Campin’ Chronicles | Camp Dick, Colorado

On June 22, 2018, two of my coworkers, plus their dogs, and I made our way up to the mountains, in order to engage in some all natural therapy for several days.
Camping in the Summer is an activity that is supremely popular in Colorado, so we decided to jump on the bangwagon and get campin’.

I have not been camping in a little bit, so this camping trip served as an excellent way to dip my toes back in the water.

As a kid, my parents took my brother and I camping pretty regularly. But, as I grew older, the camping trips became much more of a rare occassion.
Throughout my high school and collegiate careers, I went camping at least once or twice a year, but still it did not compare to the number of camping trips that I went on as a child. Plus, these camping trips tended to get more *wild,* as they were unsupervised, only consisting of a group of high school-aged kids, or college kids, who did everything but be responsible.
Let us just say that those camping trips consisted of a surplus of low-grade vodka, usually Burnetts, UV, or McCormicks, and a bunch of 30-racks of Rolling Rock or Natty Ice.
But, what better place to celebrate being reckless, or engage in underage drinking, than in the wild, with views that extend 360 degrees? Might as well be irresponsible, in nature, where the views are endless and breathtaking. Plus, the sudden rise in elevation guaranteed that at least one person would end up either peeing themselves, “blacked out,” or passed out somewhere in the woods, or in someone’s car.

This camping trip was the first one of the Summer! My friends, their dogs, and myself made our way to Peaceful Valley, Colorado, to a campsite named “Camp Dick.” The campsite was completely full and occupied with eager campers and families.

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Our campsite was located in the middle of Camp Dick, so we had some pretty great views! The campsite was located in a valley that was completely covered in green, lush trees, almost making it seem as if we were in a forest!
While Sunday, June, 24, was a fairly cloudy and rainy day, Friday and Saturday were some of the sunniest and warmest days ever! Even in the middle of the mountains, where the temperatures are supposedly cooler than in Boulder, Colorado, I found myself sweating and complaining about being “too hot,” or “way too warm.”
Camp Dick had a lot more to offer than we even expected, including a beautiful creek, or river, that ran through the entire campsite! Beyond the creek, one could find infinite amounts of trees and forestry until the eye could extend.
It was incredibly calming to be completely surrounded by nature, or to be isolated from “the real world.” The sounds of nature and the simplicity of nature serve as some of my most favorite anti-anxiety agents! Processed with VSCO with c1 presetIMG_2958
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The main source of entertainment, minus spending time in nature, attempting to start a camp fire, and making friends with 5-years-olds, was definitely the dogs that decided to accompany us on our trip!
My coworkers have own of the cutest dogs, or best friends, ever!!
Seeing them in the wild, or in their element outside of doggy day care, was extremely comical and AWESOME.
This weekend solidified my place as reigning godmother to both of these beautiful, eccentric dogs who continue to fill my life with love, happiness, and barking.
Harlee Jo, a red heeler australian cattle dog puppy, is currently five months old, and is one of my favorite playmates ever! She is the definition of a puppy and still does have a lot to learn, however, she is the most fun puppy ever known to man! Not to mention, she is one of the most unique and breathtaking puppies I have ever set eyes on. Harlee is seriously one of the prettiest cattle dogs that I have ever layed eyes on and I am completely obsessed with her. There is never a dull moment with Harlee Jo!
Minnie, a chiwuini, is a little over one-years-old, but do not let her extremely small body fool you! She has the biggest personality ever known to man and a very expressive soul, existence, and face! Minnie resembles a character from a Disney/Pixar movie, and I think that she is so incredibly animated. She is one of the most loving and sassy girls I know!

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How have you been spending your Summer nights? Have you gone camping this summer?


Aichan Tewahade

Update on 2018

Fourteen days ago, when a new year began dawning on us, I was unsure, uneasy, a little uncomfortable, and stressed. Fourteen days later, I am still a little unsure, a little uneasy, a little uncomfortable, and a little stressed.

However, since the year began, to say that nothing amazing or positive has not come my way would be incorrect, as every day, it seems like something has managed to make me laugh, smile, or even catch me off-guard.

