Netflix Binge-worthy Shows

Feeling bored? Maybe you are even struggling to find a show worthy of your time and energy to invest in. Trust me, I was there.

For a while, I was feeling truly disappointed with Netflix, especially after they removed my all-time favorite show Desperate Housewives. It is safe to say that I gave up on it for about four years. Up until this year, I could not seem to find anything on Netflix to even watch. And, finding television episodes online off of bunky sites just was not cutting it for me.

I now revoke my previous statement about being so disappointed with Netflix, as they released a handful of new, bingeworthy shows that you should spend some time enjoying.


This is one of Netflix’s newest releases, released on July 21, 2017. There is currently only one season available for streaming. The show features Jason Bateman, who also produced the show. Bateman plays the main character, depicting a successful money launderer. Though he is good at what he does, his career choices and lack of moral judgement lands him in very comprimising situations. The show is capitivating, with lots of twists and turns, keeping you on your feet. The show features Bateman in a totally different light, as he can be viewed as narcasstic and selfish, exposing his family to the dangers of his reckless decisions. Laura Linney is also featured in the show, playing his dutiful wife. The dynamic of their relationship, and his relationship with his daughter, and his son, is another aspect of the show that leaves viewers in shock. Nothing about this show is traditional. Lucky for us, Ozark has been scheduled for another season very recently. The trailer for the new season is below.



Gypsy is also another Netflix original that was released recently, and though it does not appeal to everyone, I find the show capitivating and facisnating to observe. In a sense, it puts the world of psychiatry in perspective. While some may conclude that therapists and psychiatrists are “perfect,” it takes a different take on this common misperception. Jean, the main character, and the psychiatrist of the show seems to be appear to be your average psychiatrist. As the show progresses, we begin to see how almost flawed, and far from perfect she is. In fact, from first glance, you would never expect the behavior that she engages in throughout the show. Though there is currently only one season of the show, it is an interesting watch for those who are looking to indulge in, especially if you are looking for some drama.


oj simpson
American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson

ENOUGH SAID, RIGHT? This show has become one of my guiltiest pleasures. This is the first show of its’ kind, and I found it to be interesting to watch. Though I found some aspects of the show to be dramatized and biased, I do believe that they did a good job displaying both sides of the controversy. I, personally, enjoy learning and watching shows, such as these as I find them somewhat educational, and overall interesting to watch. The acting on the show was also very raw, and I truly believe that they depicted the situation in the most emotionally-in-tune way that they could.



After the release of the movie Limitless, Netflix decided to expand their horizons and create a Netflix series. I was very hesitant to begin it at first, thinking that there was no way that they could possibly expand on the movie. Personally, I enjoyed the movie a bit more, but the show itself is easy to get into. While it may not be the most top-notch show, I do like the way that they took a twist on the movie, including the drug featured in the movie, NZT. NZT is essentially a supernatural drug that allows individuals to perform at high levels of intelligence, but it obviously leads to destruction. In the television series, Brian Finch finds a way to avoid these side effects, and the FBI decides to utilize his tolerance to NZT to help them solve cases. Yes, it another one of those “NCIS” type shows, but I do enjoy it and find it mentally stimulating.


friends from college
Friends From College

THIS NETFLIX ORIGINAL INCORPORATES HUMOR. The storyline is not anything new or unique, but the cast and the humor incorporated in the show should not be ignored. The episodes are random, funny, and a little bit awkward from time-to-time, and overall, the show is just silly. The cast is great and they have such great chemistry. This is another one of the newer Netflix originals that just came out, and only has one season. But, if you are looking for some good laughs, give it a try.



