Top 15 Statement Pieces | Summer 2018 Edition

Boy, do I love Summer weather and Summer fashion?

My closet caters to Summer way more than it caters to the Winter, so the majority consists of great Summerwear that I attempt to recycle, or just cycle, into my outfits. Staying on trend is also a major factor of my massive closet, that contains 96% summerwear and only 4% winterwear. Just because I may be trying to stay on-trend does not mean that I have to constantly buy a new Summer wardrobe annually, instead I am able to reuse and recycle pieces that I may have gotten from previous seasons and integrate them into an on-trend outfit.

High-waisted shorts, sun dresses, hats, crop tops, bodysuits, slip dresses, sandals, sneakers, and skirts are some of top fifteen statement pieces for the Summer.

1. High-Waisted Shorts


*No matter what style or color wash, a few pair of high-waisted shorts are necessary and essential for me to get through an entire Summer season*
*Season-and-season again they prove to be the most consistent and the most reliable form of attire that I own*

2. Tie-Dye Swimsuit/Bodysuit | Pac Sun



3. Basic Crop Tops | Urban Outfitters & American Apparel

*Crop tops serve just as consistent and reliable throughout my wardrobe and closet, as high-waisted shorts do*

4. Denim Skirt | H&M

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5. Reflective Mirrored Sunglasses


6. Adidas Floral Embroidered Slip Dress | Urban Outfitters

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7. Flat Black Hat

8. Hi-Top Black & White Lace-Up Sneakers | H&M

9. White Boho Sheer Cover-Up

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10. White Crochet Turtleneck Swimsuit/Bodysuit | Pac Sun

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11. White Platform Sandals | Steve Madden

12. White Circle Skirt Dress | American Apparel

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13. Navy Bow-Tie Top | Elison Rd

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14. Floral Maxi Dress

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15. Black Strappy Heeled Sandals With Silver Embellishment | Steve Madden

My wardrobe is filled with great pieces that are just waiting to be warn once again, after a season of being completely unused.

While trends are always changing and developing, it does not mean that you have to completely forget or get rid of pieces that you may have purchased during a previous season.

I do my best to maintain a minimalistic vibe, especially when it comes to a color scheme, but I also do my best to channel a grungy and bohemian with a minimalistic vibe.

Not every piece on my “top fifteen” list is what everyone would consider a “statement piece,” but not every piece has to be your trendiest purchase. These are just some of my own personal favorite pieces from my wardrobe that help me feel as though I can make a statement with my fashion.

I would love to see and to hear what other people’s top Summer statement pieces are. What is currently making statements in your closet and what are your favorite pieces from the Summer?

Below features what I packed for my most recent vacation to Wisconsin, and one will hopefully notice that many of my summer statement pieces were packed up into my suitcase. There are a few things that are not featured on my statement pieces, however, you will be able to grasp a general understanding of what my wardrobe features and what trends and color schemes I enjoy to play with.



~ Summer daze 5ever ~

Stay cool&Dress Cool.


Aichan Tewahade

Gingham, Stripes, & Checkers, Oh My!

Gingham, stripes and checkered patterned attire is the definition of “oh my,” as it has taken over the fashion industry; perhaps, making them some of the most prominent patterns to be expressing this season.

Anywhere and everywhere I go, I see gingham, stripes, and checkered attire, and I cannot seem to escape them! When these patterned trends first began flooding the fashion industry, I found myself back in my middle school, scene girl, alternative music listening self, when I first became low-key infatuated with checkers, stripes, and gingham attire. This attire was found and purchased exclusively at retailers such as Hot Topic, where I also found my first studded belt.

The checkered trend immediately catered to my grungier side, as I was the most eager to purchase everything with checkered patterns on it. Checkered patterns have made an incredible comeback, as checkers were found in numerous runway shows and are being sported by street walkers and fashion icons alike. This geometrical pattern is incredibly visually stimulating and allows you to get in touch with that grungey, punk girl that has always been hiding inside of you. The trend is very versatile, as individuals of all ages can experiment with this trend. The fashion industry has managed to turn this otherwise teen trend into a trend that even our grandparents can be found sporting, as designers have managed to manipulate the trend into more fashion-forward, ageless, and mature pieces that do not discriminate. While the trend can still be seen as “punk,” or very Hot Topic, young adults are all over this trend to an extreme that is almost suffocating. Yes, I am a contributor to the suffocation, as I purchased a pair of low-top lace up checkered Vans sneakers, as an homage to the trend. The trend can be associated with skaters, punk, etc., however, a fly, subtle pair of checkered sneakers never hurt anybody. Kourtney Kardashian could not even keep away from the trend, as she even owns a pair of checkered low-top lace-up Vans sneakers. The trend is not just limited to Vans sneakers, as you can find this print on just about anything you can think of. This trend can be overwhelming, or even seem a little ridiculous, however, do not doubt checker print until you have given it a chance. For this pattern, stick to one piece of checkered attire, in order to keep the outfit fresh, fashion-forward, and not overwhelming. This trend can go from dope to a hot mess very quickly, if not paired with caution. Do not worry, you do not need to bust into Hot Topic to find checkered print attire now!jklkjljkljhjkkjkjkjkkkkjjjjjjjj

