2018 Intentions & Resolutions

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We all feel a need and a desire to set intentions for the new year, and as we all know, 2018 is upon us. Since we have 365 days to accomplish goals, better ourself, etc., it is common practice to reset our goals and intentions, as we reflect on our past year.

A new year almost feels therapeutic, as it allows you to not only reflect on our last year, but assess ways in which we can improve, help ourselves, and evaluate where we are in our own life. While we can set new goals and intentions every day if we so pleased, a new year allows us to feel as if we have a fresh start, after the previous 365 days we experienced.

There are many universally common new years resolutions that people to set for the new year, such as being a good person, complaining less, budgeting better, spending time being more happy, spending more time with family and friends, getting healthier, exercising more, getting more involved in your community, etc. These are fairly standard new years resolutions, as well as great building blocks for setting your new years resolutions.

Setting more specific, goal-oriented resolutions that you uniquely and specifically would like to work on, accomplish, etc. is important and will help keep you motivated for the new year. To a certain extent, new years resolutions helps keep one grounded, focused, and gives the year a purpose. While you may not be able to plan every day, as life is completely unexpected and no one can ever predict what hurdles you may come across that year setting resolutions is assisting in mapping out your year, specifically your priorities.

Sometimes, setting specific resolutions can be difficult, as it may require you to look deeper into yourself, forcing you to acknowledge areas that you need to work on, or you may not be happy with yourself about. If human beings can all relate to something, it is that we all have qualities and sides to us that we are not proud of, need to work on, and do not want to show people.

Great new years resolutions also can involve working on specific aspects of your lifestyle, personality, health, etc. Maybe, this year you would like to acknowledge any health issues, lifestyle problems, personality traits, etc. that you struggle with, or would like to work on.

Some goals or resolutions cannot be achieved in a matter of 365 days, and these goals may take years or even a lifetime of work, but setting small goals that help you reach these long-term goals is a great way to begin, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed or it requires a long-term process. Taking small steps to assist in reaching your final goals is extremely gratifying, while it may simultaneously be frustrating.

As I mentioned before, New Years is a great holiday for reflection, and the last thing you want to feel is regretful for not at least attempting to accomplish your specific goals. In fact, you want to look back on your year and be proud of yourself of your accomplishments, and at minimum, be pleased with yourself.

My new years resolutions this year:Continuing my journey towards seeking help for my mental health – This year was difficult on my own mental health and the psychological effects were tremendously difficult to overcome, as it is still a struggle. I have put going to therapy, seeking help, and staying my medication as a backburner. Instead of bottling up what I am dealing with, I need to seize the courage to continue seeking help, as it is a lifelong battle. I vow to start being honest with my therapist and my psychiatrist. I do not want to hold back or continue making excuses. In addition, I want to come to terms with the fact that my diagnoses do not define me, neiither do my prescriptions, neither does my past, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. I also will stop making excuses for continuing my journey to get healthy and get happy.

