Life Hack #16 – Preparing For A New Year

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And, we are ready for takeoff into the new year! Do you still remember when 2017 began and thinking, “Man, where I am going to be at the end of this year? Because, it seems so far away.” Next thing you know, in a blink of an eye, it is onto the next year.

Every year that we are gifted, we have new opportunity to make change, grow, make mistakes, make memories, and flourish.

Often, individuals make new years resolutions, which are specific goals, changes, or accomplishments that they wish to work on and achieve this upcoming year.

In order to prepare new years resolutions, it does require an individual to take a look at their current life situations, or reality, and assessing it thoroughly. Examining where you succeeded, how you succeeded, when you failed, why you failed, as well as examining aspects of your life you need to work on and aspects of your personality that may need improvement. Taking a look in a mirror allows you to set goals that are not only reasonable, but effective and applicable to your life at this very moment. After a close examination, you are more capable of pinpointing specific areas of your life you would like to focus on, during this upcoming year.

Not only does setting goals or resolutions make the year go by faster, but it also gives it purpose.

Look, you have a whole twelve months, if you make it through the entire year. That is 365 days, 8,760 hours, and 525,600 minutes allotted to you each year, so take advantage of this time to set some goals. Personally, I break down my goals into two categories: target goals and action goals. Target goals are more long-term, broader goals, which may take months or years to achieve, while action goals are goals that can defined as short-term goals that are practiced, in order to achieve the target goals. It is important to have both, as defining your action goals make your target goals seem more attainable. Remember, these goals should be applicable to YOUR LIFE, not others.

Acknowledge your losses and successes, breathe, and move on.

While you can treat every day as a new year (technically), while you are setting these goals and carefully examining your life, it is easy to get too hung up on the good and the bad times of your last year. It is important to revisit your year, but the point of entering a new year is to let the past go. I get the nostalgia, or trauma, may be hard to forget, or it may not be something you may not want to forget, but moving on and letting go allows you to enter the new year, without the baggage of last year. Staying hung up or being unwilling to move on is SO LAST YEAR. LET IT GO! Regardless of what happened last year, you have made it into a new year. So, forget about it!

Embrace the new year and celebrate!

Celebrate, people!!! It is a new year and you have made it through another long year of uncertainty, emotions, and ups-and-downs. It is now time to relieve whatever unexerted energy you have built up within you, and realize that no matter how you viewed your year, it is time to celebrate. Getting through an entire year, or even a day, is so tiresome…Celebrating is like giving yourself the pat on the back that you kept forgetting to give yourself. A new year means to TREAT YOURSELF, at least to one night of fun. New Years Eve/New Years Day is the one night of the year where everyone can set aside their problems, worries, and reality to share in some joy, happiness, and fun with total strangers and/or friends. Live it up!! YOLO!!


Okay, keep in mind, after the New Years Eve and New Years Day festivities are over, we are all forced to go back to our real lives.


It will not be so hard, as it is painful(ly) (hungover) to get back into our routines.

A gentle reminderYour day on January 01, 2018 will probably be relatively normal. Do not expect your world to completely change in less than 24 hours.



Aichan Tewahade