Gingham is a much more girlier print that is taking over the market. Gingham can be seen as a girlier manipulated version of the plaid and the checker print. Gingham print originated in women’s fashion centuries ago and has tirelessly made its’ way into our hearts all the way in 2018. Gingham is another pattern that caters to an ageless audience, whether it be for teenagers or adults. The pattern can be manipulated to come off very mature for those looking for a more mature look and can be extremely playful for those looking for very playful and youthful gingham pieces. Feeling like replacing your plaid attire with something more fashion-forward and a little more feminine? Try gingham. Gingham two-piece sets are a very playful way to sport the trend, and I am even a fan of gingham print pants for those just looking to sport the trend more subtly. Gingham is great to experiment with, especially during the summer, when we are feeling flirty, fun and feminine. Just because the print is associated with a feminine sense of style, do not run away from the pattern all together. Adding your own personal touches to this girlier trend can always assist in making the gingham print work for your style.


Stripes can be seen as a print associated with a preppy style, however, the industry has managed to manipulate the stripe print into different forms, colors, and styles that caters to a wide variety of individual’s styles. Striped pattern attire can be much less playful and much more subtle than gingham print and checkered print clothing. If you are looking to play around with prints, but you are not willing to take the plunge, take a dip in the striped pool. Stripes are extremely timeless and will never go out of style, as it is a very classic print that has served individuals since the beginning of time. Stripes, similar to checkers, are a much more masculine print than gingham print attire, checkered print more so than stripes. Menswear and menswear inspired attire is currently in style in women’s fashion, and stripes can most commonly be found in menswear more often than women’s fashion. Pants, tops, dresses, sweaters, you name it – you can throw stripes on it! It is truly just as simple as that. Stripes are no longer just preppy; they are popular. Get with it! Out of all the upcoming trends, stripes are the most conservative and safe print to play with. It also is a much easier print to work with and incorporate into your wardrobe, all while catering to your personal style. Stripes may be the most conventional print, but do not underestimate the playfulness of the pattern.

Patterns are a great way to give your outfit a personality and now is the time to take advantage of the surge of these patterns, as we may not see them for another decade. This season there seems to be patterns in style that cater to a wide variety of styles that truly allow us to broaden and develop our sense of style. No matter how intimidating the print, keep a patterned piece of each of these trends in your wardrobe. Do not be afraid to be playful for this summer! Try something new!pfjdkddkdkdjkjklekjkkkd

Are you intimidated by these prints? What are some of your favorite prints for this upcoming season? Let me know.

Always remember – If you like it, wear it! Gingham, stripes, and checkers are much less intimidating than lions, tigers, and bears, so do not be so quick to move on from this trend.


Aichan Tewahade

Caught Up In The Nets

You now officially have every reason to whip out your fishnet tights that you have sitting around your filthy closet.

Fishnet tights have made a particular comeback this season, especially in young women’s street wear. It goes beyond wearing them under your favorite dresses and skirts, though this season.

The most recent trend in young women’s fashion is is to pair these peculiar patterned tights under a pair of distressed jeans. Often, young models are seen pairing them underneath high-waisted distressed jeans, paired with a basic crop top. The point of the fishnet trend is to have the fishnets showing above your high-waisted pants and through the distressed parts of your jeans.

It is a recent, and upcoming trend, mostly sported by young adults, specifically women. Fishnets may be something of the past, or maybe even too much for you, however, if they are paired with a more simplistic crop top, or even a cropped hoodie, you can achieve this grungier look successfully.

The fishnets add a grungy, punk appeal to your outfit, and they are a great way to spice up your basic distressed jeans, especially if you have been feeling bored of your distressed jeans lately. As denim has made a rise in popularity, there have been many unique ideas to update, and spice up, your most basic distressed denim.

Update your look a little bit this season, but don’t get too caught up in the (fish) nets.


Aichan Tewahade

Oooh, Baby (Pink)!!

Baby pink is the word on the street, and you should take a good, long listen to it. season.

Try switching it up from the dark hues and nude tones, that are currently in this season, with a light touch of baby pink.

Baby pink resembles neon pink, but is a much more mellow variation of this color, leaving you lots of room to experiment with this season with it. Make a not-so-subtle, playful statement, with baby pink overalls from Forever 21, or with a baby pink baseball cap from Urban Outfitters, or even with a baby pink choker from Target. You can even find baby pink sneakers this season, so if you really want to step up your sneaker game this season, try sporting the popular sneaker trend in a baby pink hue. Adidas and Puma have incorporated some baby pink tones into their recent collections.

Baby pink attire is eligible for use by women of all ages, as it a young color for all women to experiment with. Plus, it goes with all skin tones, so baby pink does not discriminate!