  1. Allowing myself to heal/relax – I need to learn how to relax and put myself first. Sometimes, I push myself beyond my own boundaries, barely giving myself time to catch a breathe. I do this in order to avoid my feelings and emotions. This behavior usually blows up in my face. I am hoping that this will lead to a discovery of new hobbies that I can pick up, or start reconnecting with old hobbies. In general though, this year, I want to learn how to balance working hard with relaxing, but mostly learning that it is okay to get bored sometimes. I do not always need to be extremely productive and a super-hard worker, sometimes I need a break too. While I have free time, I want to develop my art skills, start crafting more, and pick up some new hobbies.
  2. Embracing myself – I need to stop explaining myself to others and myself, comparing myself to other people, and letting others opinions of me get me down. I am who I am, and while I am confident in myself most of the time, I need to work on just being comfortable with who I am. I have recently let other people’s opinions of me define me and began believing it; which has almost made me a different person. I love who I am, and while sometimes it is hard, I need to truly begin believing my self worth. This also means that I need to begin embracing my flaws, accepting my mistakes, and deeply looking into them. I will be doing an investigation of both the good and the bad of myself. Hopefully, I can grow in more aspects than one. Similarly, I need to start being confident with where I am with my life and comfortable with where I am in my life. I have been completely questioning myself recently, especially when there is no need. Embracing and loving every aspect of my reality, while it may be difficult, is what I am shooting for this year.
  3. Get Involved In The Community – I have been yearning to start volunteering again, or being a part of my community, both in school and in the Boulder County area. I want to start attending more local events, joining a club, attending more school events, or even volunteering through a non-profit organization. I feel like this is an important aspect of growth and allows you to fully embrace and engage in the community you are apart of. I would love to get to know and get more involved with my school, as well as my community. I would love to also meet more people who may share similar interests, form more bonds, and take advantage of the opportunities in front of me. Volunteering has seemingly been calling my name recently and giving back to the community has been a goal of mine for a while – I just need to take action. I would love to do something involving nature or helping others. Beyond volunteering and getting involved within my local community, I would also like to go as far as staying informed with current, world events, and perhaps in the future, getting involved in volunteering in other countries. I feel like being informed about current events happening around the world is a way to get involved, to a certain extent.
  4. Find A Job That Aligns With My Interests And/Or Majors – I have constantly been working customer-service positions, retail jobs, or food-service positions. I would like to either get a job that aligns with either of my majors, psychology or advertising, or get an internship that coincides with what I am studying. In short, I would just like to work a more serious job, as I feel like I have been holding myself short. In my dreams, I would love to work for a fashion-related company or organization, as well. I have a lot of work to do and many things I must learn to become a master of degrees, but I know I am capable of more than just a customer-service based job. Throughout the year, I vow to apply time-and-time again for positions that better suite my needs and interests, in the hopes I find something that works.
  5. Engage in Physical Activity At Least Three Times A Week – Physical health is extremely important for me, as it serves more than a purpose of staying healthy. It also brings me peace of mind. It is easy to get lazy and neglect your physical wellbeing, as sticking to a strict regiment can be difficult. This is always an area I can improve on. I specifically use hiking as my form of exercise, and while I am open-minded to expanding my physical activities, I would like to hike a minimum of three times a week. The hardest step for me is walking out the door. At some point this year, I would like to do the Manitou Springs Incline trail and hike a 14er. These are some of my hiking goals. I would love to try some new physical activities, as well, such as zumba, hot yoga, skiing, and rock climbing. I also love hula hooping, so I want to start hooping again.
  6. Budget Carefully – As I am entering my early 20s, I am forced to slowly pick up responsibilities, specifically my financially. As I am blessed my parents financially support me with rent, I pay for about everything else in my life. While I work long hard hours, I could have a much more comfortable financial situation, if I choose to spend money less on materialistic things. While I am lucky to have access to FAFSA, I am only allotted so much money, and in some cases, I have to pay out-of-pocket for classes. I need to be much more financially stable and would like to start being conscious of my spending habits. With that said, when it comes to spending money, I would like to work on spending less money on materialistic things, such as  clothes, home decorations, etc., and more on experiences, such as vacations, trips, concerts, etc.
  7. Continue My Education (Finish My College Experience) – While it has not been easy and the rest of my education will be paid through FAFSA, I would like to continue taking the steps to complete my double degree at the University of Colorado. It may not happened the way I wanted to, or in the timeline, that I wished, but I am going to continue working hard in order to complete it. Graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder and receiving a undergraduate degree has been a long-term goal for me. Similarly, I vow to ask for the help I need when I am confused, stay in contact with professors and teacher assistants, work hard by making school work a priority, and to reach out to my advisors when necessary.
