Reasons To Love Yourself

1. Don’t beat yourself up – you already have society and strangers who will do that for you.

2. No matter who you are or what you are – someone is going to be envious of something that you have, who you are, your skills (basically something about your existence) that they just may not be born with, are capable of achieving, or lack the skill set to perform.

3. No matter what you or others tell you – you always have something unique to offer the world.

4. Someone out there appreciates you other than yourself, even if it is just your mom, your pet, or that incessant mosquito that won’t stop sucking your blood.

5. Instead of spending your time inefficiently and unenjoyably hating on yourself, try to make the best of life and enjoy your time by just appreciating yourself. Life is short, spending it efficiently is vital.

6. Everyone hates their face to a certain degree and question their own beauty, including Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. Once again, instead of spending your time and life inefficiently hating your face, accept that this is what you look like. Literally, look at the mirror. Look at yourself. Keep looking. Then, realize your reflection is a fairly accurate reflection of your face. Accept that, even with plastic surgery, you look the way that you do. Once you have looked at yourself in the mirror enough and have processed what you physically look like, you can begin accepting your appearance rather than hating it. Just tell yourself, “Well, this is me. This is what I look like. Yup, that’s it. This is what I look like. I may as well accept that this is what my face looks like now because this is reality and this is what my face legitimately looks like.” After a few trials of processing what your face generally looks like, you won’t run into as many surprises when you look at yourself in the mirror. The less surprises, the better.

7. When you love yourself, you tend to love others more. Often, showering them with love, happiness, kindness and compliments.

8. Genetically speaking, there is NO ONE ELSE in the world that looks exactly like you.

9. When you love yourself, you radiate and glow without having to have to become pregnant.

10. It feels nice to like yourself and show off your skills, assets and existence to other people confidentially.

11. When you spend less time criticizing yourself and loving yourself, you spend less time critiquing others around you.

12. When you love yourself, there is nothing holding you back from opportunities, risks, etc. other than yourself.

13. Loving yourself allows you to grow, expand and flourish as a person.

14. It is seriously painful and gruesome to spend time feeling insecure and obsessing about small facets of yourself that you hate or believe are flawed, especially when you are out with others, at work, or even when you are spending time with your friends.

15. What you see in the mirror is not the way that others see you. While you may see chewbaca, others see Princess Leia.

16. When you love yourself, you know how to take a compliment without making subtly attempting to fish more compliments out of each other.

17. Loving yourself allows you to be more accepting of yourself. You learn how to be channel a genuine self, without the feeling of upkeeping an image.

18. Loving yourself means that you are comfortable spending time by yourself. Call me a narcissist, but I am great company for myself.

19. When you love yourself enough, you magically gain the ability to have some sensible humor and can actually not only make good jokes about your flaws or mistakes, but you are able to take a joke about yourself.

20. You have a lifelong, 5ever friend that you can always count on (a.k.a. yourself). You will never be without a friend when you are your own best friend.


Yes ma’am and/or sir, you can finally trying so hard to maintain your image, whether it be on social media or off-line. While social media is great and you can present your life as cool as you would like to, this will no longer be necessary, as you will find out that your life is already cool enough and does not need to be broadcasted over social media with the intention of trying to impress others.

22. With that said, you will find yourself comparing yourself less to others and their lives, the ones they broadcast on social media and their real ones. You can stop comparing body types, clothes, hair type, etc. You will find yourself celebrating others, and most importantly, focusing on yourself.

The best part about self-love is the act of celebration – the celebration of yourself, as well as the celebration of others. However, instead of constantly focusing on what others are thinking, or the way you may be judged or seen, you begin focusing and worrying about YOU, YOURSELF, AND NO ONE ELSE. Placing more of an effort to focus on yourself and your own happiness is very important, and a vital step in achieving self-love. You will never truly end up loving yourself if you find yourself constantly living for others, or living in fear of others.

Sometimes, it is hard to escape the negative critique, as our society DOES NOT teach the act of self-love, rather they capitalize on things, such as envy, judgement, hatred, negativity, and criticism. It is a rare occasion when our society engages in a genuine celebration of someone else’s success, and much more popular for our society to focus on tearing others down.

Shallow aspects, such as what you wear, one’s beauty, one’s body type, one’s ability to fit in, one’s wealth and status, one’s ethnicity, one’s friend group, one’s success, one’s social media presence and their social media image, one’s interests, hobbies and morals, among other things, of one’s existence are heavily judged, as society places an enormous emphasis on shallow aspects, such as those listed above, as they serve as a sort of criteria as to how an individual can live an “idealistic,” “cool,” and “successful” life. It just another way that society creates a barrier from allowing the world to come together and just love. Instead of just accepting and embracing difference, society highlights the differences within people, in order to create a division, a societal hierarchy, and set up superficial standards and images that an individual must meet in order to be accepted into society. In other words, instead of promoting individuality, our society is promoting conformity and capitalizing on the idea that if one does not meet certain shallow, irrelevant criteria that they will not immediately be accepted into society, let along be treated kindly.

Leave the self-hate on Satan’s plate.

What is something about yourself that you absolutely love? Let me know!


Aichan Tewahade

Growing Pains: Liberate Me

Be the most genuine form of yourself. It’s liberating!

As difficult as it may be sometimes, as we are constantly changing and growing, being the person you are and feel at this very moment is something one must learn to do as we grow into different stages in our lives.

How you genuinely spend your days alone is no one’s business and does not dictate the person you are.

Being genuine means honesty, which is the ultimate form of kindness and genuinity. You will be surprised how much love will be in your life when you begin embracing every bone in your body, and begin being honest with the most important person in your life, yourself.

This genuine person is the real person behind all of your Instagram posts, and perceived outward images.

Who are you when you are all alone?

Who are you today? Who are you tomorrow? Will you be the same person? Will you be happy with yourself?

The amount of love and happiness that will come out of being genuine is incredible. Plus, feeling like you have no shame or anything to hide or lie about is a liberating aspect of unleashing your true self. Unlimited amounts of happiness and love is not hard to attain, if you are living for your own self, free of labels, or societal expectations. This should also bring a sense of stability within your life, as you will not be constantly changing who you are for others. And, any source of stability is a blessing in this world.

Finding yourself at any age and embracing the person you are at this current moment is a hard feat for anyone, including myself.

But what I have learned is that, if you stop basing your image of yourself based on what others are doing or what they think, and do what you truly want to be doing, you can find a genuine sense of self. This applies to any aspect of your life.

Living a life based on what you want others to think of you is toxic. Constantly spend more time embracing yourself and celebrating yourself.

Days may be long and challenging as you try to find out what you truly want in this world, but finding peace within yourself is one way to combat the chaos of our society.

I stand by the idea that anything you do with your friends, you should feel comfortable doing by yourself. Finding that genuine side of yourself will allow you to embrace the idea of independence, find a drive to live your life as you would like to, and allow you to comfortably spend time alone, rather than always in a group setting.

Completely isolating yourself is not the goal of finding yourself. You need to be able to find a balance between being with friends and company, and making time to spend time doing what you love.

You should love every aspect of your life, just as you should love every aspect of yourself.

Embrace your soul and be a soulful, passionate person that you were put on this world to be.


Aichan Tewahade