While we can never plan out how our days, let along our years, will go by, I have been doing my best to make my days more meaningful, busy, and full of the things that make me happy.

Towards the end of 2017, I must admit I felt blinded by stressors and circumstances that I could not physically change – and, honestly, I found myself in a somewhat negative headspace. Sometimes, when tasks become overwhelming and life may seem a little more difficult, I find myself stuck, unable to think beyond the walls of my stressors.

While I still continuing to work on realizing that there are things in our lives that we can change to make things better, I continue to remind myself daily that I am doing okay, I have so much to look forward to, and that I have so many wonderful people around me that continue to help me and support me – NO MATTER WHAT.

Over the course of the last 14 days, I have accomplished some of my goals (ALREADY), did some pretty cool things, and have experienced many lovely surprises that have caught me off-guard that I would love to share with you!

  1. To begin the year properly, I made a “2018 Intentions Board,” carefully listing my hopes, dreams, aspirations, and areas in which I woud like to improve. While these are fairly vague, in some aspects, I broke down the board into categories of different aspects and facets of life that are relevant to me. From there, I made goals and resolutions, within the categories, which helps me keep my thoughts, goals, and aspirations more organized. This way of organization helps me vizualize areas in which I would like to improve, and breaks every category into subcategories that more carefully detail exactly how I would like to help myself achieve these new years resolutions. Breaking down your goals and New Year’s Resolutions into “smaller” goals assists me in following through with these plans and goals, as they provide a footmap and steps that I need to take in order to stick by these intentions.
    I am positive, as the year progresses, certain aspects of my 2018 intentions board will change. But, an intention board allows one to give each year a purpose and gives one somewhat of a plan for this upcoming year. Feel free to take a look at my 2018 Intentions Board for a more in-depth analysis of my intentions for this year.IMG_5061

One resolution I specifically set out this year to accomplish was to find another job that made me happier, as I found that I was not happy with my previous job. After tireless months of complaining and finding every excuse in the books not to apply for another job, I knew that I could no longer put this goal aside. The work environment I was apart of did not treat me correctly, was very toxic, and began taking a negative toll on my mental health. I am now happy to say that I have found another job; one that makes me happy, and with a company that appreciates my services. I am very happy with my new job!

2.  Another great opportunity came my way earlier this year, when Warby Parker, an eyeglass company, approached me, after coming across my blog! The best part? Someone on their brand management team reached out to me, after accidentally coming across my blog, and was impressed with the content on here of my blog. Honestly, the fact that someone went out of their way to look over my blog, read my articles, and assess my blog, without me mentioning it, is already an accomplishment for me. Beyond that, it was greatly humbling that they mentioned the fact that they truly would like to work with me, seeing as they enjoyed my blog – THIS WAS ONCE AGAIN HUMBLING.
After coming across my blog, the Warby Parker asked me to help them promote and announce their new Spring 2018 collection. This was quite an honor for me and such a great opportunity! When I started my blog a year ago, I would never in a million years thought that someone, or any company, would approach me to help me promote their brand. While Warby Parker is the first and ONLY company, thus far, to ask me to do something of this manner. As the year continues, I would love to partner up with more companies, bloggers, etc., in the new future, through my blog, as this is something I am very passionate about!Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

3. Other fun things that I have taken apart in this year, includes spending time with my family and cousins, who I am all very close with. Family is very important and I love spending time with them, as they help keep me grounded, focused, and happy. My cousins, who are all around my age, mean the world to me. Beyond that, they gave me a sense of calm and happiness just simply by being around them. I love them all so much!ajskdfjkjaskdlfjIMG_4493Screenshot (401)Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset
AND, I have been spending too much time (if that is possible), with my dog, Kiki, who is basically family! img_4853

4. I also made a few trips down to Denver, Colorado, where I did some exploring and found some incredible murals that are pictured below. IMG_4892IMG_4891IMG_4888IMG_4887Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

4. In addition, I went on my first hike of the year with my brother! We hiked up the infamous Flatirons and got a great workout in! IMG_4944IMG_4951IMG_4960img_4433img_5109
And, we also took a stroll down Pearl Street Mall, visiting the beautifully lit Boulder court house and took a detour into Lush.img_4064img_4088