I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this Netflix original. I can not tell if it’s because I love fashion, Nasty Gal, or the whole concept behind the entire show. BUT, I NEED ANOTHER SEASON. The show was originally based on Sophia Amoruso’s #GIRLBOSS, and it is based on a true story, discussing how Amoruso created her empire fashion company Nasty Gal. Britt Robinson, who plays Sophia, does the utmost job presenting Amoruso in a sarcastic, hilarious, and bad ass way. This show was right up my alley, and I loved the way the presented Amoruso’s story. Not to mention this was something different, refreshing, and new series that no one had ever produced. Though it did not appeal to everyone’s taste, the show will not be around for a second season. For me, the show truly spoke to me, my attitude, and I have secretly always wanted to start my own clothing company. Understandbly, the show being cancelled had a lot to do with Amoruso’s company going bankrupt recently. I wish they would have another season, because there is a lot that they could do with the show. For now, enjoy it and BE YOUR OWN BOSS. I am super bummed out about the cancellation of the show, but enjoy it while you can.

I have yet to explore some of the new Netflix Originals that people have been ranting and raving about, which I will list below. Let me know your personal favorite Netflix shows, and whether you enjoyed the show or not.

  1. Dear White People
  2. House Of Cards
  3. The Confession Tapes
  4. Stranger Things
  5. White Gold
  6. Icarus
  7. Black Mirror
  8. Mad Men

Remember, not all of these will appeal to everyone, but these are my newest guilty pleasures. I’ll even admit most of them are not the greatest, but if there’s only one season, why not, right?



Aichan Tewahade

Praisin’ Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler, thank you for being my life goals, source of laughter, source of inspiration, etc. for me! This lady is truly something else. She can make even the most silent  giggle outloud. That is a powerful mechanism that few possess. In addition to her relatable, yet bold humor and powerful statements, she also is a dignified writer, releasing a few of her own personal, very comedic, hysterical novels. My personal favorite is Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, CHELSEA. And, yes this book was one of her many successes she has achieved in this recent decade.

Not going to lie, I fell out of touch with Chelsea after her days on E! Television Network. It’s not that I got sick of watching her hilarious rants about recent entertainment news, with her fellows comedian amigo; It was that Chuy left the show. Chuy made that show incredible, and I think Chelsea herself, felt like she needed to make a new, bold move.

Recently, I checked out her Netflix original series Chelsea, which I recommend to everyone. The comedic transitioned from reporting about entertainment news, and focused her comedy towards world news and controversial news, morals, ethics, broadening her audience. It is still a talk-host setting, however, it is much more professional. Not to mention her more updated short ‘do, and her very classic fashion taste that she displays in every countless episode. This girl can talk, and she can talk well. The show did so well the first season, it even got extended with Netflix for another season.


Handler made a bold move transitioning from a television network to an online streaming network, but did managed it successfully.

Chelsea not only educates, but makes me laugh out loud, literally. I am not only learning, but laughing. Learning, while laughing, is the best way to learn. Like, I would not have it any other way. Plus, her comedic transitional tidbits are incredibly hilarious and keep viewers, such as me, interested and excited for the next transitional piece.

Learning can be fun, and so can having opinions. This is what Chelsea Handler has taught me. It is important, and if you so desperately need to have fun while keeping up with worldly news, check out the weekly updated show.

The new content is hilarious, and she has even upgraded the individuals she has featured on her show. Her content is not only fresh, enlightening, and funny, but somehow relatable all at the same time. Some may call her comedic blasphemy, but I think she is brilliant, hilarious to say the least, and one of the most diverse comedics of our time.

Chelsea can be seen as a upgrade for Handler’s career, as it has always been skyrocketing recently.

As if there are more reasons you should watch this show, go ahead…click on that Netflix original. It is great for those looking to Netflix ‘n Chill.


Aichan Tewahade

PS. This is basically a creepy homage to Chelsea Handler, the woman, the myth and the legend. Enjoy it, and embrace the weirdness, please. She is everything I live for these days…Chelsea is good, Chelsea is great, I hope Chelsea sees this.

How To Make Work More Fun

UGH. BLAH. BLECH. We all get it….we all hate going to work, and even the idea of working kind of sucks.