Do not worry, you can sport baby pink in any article of clothing or accessory, because there is no absolutely no shortage of baby pink clothing and accessories these days.

It was a hard hit-or-miss with baby pink, as many women have recently been gravitating towards nude tones and dark hues. Luckily, this summer, baby pink is making a presence among fashion retailers, as designers tried to find a happy medium between a fun, youthful color, and a color that could be also be mature and timeless, all while catering to the consumer’s needs. The color itself can be described as a nude, or pastel, pink tone, reintroducing the relevant nude tone trend that has taken over the fashion market. Baby pink is definitely the most playful form of the “nude-ish” tones that continue to keep expanding their presence this season.

There is most certainly a big market for baby pink, as it caters to the needs of women of all ages and skin tones. Older women should not be afraid to try this vivacious trend, as baby pink comes in many hues and caters to many different styles, allowing everyone to play with the fun tone. Similarly, it does not matter what kind of style you sport, whether it be grungy, girly, tomboy, etc., because there is a baby pink something out there for everyone.

Keep it light and airy this season with a neutral, pastel tone pink. Despite the name, it is not just for babies!


Aichan Tewahade

Basic B***H

As Spring slowly comes to a close and Summer is right around the corner, basics should be apart of your wardrobe. Basics are great, because you can layer with them, they are versatile, and they are timeless, because they never go out of style.

Now, when I say basics, I mean plain t-shirts, no designs or intricate patters – just a plain, old Jane top. These are also what some call essentials, and just like their name, they are incredibly essential this season.

Looks I would recommend include layering your basics underneath tank tops, slip dresses, a denim jacket, or cardigan. The idea of being able to wear them alone or underneath articles of clothing, makes basics very versatile.

One of the best parts about the use of basics is the idea that you can pair them with even your most outrageous jackets, slip dresses, crop tops, etc. Since basics are so plain as it is, pairing them with statement pieces is a great option to take with them. If you want to make your outfit more exciting. pairing statement pieces and basics is a perfect opportunity for you to cycle in wearing your statement pieces this season. I know I do not wear my statement pieces enough, anyways.

If you want to keep the outfit simple, however, throwing a basic on over a pair of jeans is always a valid option. How you decide to wear your basics is up to you!

Basics can come in the form of crop tops, tank tops, basic t-shirts, and basic long-sleeve t-shirts. They can also be loose or form-fitting, distressed and not distressed, low v-neck or high v-neck. Whatever your style may be, there are basics out there that cater to everyone’s needs and desires.

Since the weather is not quite warm enough every day to be wearing summer wear, basics are a great alternative to get to wear your summer clothes paired with something underneath to keep you a little warmer.

Layering is one of the best things you can do for yourself, especially during the transitional seasons.

Break out those basics, it is time to be a basic betch.


Aichan Tewahade

Distressin’ Over Nothin’

Do not let anything but your clothes be distressin’ you this season.

Distressed denim, jackets, tops, etc. are a way to jump into this summer season, with a fun statement. You can distress just about anything, from tops to bottoms, and they serve as a versatile look for both women and men.

Whether you debut light distressing or heavy distressing, it adds a more punk, grunge look to your outfit, which is certainly in this upcoming season. Distressed crop tops, distressed denim, distressed jackets, distressed dresses, you name it, they have it.

Distressed denim, in particular has found its’ way back into our beloved hearts, and style icons of every age have been engaging in the trend. Distressing is a fun trend that is great to wear for every day casual wear, as well as a statement piece for a night out.

This is an all ages inclusive trend, as well as an all inclusive gender trend, for both males and females. Best part about it is that it is completely gender neutral! Great for everyone.
how to wear

Not to mention, distressing can update an old article of clothing you never really thought about and is an easy DIY project! It’s not very time consuming, and can really do a lot to an old pair of jeans, top, jacket, or dress you were trying to sell at the nearest Plato’s Closet.

Stop distressin’ about your life, and start distressing your closet. This is a universally awesome trend that you should hop on board for!


Aichan Tewahade

Protect Ya Neck!

Keep your neck warmer this season with turtlenecks and scarves. Dive into this season making a statement.

Turtlenecks have made a comeback from the 90s, manufactured and sold by fashion labels such as Gucci, Michael Khors, who has also made a line of turtlenecks for men, as well. For a similar look on a budget, H&M, Forever 21, and Tobi, also sell this versatile statement piece. This season’s message is practical and warm, as we transition into Spring. Deep hues, such as black and deep green, yellow, and red hues, are a perfect way to make your turtleneck the statement of your outfit. Whether you decide to dress it up or dress it down, this trend is a must-try.

Scarves are another seasonal statement piece for those looking to achieve a minimalistic look. Neutral hues and tones are a timeless way for you to incorporate the neck-warming trend. Gigi Hadid was seen at this year’s New York Fashion Week sporting this timeless neckwear.