention that Warby Parker uses cellulose acetate, ultra-lightweight titanium, as well as color-rich stainless steels, in order to create and design the frames for their products? In addition, the company uses impact-resistant prescription material for the lenses of their glasses. As if these glasses could NOT possibly get better, the lenses for their eyewear are certified scratch resistant, as the company coats every lense with superhydrophobic and anti-reflective treatments with no extra cost!

Also, remember with the purchase of a pair of Warby Parker eyewear, someone in need receives a pair of Warby Parker eyewear, as well. As the company emphasizes continues to emphasize their central message that EVERYONE DESERVES A CHANCE TO SEE, so give someone the opportunity to see buy purchasing your first pair!

In my opinion, this collection is one of their best collections, as it showcases their ability to maintain fluidity within the collection, even though the collection incorporates a wide variety of styles of eyeglasses. In order to set their glasses apart from other glasses, Warby Parker incorporates their own small unique, personal quirks and tweeks to each pair of the Spring Collection.

One thing I enjoy about Warby Parker glasses is how easily accessible they are to a mass audiences, as they are often sold at reasonable, competitve prices. Similarly, another thing I truly enjoyed about the collection is that, while Warby Parker is considered a high-end eyewear company, none of their eyewear is too over-the-top, or overwhelming, and most of their eyewear is practical, yet somehow unique and beautiful, all at the same time. The glasses that are apart of the Spring collection are so elegant and timeless that they almost resemble eye candy.

While the glasses are gorgeous and beautifully designed, there is a simplistic aspect within each and every one of the pieces within the collection, which is why their audience is not very segmented and consists of a variety of people, as it does not just appeal to one kind of person, age group, race or gender specifically. It is clear that Warby Parker does not discrimnate, but rather Warby Parker acts as an inclusive eyewear company. This is shown through their dedication to their customers, their employees, the community, the environment, and stakeholders. These are some of the general rules at Warby Parker, and the general rules of their company is just another way Warby Parker reinforces the fact that THEY CARE, that THEY ARE PASSIONATE, and that THEY WISH TO MAKE OTHERS AROUND THEM HAPPY.

I am very excited and happy to announce that Warby Parker’s 2018 Spring Collection is now available for purchase! Screenshot (397)Boys, girls, ladies, and gentlemen, YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON THEIR EYEWEAR – DO NOT BE A SQUARE! I SWARE YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. 

To purchase eyewear exclusively from Warby Parker, feel free to browse their website here at Warby Parker – Do not worry, you are simply just a click away!

If you are looking for an in-store experience (there are currently 61 Warby Parker retail locations), feel free to check out the Warby Parker Retail Locations page, which lists every single retail location in the United States, including the two retail locations in Canada.

Stunning, flawless, clean lines, clean cut, mature, modern, cutting-edge, elegant, and trendy are some of the words that we can use to describe the entire Spring Collection. I am completely in awe by the Spring Collection, as it is quite cutting-edge, fashion-forward, yet affordable!


Aichan Tewahade




Mini Black-Friday Haul (SoHo Edition)

I got to spend my wonderful Black Friday, at the best and most exciting place on the Earth to me, SoHo, Manhattan. To me, this is the fashion capital of New York, as they have every single store imaginable. I also got to spend some time on Saks Fifth Avenue – which was also another dream come true. Both, prominently known for their fashion retailers and great merchandise. It was a deal I could not pass up. I went to some vintage stores, Urban Outfitters, UniQLO, Vans, Adidas, LuLu Lemon, and to a few street venders. This was one of the best Black Friday’s ever. I love every single one of my purchases, as they are so unique and

Target Floral Embroidered Ankle Boots

Vintage Grandpa-Style Wool Sweater
LuLu Lemon Leggings
UniQLO Velvet Bomber Jacket
Vans Old Skool Checkered Low-Tops
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2Pac & Notorious B.I.G. Poster

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Adidas Black and Coral Treifold T-Shirt
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Urban Outfitter’s Geometric Triangle Earrings
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The Beatles Black-And-White Poster
Hope you enjoyed my small haul from this year’s Black Friday!

What did you guys end up buying for yourself for Black Friday, let me know in the comments below 🙂


Aichan Tewahade