5. I found some time to engage in some relaxation time, as well! Or, celebrating, whichever you would like to call it!IMG_4547OWLI6026.jpegProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

6. As if life could not get any better, my parents also surprised me with a new book called “A Book That Takes Its Time,”which is a book about mindfulness. It is not just a regular book, but contains journals, stickers, posters, activities, etc., which I am excited to dive into! While I could not take a picture of every activity, page, etc., I provided a preview below of the content within the book, and tried to showcase the nature of it! I am so excited to dive into it! For those who are interested in purchasing the book, click here! The book is avaible on Amazon for $14.98 and is worth every penny – I would 10/10 recommend.

7. The conversations I’ve had with my friends, THUS FAR, in 2018, have been nothing short of amazing. While many of my friends are away, live in different states, etc. I have been reconnecting and staying in touch with those around me. I have had some of the funniest conversations, as well as some heartwarming ones. It is always nice to stay in touch with friends and giggle with eachother – even from miles away. I LOVE THEM AND MISS THEM A LOT.img_5118

8. Lastly, I came across a surprise in my email about a day ago and it was completely unexpected. While I was working my other food-service job, I came across a gentleman (who I unfortunately do not remember), but nonetheless, we must have engaged in conversation when he came into to order his food. “WOW” are the only words that come to mind when I came across this, as there are not many males my age even willing to do something like this, or even speak so kindly towards me. This email, whether I am interested in pursuing him or not, resonated with me, as not many people go out of their way to do this and be so kind. I really do even know how to phrase this – but, let’s just say, this is a pretty incredible gentleman. Needless to say, I am flattered, humbled, and just “WOW.” This email has been one of the kindest surprises that has come my way and I am truly blown away. 


To say that 2018 has not been treating me well would be a lie, while I still find myself in somewhat of an exsitential life crisis, I have found that there have been many exciting, amazing, surprising opportunities that I have encountered and memories that I have already made. It is crazy to think that this year just started.

Even though 2017 was only fifteen days ago, so much has already begun changing and evolving. Whether or not it is because it is a new year, it is because of good karma, or if it is because I have taken the power to make positive changes in my life, 2018 has thrown me some wonderful, wonderful surprises and I have found myself in a much happier, calm space. Not that my life is much different than it was in 2017, but 2018 has truly handed me some free diamonds and surprises – none of which I ever expected!

I would love to hear how everyone else’s 2017 is going, what you have been doing, the good things that have come your way in 2018, and if you have an intention board to share!
I hope 2018 has been treating you nice, as well 


Aichan Tewahade

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Netflix Binge-worthy Shows

Feeling bored? Maybe you are even struggling to find a show worthy of your time and energy to invest in. Trust me, I was there.

For a while, I was feeling truly disappointed with Netflix, especially after they removed my all-time favorite show Desperate Housewives. It is safe to say that I gave up on it for about four years. Up until this year, I could not seem to find anything on Netflix to even watch. And, finding television episodes online off of bunky sites just was not cutting it for me.

I now revoke my previous statement about being so disappointed with Netflix, as they released a handful of new, bingeworthy shows that you should spend some time enjoying.


This is one of Netflix’s newest releases, released on July 21, 2017. There is currently only one season available for streaming. The show features Jason Bateman, who also produced the show. Bateman plays the main character, depicting a successful money launderer. Though he is good at what he does, his career choices and lack of moral judgement lands him in very comprimising situations. The show is capitivating, with lots of twists and turns, keeping you on your feet. The show features Bateman in a totally different light, as he can be viewed as narcasstic and selfish, exposing his family to the dangers of his reckless decisions. Laura Linney is also featured in the show, playing his dutiful wife. The dynamic of their relationship, and his relationship with his daughter, and his son, is another aspect of the show that leaves viewers in shock. Nothing about this show is traditional. Lucky for us, Ozark has been scheduled for another season very recently. The trailer for the new season is below.



