Letting Go Of Split Ends

I am feeling very cleansed, after I let go of some dead (hair folicle) ends, literally. Sometimes, you just have to let go and lighten your load.
With the new year in full swing, I let go of about 5 inches of hair, along with some toxic energy that came with the hair.

Snipping your hair folicles figuratively imitates the act of cutting the excess toxic energy as your life and can serve as a somewhat therapeutic action.

Change can be great.
And. sometimes all we need is a new haircut to give us the change we need.

New Year, New Haira631bb89-8023-4a0e-baf5-76228480b53fe641c885-8c8c-474f-9322-6ce8810d3abe729c3994-7653-467d-b0d2-95e2cf1b9266fb36129c-c759-444e-97f8-edc4b4688761 What changes do you plan on making on your hair this year?


Aichan Tewahade