Every day that we have to go into work there’s that little voice inside the back of your head telling you to call into work sick, come up with some malignant lie about how your grandmother is dying in the hospital, etc. Here are some ways you can make work a little more enjoyable:

  1. Befriend your coworkers – Being in an environment with friends can make all shifts seem shorter and less grueling. The more friends you are able to make at work, the more enjoyable the job may seem. Cracking jokes and asking your coworkers questions, or simply just treating them like they are your friend, will assist in making work seem more of a fun environment than just a workplace.
  2. Put in 100% effort when going into work – As backwards as this seems, keeping yourself busy with mindless actions can help the day go by faster. Pick up the slack of your other coworkers, and find new things to do around your work space that can help both you and your team.
  3. Think of all the other things you would not be doing if you were not at work – Literally, what else would you be doing/? I know I’m not the only one that does not want to move or crawl out of their bed in the morning just because you have to pee. Most of the population does a version of Netflix and chill, or just hang around doing nothing.
  4. Think of the money you are making – Money, though it does not dictate much, is necessary to survive in this world. Think of all the money you are making, as you contrast, what you would be doing at home not getting paid.
  5. Find a decent paying job that does not require overtime hours to make a living – Being paid strictly minimum wage is rough, especially when the perks are not so enticing. Try finding a job where you can make tips, which will increase your pay just a little more. You could also just find a job that pays more than minimum wage, try shooting for something that may be a reach. Everyone needs to make a living, wherever you decide to work, make sure to weigh out the pros and cons of how much your pay is, and whether you feel as though you are getting paid evenly for the work that you put in.
  6. Try to stay at a job for longer than six months – Constantly trying to find a new job, because you are bored of your other job, or got fired, etc. is draining. Job hunting is a hard feat as it is, and finding the perfect job is not quite realistic when you are just trying to make ends meet. Having to be trained at nine different new things, having to meet new coworkers, having to figure out the ropes of a new job is ultimately tiring. Finding a steady long-term job will help decrease levels of anxiety about every aspect of working. Once you’ve learned the ropes of a new job, stick with it for a while. Sticking with a job can come with rewards, such as bonuses, wage raises, and a great recommendation.
  7. Figure out what you are good at – Figure out what you are good at and stick with it. Find a job that lines up with your interests and is not extremely stressful, because it is not something you excel in. Finding your niche can help set you apart from other workers, and show your team where the best position to utilize you is. Once you’re being put to good use, you will find that the rest of your team will have less anxiety, as you will excel in that position, and the compliments will be flying out the door.
  8. Messing up sucks – This is slightly negative, but you will make mistakes anywhere you work. It is impossible to be perfect, and yes, everyone knows how much messing up sucks. The longer you are with a company, the less likely you are to make mistakes, as you begin to master your work environment. Take the constructive criticisms as what they are, not as a dictator of what you are worth. Similarly, the longer you work somewhere, the easier it is to overcome your mess ups and hopefully joke around about your mistakes in the past.
  9. Communicate with everyone on the team – Learn to communicate with others on your team. The more you communicate, the less likely there will be confusion. Speak with your manager if you are feeling like you are being scheduled too much or too little. If you need a favor, tell your other coworkers what you need from them. Ask, talk, and communicate – these are all things that will make work much less painful.
  10. Be on good behavior around the owner – Being on good behavior in general is a must in making your work experience much more enjoyable. Being in the good graces of your owner or management staff is something that you will realize is vital is maintaining a job, getting good recommendations, etc. Management is who you report to generally if you are beginning a job, they are constantly watching to make sure that you are the right fit for the job. Keep things professional with less jokes, less side banter, less complaining. Focus on your job and doing it right when they are around. This is a time, where knowing your niche and showing off your skill sets will benefit you. Do what is asked of you.
  11. Bring a positive attitude to work – Do not be that person that is always incessantly complaining about doing a job that they applied for, knowing the criteria and what is asked of them. Be positive and bring a good energy to work. This will help time go by faster and help the team maintain a level head if someone is having a bad day. If you started on a bad note, try to recuperate and end things on a good note. Having a good perspective on the idea of working, and trying your best to make it enjoyable with positive energy, will do more than just help your coworkers feel better. It will honestly probably score you more tips. A happy, positive environment is an environment that customers enjoy.