Gypsy is also another Netflix original that was released recently, and though it does not appeal to everyone, I find the show capitivating and facisnating to observe. In a sense, it puts the world of psychiatry in perspective. While some may conclude that therapists and psychiatrists are “perfect,” it takes a different take on this common misperception. Jean, the main character, and the psychiatrist of the show seems to be appear to be your average psychiatrist. As the show progresses, we begin to see how almost flawed, and far from perfect she is. In fact, from first glance, you would never expect the behavior that she engages in throughout the show. Though there is currently only one season of the show, it is an interesting watch for those who are looking to indulge in, especially if you are looking for some drama.


oj simpson
American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson

ENOUGH SAID, RIGHT? This show has become one of my guiltiest pleasures. This is the first show of its’ kind, and I found it to be interesting to watch. Though I found some aspects of the show to be dramatized and biased, I do believe that they did a good job displaying both sides of the controversy. I, personally, enjoy learning and watching shows, such as these as I find them somewhat educational, and overall interesting to watch. The acting on the show was also very raw, and I truly believe that they depicted the situation in the most emotionally-in-tune way that they could.



After the release of the movie Limitless, Netflix decided to expand their horizons and create a Netflix series. I was very hesitant to begin it at first, thinking that there was no way that they could possibly expand on the movie. Personally, I enjoyed the movie a bit more, but the show itself is easy to get into. While it may not be the most top-notch show, I do like the way that they took a twist on the movie, including the drug featured in the movie, NZT. NZT is essentially a supernatural drug that allows individuals to perform at high levels of intelligence, but it obviously leads to destruction. In the television series, Brian Finch finds a way to avoid these side effects, and the FBI decides to utilize his tolerance to NZT to help them solve cases. Yes, it another one of those “NCIS” type shows, but I do enjoy it and find it mentally stimulating.


friends from college
Friends From College

THIS NETFLIX ORIGINAL INCORPORATES HUMOR. The storyline is not anything new or unique, but the cast and the humor incorporated in the show should not be ignored. The episodes are random, funny, and a little bit awkward from time-to-time, and overall, the show is just silly. The cast is great and they have such great chemistry. This is another one of the newer Netflix originals that just came out, and only has one season. But, if you are looking for some good laughs, give it a try.



I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this Netflix original. I can not tell if it’s because I love fashion, Nasty Gal, or the whole concept behind the entire show. BUT, I NEED ANOTHER SEASON. The show was originally based on Sophia Amoruso’s #GIRLBOSS, and it is based on a true story, discussing how Amoruso created her empire fashion company Nasty Gal. Britt Robinson, who plays Sophia, does the utmost job presenting Amoruso in a sarcastic, hilarious, and bad ass way. This show was right up my alley, and I loved the way the presented Amoruso’s story. Not to mention this was something different, refreshing, and new series that no one had ever produced. Though it did not appeal to everyone’s taste, the show will not be around for a second season. For me, the show truly spoke to me, my attitude, and I have secretly always wanted to start my own clothing company. Understandbly, the show being cancelled had a lot to do with Amoruso’s company going bankrupt recently. I wish they would have another season, because there is a lot that they could do with the show. For now, enjoy it and BE YOUR OWN BOSS. I am super bummed out about the cancellation of the show, but enjoy it while you can.

I have yet to explore some of the new Netflix Originals that people have been ranting and raving about, which I will list below. Let me know your personal favorite Netflix shows, and whether you enjoyed the show or not.

  1. Dear White People
  2. House Of Cards
  3. The Confession Tapes
  4. Stranger Things
  5. White Gold
  6. Icarus
  7. Black Mirror
  8. Mad Men

Remember, not all of these will appeal to everyone, but these are my newest guilty pleasures. I’ll even admit most of them are not the greatest, but if there’s only one season, why not, right?



Aichan Tewahade

Life Hack #5 – The Power of Positive Thinking

Even on your hardest days, positive thinking and actions are always encouraged. It’s true life gets difficult, forcing us to dig even deep down within us to even find the positive in your life. Positive thinking may be difficult on even the best days, as it’s easy to complain and forget to count our own blessings. But, we are human.

Today, I encourage you to continue to dig deep and challenge yourself. I find that I am most positive when I am giving something new a try, or simply just challenging myself. Trying something new to me is something that truly challenges me.