  8. Prioritize Spending Time With Loved Ones (No More Toxic Friends) – I used to prioritize spending time and giving my love to those who may not have had the best interests for me. While I have no hard feelings nor regret these old friendships, this year I want to focus on the friendships that are real, raw, and meaningful, with both family and friends.. Prioritizing your time with good company with people that mean well, and have honest intentions with you, is completely underrated. Alotting my time with the important people in my life, and my support system, is what I am aiming to do. Also, I am going to be better about sticking through with my plans with these friends and staying in communication with them. I would just like to treat my amazing friends and family correctly, and with the utmost respect, honesty, and kindness. ALSO, REMEMBER FAMILY IS ALWAYS IMPORTANT.
  9. Be More Honest – You can never be too honest. In some ways, I am too honest, but when it comes to honesty about emotions, I am not honest enough. I want to start learning to be vulnerable and be honest about my emotions this year, because suppressing them has led to some horribly detrimental circumstances. While this has been a long-term goal for me for a while, it is still something I am working on. When I am not honest, I tend to lash out towards the ones who love me, and that is not right. Pushing others away when you are in pain is the last thing one should do, yet it is like second nature for me. I am going to be more honest with communicating my emotions and needs, specifically at times when I need help and support from others. Being honest emotionally for me is difficult, but it is important. I would like to continue working on this.
  10. Travel More – I have not seen the world enough lately and traveling is so therapeautic. I keep saying that I will travel more, but have not followed through. I would like to explore the world more. I do not need to get out of the country, per say, but I would like to see and visit National Parks, National Monuments, and see beautiful things. We are constantly surrounded by beautiful things and we only live once, so I would like to see as much beauty as possible. I am going to make traveling and seeing new places and cultures a priority – THOUGH IT KIND OF SCARES ME.
  11. Sky Dive – I always have one adrenaline-junky activity I do once a year. I am NOT an adrenaline-junky, however, I would love to sky dive. I am extremely terrified of heights and this is something that I would love to do. It has been on my bucket list for a while and I think I am finally ready for it. *Fingers crossed, I actually do it* I mean…everyone’s doing it, right?
  12. Continue Blogging Regularly – This blog is my BABY. I love it and it is my first personal project. In fact, it was my new years resolution last year to start one. While my blog is not at 6 billion followers, I have gained momentum. Scratch that, honestly, the most important part for me is that I have stuck with it. It is extremely difficult for me to stick with something, but this is something I love and spend many hours dedicating time to construct my words, thoughts, and emotions. Blogging means more to me than just putting my thoughts out for the world to hear, it is a way of therapy and something that I am truly proud of. I was always afraid of how many likes I would get and many superficial things. I even wondering and questioned whether any would even bother reading or coming across my material. I like to believe I am a good writer, however, I am SO PROUD to say that I have 66 valuable, amazing followers and my blog has grown so much (IT HAS NOT EVEN BEEN A YEAR!). Having heard feedback and getting likes, I continued with something I honestly was unsure of, but I am believing in my skills. I took a break during the middle of the year, completely avoiding blogging, and now it has become a priority for me. This is something that I have built on my own and I am so proud of it. I am completely humbled by it, as it is something I would consider a passion and a hobby. ANYWAYS I COULD GO ON FOREVER! But, to my lovely, amazing readers and followers, THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING ME AND THE LOVE! Every read, every click, every like, and every comment means the world to me and helps keep me going. I vow to keep providing valuable content and showcasing my skills, in the hope of developing and maturing my blog. Moral of the story: I want to expand and mature my blog, and create more quality content for my viewers and readers.
  13. Be Healthy – Treat ‘yo self right! Though I am not conscious of my body and have been blessed with an extremely fast metabolism, I know how importance it is to eat correctly and eat right. I vow to drink more water, eat more greens, have meals that have most of the colors of the rainbows, to lay off the sugar, and have a regular sleep schedule. These all change and alter our moods more than we know, and recently, I went vegan (I still do indulge in meat from time-to-time), but generally, I eat vegan and gluten-free foods. My mood and overall wellbeing has changed. I would like to stick to a healthy diet and continue taking care of myself.

These are some of my new years resolutions, goals, and things I would like to focus on. I could write 7,0000 things I would like to do this upcoming year, but this is a general idea.

As the year progreses, I will continue to keep you updated on where I have come, as far as working on my resolutions and goals. I am hoping for a good turn-out, for not just me, but for everyone!

I would love to hear some of your new year’s resolutions are, what your goals are, and what you hope the new year will bring for you!



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