Lately, however, life gave me a shock up my spine; things got difficult and I had to find lots of courage and strength to get through many of my days. Finding small, unique positive aspects of my days were really important to me and helped the days go by much quicker and happier.

I feel that when you are challenged and in difficult situations, you realize how much even the smallest things matter to you and it truly forces you to become a more positive version of yourself. Even the smallest things these days make me happy. The hard times allow you to truly become the grateful, positive version of yourself you want to be, as you recognize all the beautiful things that you took for granted the last few days.

I promise you though, that a positive way of life is much more meaningful and fun version of living. Why not find the light at the end of the tunnel and make it possible for your life to be better and more meaningful? A constant state of complaining, and an unwillingness to want to make things better is not a relevant way of living these days. Similarly, positivity challenges you, forcing you to think of good thoughts and radiate positive emotion, rather than letting your brain get flooded by negative thoughts.

Negativity is an inevitable part of life, but a willingness to make things better and better yourself is key. You can be extremely successful being negative – do not get me wrong, but do you want to live like that?

When life really challenges you, it really does rain and pour. But, instead of approaching it with more negativity try combating with positive energy. The way I see it the more you are positive, the more positive outcomes that will come of it.


Aichan Tewahade

Life Hack #4 – Remember to R&R

What does R&R stand for? Let me answer that question for you. It stands for rest and revive.

Our bodies, which are constantly in motion and working to keep our precious bodies healthy and happy, need time to rest and revive. This is why getting the proper amount of sleep and rest is particularly important. We, as individuals, are programmed to fatigue sometimes, when we are overworked, not getting enough sleep, or not getting sleep at all.

Though we all say that we can sleep when we are dead, this is something that could especially become detrimental towards our health. Studies have shown that without the proper amount of rest, not only are we unable to revive, but we find ourselves gaining weight, losing weight, getting groggy, and getting grumpy. It even from time to time affects our ability to memorize and remember things.

Resting plays a large role in our body, and in order to be that happy and healthy versions of ourselves, we need to be resting every night.

Some days sleeping just does not cut it, in fact, some days I find myself exhausted even after a good night’s sleep. This is our body telling us that we either are stressed, overwhelmed, and perhaps not treating our bodies correctly.

Taking time off, or away from our rigorous schedules, is something that we unfortunately cannot do very frequently, as most of us are in school, or at work all day. It’s truly hard to find time sometimes to rest and revive.

Every day, I try to take about 30 minutes in the morning to revive my system after a night’s rest. I usually simply lay down and look at the not-so-empty walls of my studio apartment, thinking about how lucky I am that I have found time to relax.

Taking a small portion of your day, morning, or afternoon, or evening, to simply just unwind and seperate yourself from your daily stressors plays a huge role in feeling more rejuvenated, happy, and healthy.

We all need to rejuvenate sometimes, and you truly should not be so hard on yourself, if you just can’t seem to move out of your bed. In this fast-paced society, catching a break is truly hard, and sometimes, it leads me to believe that we should all have a vacation period at least once every few months.

Though taking breaks is frowned upon by society, it is one of the most vital ways to stay sane and happy. The idea that we, as individuals, have to constantly be in motion and working, or doing something, is absolutely absurd. I understand the need to want to make the best out of our lives, however, taking time off to relax and revive will leave you in a much better headspace.

Recently, I took a break from school, friends, and even from my full-time job. And, man does time go by fast when you are resting and reviving. Similarly, I also took time to be away from my phone, another stressor that does not allow us to rest and revive ( I actually just broke my phone yet again). I currently am taking a break from all these stressors and simply focusing on reviving myself to get ready for another year of grueling activities.

There’s always time to rest and revive. And, if you’re struggling to find some time to rest and revive, then I would suggest reconsidering your work-load, your personal life, and other aspects of your life that do not seem to be allowing you this freedom.

Take a breath every once in a while, and just breathe. Even if it is only for ten minutes, making time for R&R is underrated, and unacknowledged.

How you spend your time resting and reviving is all up to you, as everyone has different ways they spend time unwinding. I try to utilize my free time journaling, blogging, coloring, hiking, practicing photography and/or napping.

How do you R&R?


Aichan Tewahade